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    Salary Details Needed

    Hi friends,

    First of all, thanks to all who given a reply to my previous thread. It is Which is better place to work .

    Based on your suggestions and with my own, I decided to join Government job. I have few doubts. I want to clarify it from the experts. So i am writing here. My questions are

    I have a pay scale of Rs 5200-20200/- + Grade Pay Rs. 2000/- (plus usual Central Government allowances). From the above scale, by asking many people I got to know that my approximate salary for a month will be around 14-15k, since i will be placed in a metro city. My question is

    Recently, i got to know that Govt revised pay scales for central govt employees(in the year 2010). Latest pay scale is the 9th Revised pay scale. When i applied for the post, the pay scale mentioned is (5200-20200/- + Grade Pay Rs. 2000/-), i applied for the post in the year 2009, i will get appointment letter in this year September 2011 and i am joining in the middle of September 2011 . Whether i will come under the revised pay scale or not. If i will come under the revised pay scale, what will be the approximate salary monthly i will get.

    please clarify my doubt. Since this is the only best source for me to ask, I am eagerly waiting for your answer.
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    Hello Mahesh,
    I am really happy that you decided to choose the government sector. First of all I would like to say that the Rs.5200-20200 + Grade pay of Rs.2000 is the revised pay scale. The grade pay has been introduced in this pay commission and you will are entitled to the new revised per scale as per the information provided. Also I would like to give information about the gross pay that you may receive after joining. Though the pay band is Rs.5200 to Rs.20200 Your initial basic pay fixation will be slightly more. For example in my sector the same category people who belong to the same pay band is fixed Rs.6200/- as initial pay. So just remember that Rs.5200/- is just starting of the pay band and probably your initial fixation will be slightly higher.
    Let us consider you are also fixed with Rs.6200 as your basic pay. Your Grade pay will be Rs.2000.
    Calculation of salary
    Basic Pay = Rs6200
    Grade Pay = Rs2000
    Dearness Allowance= 51% of basic pay + grade pay at present. So Rs.4100 approximately.
    Allowances= It depends on your organization.
    So approximately it will cone to Rs.12000 to Rs.15,000 or even more depending on your organization and the extra allowances given If yours is a production plant, then probably you can expect more.
    Something you should know
  • Once in a year there will be a increment added to your basic It is 3% of your basic at present.

  • Basic pay and grade pay changes once you get promotion. So you are not going to be in the same pay band. People joined in the same category before several years are now getting around Rs40,000 and more at present with experience. So your pay band and salary will increase with experience and promotion.

  • If yours is a production unit, you will get incentives from the profit of your organization apart from the salary. It will be a lump sum amount.

  • There is also a additional scheme called Performance related incentive scheme (PRIS)in the new pay commission.
  • .
  • You will be entitled to Casual leave (CL), Medical Leave (ML), Earn Leave (EL) and many more leaves. So you have enough leaves to do your own work

  • I just think that worry to join as the job is not up to your qualification. If that is so, don't worry. Join the organization, get the salary, prepare from something else and move to a higher job. This is what many do after joining in the category. Many in my organization have joined in this category, prepared from some exams and moved away. So you have time to make use of your qualification too.
    Kindly give the name of the sector which you are going to join, so that I can give much more information.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @Ganesh Babu,

    Thanks for your valuable response. The organization which I am going to join is Intelligence Bureau. It will be under Ministry of Home affairs.

    Once again, Thanks a lot for your response

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    Intelligence Bureau is really a good organization to work with. Is it Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO). Also the same has technical as well as executive positions. Candidates selected in Intelligence Bureau for the above posts with a basic degree qualification get more salary than similar jobs.
    You are also entitled to risk allowance, remote area allowance ets., as far as I know. But the thing is, this comes under the pay band of Rs.9300 - Rs39500 with grade pay of Rs4200/-. What is the name of your post?
    However Intelligence Bureau in general has some extra allowances, which probably might have intimated to you either in the initial job notification or you will receive the details in the call letter.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @Ganesh Babu,

    I wrote exam for ACIO and waiting for the results. The post which I got selected is Security Assistant (Executive). Though the post is not upto my qualification, I don't want to loose a Central Govt Job. I know how difficulties I undergone for getting a good Job.

    If you know any other details regarding this job, please reply here. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. You are the one of the best persons who is giving me a exact information.

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    @Ganesh Babu

    Thanks for your information. I informed all my education details to them. I am a B.Tech graduate. In the process of interview, they asked me why I am joining this job, since it is less than my qualification. Any how, I answered all the questions, now got my number in the final selected list of employment news. Now, I am waiting for the offer letter. Departmental verification is completed last month. Don't know how much time will they took to send the letter. I am eagerly waiting for the job to join.

    Thanks for all your responses. If I have any doubts, I will contact you through this site and this forum. Please, reply here for my doubts.

    Thanks a Ton.

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    @Mahesh : Exactly I do know the nature of work of Security Assistant (Executive), but as far as I know you will get a chance to appear for higher posts in the same department if your qualification is informed to them. But if your qualification which you completed is not informed during application and appeared just as a matriculation candidate, its better to hide your qualification. Probably there is chance for rejection in the terms of over qualification. But if you have already mentioned you qualification, then you don't have to worry for the same.
    Well, join the department, you yourself will get ideas of various avenues for further development in your department. Also if you feel that the job is not up to your qualification, keep on trying for a different job till there you are eligible and shift to the new job once you get selected.
    I am not sure whether they will ask you to provide any indemnity bond to serve for some fixed years after training. Even if you are asked so, don't hesitate to sign the bond. You can even resign after signing the bond by paying any training stipend paid to you during training.

    With Best Regards,
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    I would like to know how long it would it would take for Candidate selected under TNPSC 2A to get promoted. they are selected for assistants in ministerial services. more over the pays seems to be very low for a degree standard exams. it is same as salary of VAO I think. Ganesh Sir,please clarify

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