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    What is meant by ''spiritual maturity '' ?

    What is meant by ''spiritual maturity '' ? In this country there are so many religions and each one of it is represented by so many sadhus and saints. Some times they make controversial statements degrading other religions. In this context i came across the word spiritual Maturity and what it holds good for the big pandits who make loose statement. Your advise please ?
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    A school student can pass his examination only on his better practice of studying his lessons. Like this a spiritual person can attain his higher level only he practiced or experienced as guided by his GURU. The maturity attained in the spiritual field cannot be explained and it can only be realised by the practicing person.

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    Spiritual maturity is generally used in Christian terms as the growth process of becoming more like Jesus Christ or accept him as the savior.
    It is an ongoing process of surrender and obedience to the Lord.

    A person who is spiritually mature has sacrificed all the luxuries and comfort of the world and is righteous in actions and words.


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    Someone who is absolutely woke up includes a absolutely activated, functioning and mature crown chakra.

    I think A mature brain can embody a balanced developed of left and right hemispheres and complete association and complicated approach to communications with the material of Consciousness.

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    The spiritual maturity can see in rare peoples and may be they will be a Sanyasi or Sadhu. According to Bhagavt geetha it is telling that the god is nothing and no need to pray or anything after getting a level of a spiritual. Also most of people will not accept this but the fact is that Geetha says that god is not an image or idol it in side of you. I think the people really understood that what , where is the god, they are the real spiritual matures.

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    It is very interesting to discuss religious topic at ISC. I have heard first time word 'Religious Maturity'. The person who has matured enough in the religion can be said to have attained religious maturity.
    Every religion in the world has same destination;same theme;same target. Every religion guide its followers to reach at final destination i.e. to dissolve him into God so that there is no difference between person & God. Only God prevails.This can be attained by reciting God name given by God repeatly through the life adn following rules of his religion. If any body has attained this position in his life then it can be said that he has attained religious maturity.
    He in that case respects every religion as he sees God everywhere and in everybody. He though strictly follows rules/principles of his religion still he regards every religion and everyone. No religion teaches us to hate others. It is our shortsightedness that we think our religion is supreme and others' are not. Then the problem arises. The rules & regulations of every religion have basically same theme/moto. We must read Bhagwat Gita, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Quran, Bible and other religious books. It will widen our approach towards our religion and religions followed bo others. Almost every religion has three basic principles
    (1) Do Labour ( Kaam Kro; Phal ki echha mat kro)
    (2) Remember God (Remember God every moment of life, Naam Jpo)
    (3) Help Others (Share our things with others for good cause)

    If anybody follows these rules in his life then he has attained spiritual maturity.

    Sawinder Singh
    God is inside as well as outside us.

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    Spiritual maturity can be defined as a clear conscience that is free from anxiety, corruption, greed of name, fame, rewards, has resistance to fall prey to corrupt practices, free of sensual pleasures, free of failures, free of insecurities and makes life worth living.

    The inner voice that guides us and conducts our behaviour to stay within the moral norms is spiritual maturity. Some people gain this maturity at an early age while some attain it on getting aged and some unfortunate ones never do. The attainment of spiritual maturity is not age dependent. It is thought dependent and also depends on the ethics that a person may follow. The level of this maturity can differ from person to person.

    Spiritual maturity in my opinion is to reach that level of meditation and prayers where one finds one self very near to God. Such a person has no interest of worldly pleasures but tries to be consistent with God in thoughts, words and deeds.

    Spiritual maturity is more felt than expressed. It is a phase when a balance is struck between the material body which can be destroyed and the soul or spirit that cannot be destroyed. Food is an essential requirement of the body similarly meditation is an essential requirement of the soul. Such a person can feel the presence of God closely.

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    Spirituality is subjective. It defines how much belief you invest in the higher power. When i mean that spirituality is subjective,it means that people interpret God in many different ways. People have many ways to show their faith. It can be shown through an idol, through a symbol or it can be a rock or pillar personified. That kind of spiritual behavior is seen in almost every type of person in many different ways, but not every one has the maturity to accept that God is one. When one starts to understand that their exists only one higher power, and that every religion is worshiping that same power in different ways, then you attain spiritual maturity. When the arrogance of religion is blurred and the acceptance of a God as one to all is understood, then it doesn't matter if you read out of the Koran, the Bhagawad Gita or the Bible, and when it doesn't matter, then spiritual maturity is attained.
    K. Sai Bhavani

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    According to me the word 'Religious Maturity' means that individual who has enough experience in the religion. Every religion in the world has same purpose; same idea; same objective. Every religion guides its supporters to attain the ultimate purpose. These people who have attained religious maturity have strong faith in Almighty and its very existence in the Universe. Their thinking and thoughts about the religion are so deep and immense that they become learned.
    The one who becomes mature this way believes in all the religions as they see the same power is generated by way of worshipping any and all forms of God. God is one but we have given them different names according to our language and beliefs.
    The policy & system of every religion have essentially same subject and the ultimate verses can be read in the holy books like Bhagwat Gita, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Quran, Bible and further more religious books. It will broaden our loom towards our religion and religions followed by others.
    Every religion teaches us to do our duty and leave the rest to God, be dutiful and faithful towards the responsibilities of your life, always pray to God and be generous to all. Love all the beings in your life and the life will become smooth and happy as ever. Try the methods out and you and all of us can become RELIGIOUSLY MATURE IN THIS BIRTH ONLY.

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    Spirituality maturity comes when one has renounced all self-willed thoughts and actions and has 'wholly' surrendered one's will to God and all actions and thoughts alike aligned according to the will, plans and purpose of God.

    Jesus Christ showed the path to spiritual maturity through His life. When one is able to surrender wholly to Him and accept Him as the Lord, He begins work in us.

    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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    I think its should be "preach your religion inside four walls of your house". Whenever you are with external world you should be a human and nothing else.
    Again religion and Spirituality are different words. Religion is linked to Religious whereas Spirituality is inclination towards ultimate truth. Religious person may not be Spiritual. And many times those who attended spirituality are not religious.
    Its more or less like secularism , where everyone has his/her religion, but no religion is preached.

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    Spiritual maturity means "the purity level of one's conscience" or the sacredness of the soul.In vedas or similar other religious books,terms like "sthitpragya" or "atmgyan" possibly carry the same meaning what can be referred to as internal a nutshell, spiritual maturity reflects the extent to which a human being has been successful in the "quest for knowledge of oneself".It reflects how much we have covered in our "journey within".

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    When a person devotes himself to the supreme power in such a way that he is able to talk with his soul, then it is said that the person has achieved the true knowledge. And after getting this knowledge, every desire of his life vanishes. He is free from all the materialistic things and emotions of world. And this state is known as spiritual maturity.

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