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    Is there a permanent cure to diabetes?

    There is a lot of confusion in the minds of many people that, whether diabetes is curable or not?
    Not only this there are many myths also running in the people's mind like:
    Diabetes is a disease which is not curable and the diabetic is sure to die soon.
    Diabetes has no cure and till now there are no medicine to cure it.
    So i want an expert advice to this, so that people don't get panic when they come across such situations in their life.
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    Hi Dear Friend,

    Well a permanant cure for diabetics right?? To be clear its still under experimental conditions. Researchers have found an embryological reason to cure diabetics as per september,2011. It deals with using the chemicals released from mesenchymal cells in stem cells to produce cells producing insulin, If they are injected to a person then there won't be a need for other therapies and it would prove a permanant cure. Though the result is verified the scientists are still working on it,

    With Regards,
    Manoj Pradeep.

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    Thanks Manoj, You have given really a good piece of information. Your response gives a ray of hope for many of the diabetic people, who are suffering from this illness for long.
    Lets hope the researchers be able to develop the desired mesenchymal cells in stem cells to produce cells producing insulin.

    Ataul Haque
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    Hello friend,

    Diabetes is not a life-threatening disease at all, only while it gets out of control affects the whole metabolism of the human body. This is a kind of deficiency of hormone secretion. While the pancreas of our digestive system is short of producing insulin that breaks the glucose stored in our body and converts to fat and proteins required for metabolic activities then the individual becomes diabetic. Diabetes can be controlled if it is earlier diagnosed with regular, restricted and appropriate (sugar-free and fat-free) diet and proper exercise (brisk walking for half an hour daily is okay). If it goes out of control it will affect vital organs such as heart, eyes, kidneys, etc. It will cause blindness even in extreme cases and chronic kidney failure in such cases. So no need to worry if one gets diagnosed with diabetes at the early stage can be controlled initially with mild dose of antidiabetic pills prescribed by doctors, diet and exercise. I have seen many people diagnosed with diabetes leading good quality of life having good control. Only congenital (who are born with diabetes due to some genetic problem) will have to take medicine for life long. This problem also would be treated in the near future with stem cell treatment. Moreover, it is hereditary too. Family history would lead to diabetes in case parents or grandparents have diabetes.

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    I think ayurveda and yoga if perform properly will proves to be a permanent cure of diabetes.Yoga yields good results in curing diabetes.It is the best treatment for curing diabetes without ant sideaffects.

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    Till now the permanent cure for diabetes is not invented by the medical field . But prevention and taking necessary precautions is good for the people who are having diabetics can led a good life like others. Diabetic persons should follow the eating habits should walk daily to loss obesity and should o yoga to keep mind cool . They should keep smiling always which gives energy to fight with any disease .

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    Firstly Diabetes is a disease because when we loose control over the sugar level. So what we require is just a proper control over our sugar level which is always curable.

    We need to ensure that we manage our sugar level in the blood at 90-130mg/l. This can be achieved artificially through injections and a proper control over the diet. Sugar is present in every food item so proper control is very important.

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    There is no permanent cure for diabetes. Diabetes can be controlled. Diabetes is a disease that slowly affects all the organ and also organ systems if left neglected. Once a person is diagnosed of having Diabetes s/he should start taking care to keep visiting the doctors in time and take the medicines or insulin as prescribed by the doctor. Thr scientists are working and doing a lot of research work to find a cure of diabetes.

    There are two types of diabetes, the type 1, diabetes is caused due to the pancreas that starts malfunctining and does not produce adequate amout of insulin needed for the normal functioning of the body. It occurs in children and young adults. It has symptoms like thirst, hunger and rapid loss of weight along with passing of large volumes of urine. The other is type2 diabetes, it is non-insulin dependent and older people are affected. The symptoms are that the people affected are unable to concentrate in work, irritability, such people get prone to infections and the wounds take a long time to heal.

    The causes of type 2 diabetis are physical inactivity, overweight, high carbohydrate content in the daily diet, high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels in the blood reports. Regular fitness checks should be done to avoid the disease, proper diet should be taken, exercises should be done and physical activities should be increased. It is better to get a control over the blood sugar level to avoid complications and neurological disabilities later in life. Anti-diabetics, hypoglycaemic drugs should be taken and insulin intake if prescribed should not be neglected, the potassium level of the body should be monitored appropriately. The natural cure for diabetes is cinnamon that reduces sugar level markedly and also fenugeek seeds. The blood sugar level should be approximately 90-130 mg/dl in fasting blood sugar test and below 180 mg/dl after 2 hours of food intake.

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    A vegetarian diet which includes raw vegetables and fruits and excludes white sugar products, non-veg foods & milk has worked very well for keeping sugar levels in the limit for many people without the need of allopathic medicines. Ayurvedic supplements also work well with this diet.

