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    What is Concurrent List?

    I recently read in an article that Education, Law and Order etc. are in the Concurrent List. Can anybody explain me, what a Concurrent List is? Is it anything to do with our Constitution? I can imagine that it has something to do with both State and Central Governments. I expect a detailed reply for this. Thanks in advance.
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    India is following federal system. It has a central government and state governments. There are types of power. They are legislative power and administrative powers.
    In Indian constitution, in Part XI, the power distribution of central government and state government is addressed.
    In section 1, the legislative powers are listed as
    1.1 Union list
    1.2 State list
    1.3 concurrent list...

    Under union list, the central government is free to act.
    Under state list, state government can act freely.
    Under concurrent list, Central and state governments are to act together. There 47 items listed. (Marriage, trade union, electricity, .........

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