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    Can ''Shark'' be nurtured as ''pet'' in the home aquarium ?

    Can ''Shark'' be nurtured as ''pet'' in the home aquarium ? Well we know that dogs, cats, flying birds like parrot can be pets, but danger ''Sharks '' can be a pet ? These dangerous and curious fish can jump out of the glass aquariums in the home because they cannot tolerate hunger and their curiosity. Can the experts share their view on this ?
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    yes you can keep shark as pet if u have that much aquarium as big as u r house and money for buying food for shark,
    we see in TV some people are keeping tiger's,lions,etc as a pet. if there r many sharks breads some sharks are too dangerous like tiger shark and some are not too dangerous but they are dangerous choose this type of sharks,
    better see the details in internet regarding sharks breads and food
    some sharks huge for ex tiger shark and some are small when compared to other sharks breads,
    don't dare to swim in sharks aquarium its too dangerous to u

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    How can one you keep shark as a pet it is very silly thought .Shark is a big fish you can not keep them as pets . The best place for Sharks is oceans and rivers . Stop your idea of Shark being a pet in your aquarium .

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    If one is very much interested in home aquarium then they can have pet sharks. There are many variety of pet sharks available such as red tail shark, rainbow sharks, bala sharks and many more for fish tanks. The size would range fro 4 to 12 inches based on the type. If you have small fish tank red tail shark would be ideal as their size would be from 4 to 5 inches. Other two types grow up to 12 inches.

    One would not be able to pet wild sharks. Indeed very rich have tanks and security to nurture them too. Depends on their interest and money. However the good news the options of petting shark has become available for everyone today. Those who have the hobby of maintaining aquariums at home can hurry to get your pet sharks. However a word of caution these sharks would eat other small fishes in tank or at least chase them. So keep them separate.

    with regards

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    It is possible and has been shown in many Hollywood movies. However one has to be really rich to be able to rear a shark in a private tank. People do keep small sharks in aquarium made of glass but I have no further information on these sharks.
    Also please check the Indian government rules before planning to keep a shark as a pet as instead you may end up as a pet for the government.


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    Yes shark can be made pet and they can be kept in the aquariums.
    Sharks are kept in the Arinagar Anna zoological park of Chennai.
    The sharks kept are small in size and are juvenile shark.

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    Yes, If you are so interested in aquariums and fishes. You can keep pet sharks that are small in size. In the markets about hundred species are available. You need not make the aquarium water saulty as these are fresh water sharks. A species of sharks found in Asia can survive in fresh water. But sharks grow quite fast. You will have to buy a public aquarium,these are quite big in size. You may have to change them frequently for they grow very fast. Black sharks also called Bala sharks and the red tailed sharks survival rate is good. There are other sharks also available in the market but I am not sure if they will survive, they have a tendency to die after a few days.

    After the sharks grow about 12 inches they are not advisable to be kept in the aquarium, they are active swimmers and will need more water. Hope you are aquainted with the fact that sharks like the taste of human flesh and cannot resist if a finger is put near them. Wild big sharks are dangerous.

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