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    How to correct the details in the PAN card?

    Worried about incorrect information printed on your PAN card? Find out how to get the PAN card details corrected.

    My Father's name printed on my PAN card is wrong.I want to correct this and get new PAN card.The address proof provided for the PAN card was not my current Address.I want to change both address and Father's name printed on the PAN Card.
    Please provide me the steps and documents required for the above changes?
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    You could visit the following web site and update your details.
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    Hello Sujesh,

    The link given in the above response by Mr.Krishnadas does not seem to be working. Therefore, please try this link: and choose the option at the bottom of the page as Individual and you will be lead to a correction form and please remember to go through the Dos and Don'ts list given there and accordingly fill up the details required for correction and proceed further to submit the application to get the PAN details corrected.

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    Nowadays PAN Card is must for income tax returns filing, share market transactions ,deposits in mutual funds and deposits in bank accounts . PAN Card has became very crucial regarding financial dealings .To change the given details such as name of father and address in existing PAN Card one must fill RNP , request for new PAN card or correction in PAN data form and should tick the boxes in which one wants to make changes . The RNP forms will be available at nearest UTI investor services or at your nearest NSDL branches . Filled in forms also submitted at there only.The form can be downloaded from the website also .

    Processing fee should be paid for the changes in PAN Card .

    For further reference given below websites are useful.,

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    Visit the Site otherwise purchase one blue form for correction and submit it with the UTI

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    You can go through the information available at following site:

    You just need to fill up an online form with correct details and submit it. Send the supporting documents to NSDL (address mentioned at the link).

    A nominal fee of 94 Rs. would be charged for the same.

    You can also get the list of all supporting documents from the link above.

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    You can apply for correction of name in PAN card either through NSDL or UTI.

    The procedure to apply for correction of name
    1. Fill the form 49A. Read the instructions before filling.
    2. Submit the form at UTI center or send it to NSDL along with the required proof.
    In your case, you need to submit, class Xth mark sheet to show your father' name and the address proof. The address proof could be your telephone bill, electricity bill and many more.
    You can get the detailed information from the site


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    Dear Sujesh
    Since i am answering your query after almost 4 months and hope that your problem is now resolved, but if not you should do the following:

    The steps given above by other members are correct and the process is infact the same but my own experience tells me that, out of 10 people who apply for correction in PAN card, only 1 or 2 gets the work done. If such thing has happened with you also then you need to do the following.

    Apply for new PAN card with exact details for which you have the proof and at the same time make sure that you surrender the old PAN card to the centre where you apply for new PAN. Most of the times you receive the new PAN card within 15 days but you never receive the PAN card if you apply for any changes.
    I am asking you to surrender the old PAN card because holding of more than one PAN card attracts penalty of Rs.10,000.

    Since deductions on income must have been made during the current financial year and tax credited to your PAN so you file the return for the financial year 2011-12 with old PAN before 31st July, 2012.
    After that you must intimate the employer and bank and other concerned persons with whom the PAN number is available with the new changed PAN number and ask them to make any further deductions on the new PAN number.

    Although the process might look long but will at least prevent you from any further hassles as wrong details on the PAN card causes lot of problem when it is used as ID proof as you have to submit some other supplementary proof for proving your claim that your father name is so and so and not the one mentioned on PAN card.

    Follow the above steps only if, you have have not received the corrected PAN card and if not, then you follow the above steps and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

    Thanks and regards

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    Visit the site and you will be able to get the details from there for anything that are related to PAN card correction.

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