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    Should I uninstall the old anti-virus before installing the new one?


    Currently I am using Kaspersky anti-virus for my laptop and it is going to expire within 13 days. So should I uninstall it before installing the new anti-virus?. Can anyone suggest me any free anti-virus(Not the trial anti-virus).

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Ajay Upadhyay, better you uninstall your old anti-virus before installing new, no need to install two anti-virus in a system. If you install two anti-virus it degrades your computer or some time your computer will get hang because of them. So better uninstall your old anti-virus then install new anti-virus.
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    Hello Ajay Upadhyay,
    I am glad that you are using Kaspersky. As you are using it, You can not install any other anti-virus until you un-install Kaspersky. As you have mentioned that you are using trial version. Well you can uninstall it any time when its trial license gets expires. So better use it till next 13 days and after that you can uninstall it. You can use same setup to install same kaspersky for next 30 days as trial. They may ask you to change our registry value. But sometimes you can use same set-up to install kaspersky again and again.

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    Dear ISC member.

    If you are installing a new antivirus program of the same name as the previous one, then it will automatically upgrade the previous one. But if you are installing some other antivirus, then u should uninstall the previous one.
    There are many antivirus programs available on the internet. You can download Avast! antivirus, which i am using for the past 8 years.
    Or you can download any other through a torrent. You will get full version with registration key there.

    Nawal Dhingra

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    As our member's advised you that you don't need to install two antivirus in your system. If your will work with two antivirus then your system will slow down. This will create performance related problems with your task. So, better you uninstall your first antivirus before installing other. I want to tell you one more thing. All the antivirus only works for you, if you update the virus definitions(updates).

    Sabrez Alam
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    If you want to install any antivirus software other then Kaspersky, you must uninstall the previous one or otherwise if you install the same company antivirus, it will automatic upgrade to new one. There are many free antivirus available on the internet. You can try Avast or AVG antivirus, they are freeware antivirus.

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    Hi, Ajay

    Yes, you should uninstall the old one before installing a new one. In my personal experience I found that Kaspersky is not that efficient when it come to virus detection. You can use AVG free or Avira Free or Avast free. If you have a slow internet connection I would strongly suggest you to use avira, because the other two monitors your incoming data and slows the connection speed a bit.

    Avira is more efficient in detecting viruses. Keep on updating it daily and keep your system clean, enjoy

    Best regards
    Abilash A Jaison

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    It is advised to do so because the computer speed sometimes get affected or if you install two firewalls one firewall may block the other.
    It could happen.

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    2 anti-viruses will definitely cause problems. Better to stick to ONE good anti virus. I was using Kaspersky and then I also installed AVG with it, guess what happened? My system crashed and I had to format it. One good anti-virus (especially a paid one) would be enough.

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    It is always good if you use only one anti virus. Because same time if you keep two anti virus in one computer then that will slow down the speed.

    As we all know that anti virus are used to protect our computer from spams/viruses. When we start computer same time anti virus starts scanning of files to detect spams/viruses if any. If two anti viruses does scanning of computer lead into the bad speed. Hence it is always best for user to uninstall old anti virus before installing new one.

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    It is always desirable to uninstall the old anti virus software before installing a new one. It is quite simple the full benefit of new anti virus features can be countered by the old one. And hence it is advised to uninstall the old one.
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    hello, yes it is very important that you uninstall your previous antivirus before installing any new antivirus.
    If you forget to uninstall your previous antivirus and start installing a new one, your system may restarts again and again, or it may get hang(unresponsive).

    If you want to install a free antivirus you can use avast .Avast uses very less memory as compared to others and its speed is fast and is easy to download from the official website of avast and you must update it after installing it .

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    Yes you should first uninstall the old antivirus before installing new antivirus because of these reasons.

    1. Using two antivirus at the same time will decrease the speed of your Computer.

    2. If there is low RAM memory then your Computer will Hang every time when you will open you Computer.

    3. If you are using Dally Base scheduling for computer scanning then it will become very difficult perform other tasks on your computer.

    If you want two use two antivirus at the same computer then you will have to follow these steps.

    1. Always at the time of starting up your computer open Task Manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del.

    2. Stops all the related Process of one of two antivirus.

    3. Then Disable that Antivirus.

    You should Download Quick Heal antivirus. This antivirus has an advantage over other that it does not delete all the files even it always repair the Infected files. Therefore this is better than other. But remember there is a requirement of RAM is more than other.
    All the Best

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    for aevry new antivirus intallation previious one must be uninstalled if it same then it jst require updates and registration.
    Two antivirus will work on same pc but you can not handled it preffered only one but stongest both will work same then why we go for two ok,now you want free antivirus prograame then first of all you need ot review online of all free softwares like avg,avast etc with respect to software updates their performance changes so rank also changes you should compare your review from one year and select best which you like my suggetion is avg, but if you use paid then kaspersky and quick heal is best. From this i pick quickheal because it repairs the file instead delete.hope you like this
    Nikhil D Prince

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