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    You can find additional information on cure for Diabetes in
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    There is not any permanent cure of diabetes according to allopathy. It could only be controlled. According to Allopathy it is the disease of body but according to yoga it is the disease of your mind.
    I have seen many cases of diabetes who are living there life freely without medicine.
    Before telling the process I want to tell what is diabetes. There is gland named pancreas in our body. Whose work is to digest gulucose which we get from our body. When the funtion of pancreas is affected the digestion of gulucose is also stopped. And This gulucose is directly come with our urine and also dissolve in our blood.
    So if the our pancreas is functioning nicely we will not have diabetes.
    With the practice of yoga we can increase the power of pancreas thus it starts working properly. The best exercise for a diabetes patient is walking. I suggest a person suffering with diabetes to walk 5 kms. daily. In a very few time your diabetes will be controlled. I also suggest you to do Asanas like Dhanurasana (Bow pose in prone position), Ardhamatsyendrasana (Half spinal twist), Vajrasana Yoga Mudra, Pavan Muktasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Matsyasana have been found useful in diabetes. These asanas have positive effect on pancreas and also insulin functioning.
    I will also suggest you to practice yog nidra at daily basis. and Shankha Prakshalana once a month. The full process you can know by a trained yoga instructor.
    With yoga I will also suggest you to go with homeopathy.
    Syzerium mother tincture 25-35 drops daily before taking your food. will also help improve your diabetes level

    Piyoosh Goswami
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    Diabetes cannot be cured completely. But, it can be controlled by taking proper diet. Diabetes is of two type. Type 1 in which insulin is very little. Type 2 diabetes is the one in which insulin formation is resisted. To get proper medication, it is better to consult a doctor. Insulin is the hormone which controls sugar level of blood.
    Diabetes can be controlled by taking some precautions.
    1. Eat small meals at regular intervals.
    2. Minimise sugar intake.
    3. Exercise for at least half an hour.
    4. If medicine is prescribed, take it on time.


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    Of course diabetes is not a curable disease and is known as a silent killer. But people suffering from diabetes need not get panicky for the same. In fact people suffering from diabetes need to take utmost care of their health and can follow certain steps for controlling the sugar levels in the blood.

    As the main cause of diabetes is improper functioning of pancreas which secretes either insufficient insulin or no insulin at all. This is the hormone which helps in breaking the sugar molecules and thus release energy during the metabolic process. So when less insulin is secreted, all the sugar molecules (molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) cannot be broken down and hence the excess sugar molecules gets accumulated in the blood stream thus rising the sugar levels in the blood.

    Hence the main aim of the sugar patients is to burn these excess sugar molecules (calories) and thus maintain the sugar levels. Apart from the prescribed medicines by an endocrinologist, they need to do the following:

    1. Reduce the intake of all the foods that cause the sugar levels to rise. For e.g, carbohydrates, fatty foods, sweets, fruits that have more sugar and carbohydrates instead the patient can depend on protein rich food for getting energy.
    2. Increased intake of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals
    3. Regular exercise without fail to burn calories - the best one is a brisk walk.
    4. Intake of small quantities of food at small intervals of time.

    If a diabetic patient strictly follows these, sugar levels can be controlled to a great extent but it cannot be cured. Hence instead of getting panicky diabetic patients need to lead a highly disciplined life.

    However, it is advisable for a diabetic patient to keep a candy / chocolate or two in hand to consume it immediately in case the sugar levels suddenly drop.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Diabetes can be caused because of three reason
    1.Because of no proper production of insulin
    2.Non insulin dependent - found among youngsters
    3.Gestational sugar - can occur during pregnancy.

    Almost all the people will take tablets and less sugar food items. But the best home remedy to control diabetes is by means of "bitter guard".
    By hearing the above line many people will feel bitter, but it is better prescribed medicine.
    The following should be done-
    1) Have to grind the bitter guard finely and should mix with water and drink around 3-4 glasses early in morning with empty stomach.
    2) Even the bitter guard seeds are collected,dried and made as a powder and mixed with water can be taken
    3) Even fenugreek seeds are powdered and mixed with water and can be consumed.
    4) All these home remedies has to be taken with empty stomach in early morning.But if the diabetic level is higher then we can take in the evening time also (in this case food should be taken 4 hours before).


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    1.There is no permanent cure of diabetes. Your first question have answer that diabetes have no permanent cure.
    2. Your question about myth that patient death is early. This is not true. patient can control this situation by medicine and diet control. Diabetic patient can live many years with diabetes. Patient have to take care and stay away from complication.
    3. Don't panic. There is no medicine to cure but there is medicine to control and live longer.

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    There no permanent cure for diabetes as it is a hereditary disease. And research also shows that it cannot be cured permanently. Yes but you can control it by many ways like cutting out surer intake from your diet; consume one glass of bitter vegetables juices and going for a regular walk at morning and evening times.
    Veena Sharma.

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