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    Which is the best Antivirus in the market?

    Hi Dear ISC members,
    I want to discuss about the best antivirus in the market. There are many antivirus currently in the market but which one is best to remove viruses from your computer? I am also mentioning some famous antivirus to help you about this. Here's the list of some famous antiviruses like Kespersky, Norton, Avast, Quick Heal and McAfree.
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    Friend Quick Heal antivirus is the best antivirus because of these reasons:-

    1. It has the capability to repair the Infected Files rather that others.

    2. It has the Boot time Scanner System to seek for viruses, those activate at the time of starting up of the Computer System.

    3. It has the Option to Auto Scan Removable Devices which is the best tool because we always forget to Scan the removable Devices when we insert or Connect them to our Personnel Computer.

    4.When File is too serious then it ask to Remove the file from the Computer. If you don't want to remove that file it has the option to Quarantine the File.

    5. you can Start Scanning at the night and can sleep well because it has the option to Shut Down The PC when Scan Complete.

    But it has more RAM memory Requirement than some other Antiviruses.

    All the Best

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    I defer from the above answers. I recently logged off from Quickheal Antivirus although I have valid active license with me right now. Although it used to prompt for viruses by scanning USB & Browser URL, it failed to capture "Windows System Recovery" virus attack which spoiled my profile completely. I would propose Free Antivirus built by "Microsoft" which is known as "Microsoft Security Essentials", very reliable, lightweight, antimalware, which monitors all the running processes in background without affecting performance.

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    i am using bitdefender antivirus. It works well in background. It also has parental control option which is used to filter some unwanted site. I purchase it along with my os. I recommend to everyone with my pleasure.

    want to blocks unwanted calls

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    I experienced KASPERSKY 2012 the better one than the other antivirus.

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    Hey friends if you are thinking all above mentioned antivirus are good, i don't agree with you. The best antivirus software is Microsoft security essential. I personally used many of above mentioned antivirus and i found that they only detect specific range of viruses and they use so many RAM memory and slow down the system and they grab more money from your pocket and many of software's directly delete the affected file. In case of Microsoft security essential it is very light and best thing is that it is totally free for lifetime you can download this software from Microsoft's websites.
    Must try and see result i am too confident that you never go for other antivirus.

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    Hi friends,
    I would rate kaspersky as the best in the market. It is very difficult to use kaspersky while you are using INTERNET. it easily catches hold of duplicate serial numbers and also sends a warning message showing it is invalid or pirated I don't anyone is as quick as kaspersky to find details about the anti virus. If once you get them from market i.e., the original software you need not tend to worry about any damage to your system you can use a trial period if 45 days to know much about it.
    A simple worm can destroy your whole system take decision wisely.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

    "The greatest achievement comes from the biggest challenges"

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    I am using Kaspersky. It's very good antivirus as well as very cheap. I got its CD pack in 300 rupees for single user for one year. I am using internet always so it's very easy to maintain it up to date. I also used quick heal and the main problem which I faced while using it deletion of files if they got virus or corrupted. So now I switched to kaspersky and using it from last 15 months and feeling good experiences.
    Value has value only if it's value is valued

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    Hi ...
    I am Amit Kumar Saini . I am using Kaspersky Anti virus last three year. so i am satisfied to purchase kaspersky Anti virus and update with single click . you can download with the website and brought from the market only Rs 300 for single user for one year
    kaspersky anti virus provides latest version Beta 2012 i am feeling good experience


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    Hi, In my opinion Norton anti virus is the best in the market.Its protection is almost 100% from viruses.

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    I think Norton is the best antivirus because I have tried quick heal,avast and all.But now I have Norton and it works smoothly,I fell my computer more safe now.


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    AVAST Internet Security,it give you a firewall protection,an antivirus protection,smaller and faster internet update,but since every pc is different so i recommended using it's trail version.

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    yes.i agree with the above answer AVAST Internet Security has best firewall protection and it provides easy update of definitions

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    hey guys....,
    i have been using many antiviruses and i found kaspersky pure to be the best. it has any features like password manager, data encyption,parental control.
    you got its upgrade everday....
    it also detects phising sites, scams and prevent your computer from network attacks
    it provide cloud to its users

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    hello all,
    According to me Avast antivirus is best. Go for it. It is working well in my PC.

    Ankit Sharma

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    Hello all,
    @ Ankit, I do not agree with you. It created a lot of distruction in my lappy.

    According to my experience, McAffe is the best

    Harsh Jadaun--Member ISC

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    According to me and even supported by few members here Kaspersky is the best antivirus. This antivirus is also among the cheapest antivirus available in the market.
    So i recommend you to go for it.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

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    Everyone has his her respective opinion but what i have tested is that Microsoft Security essentials are the best one and i have been using it from a long time.
    The basic benefit is thatit doesn't slow down the system and you wil be provide with different type of scan options. So you can easily make a choice of what type scan do you want.

    Again one of the major benefit is that it is constructed by Microsoft itself so you can imagine yourself that compatibility will be better. And the rest lies in your choice because every Antivirus has its own property and your choice must be need oriented.

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    Avast Anti-Virus is the best one.
    since from past 5 years i am using it.
    It removes all viruses automatically when you start up your system are when you insert any USB based data card to your system.
    You can also scan you system and external memory card manually.
    You can also perform boot scan.

    I prefer "AVAST ANTI-VIRUS".


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    I advide you to use a Norton Antivirus Original antivirus.because the new antivirus from norton can be installed only on 256RAM.and works well and better than any other.It doesnt even slow down the system.
    AVG is just a waste
    Kaspersky slows down the computer
    Avast and ESET/NOD32 is good but not as best as Norton


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    Try AVG anti virus it is good and lasts.

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    No anti-virus is perfect. The ultimate anti-virus is to format your computer at least once an year after backing up your files. If you use any anti-virus, your version of windows will still give problems after 2 years of regular use. There are some viruses that can be got rid off only after formatting your computer.

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    I would say kaspersky internet security because of its more protection during internet surfing also it can detect major of can google about best antivirus and it will be kaspersky internet security 2012.

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    Are you looking for Cheap and reliable then go to Microsoft Security Essentials
    otherwise my personal favorite one is
    kaspersky .

    Why everyone is talking always Quick heal?
    I have used it and except one feature all others are flawed!
    I mean kaspersky is faster than Quick heal. You might not have problem with high end but hear me guys i do not want days or hours to scan my Computer. Plus Kasper sky has an on line Lab for testing new viruses and they regularly has new updates.

    Live happy

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    I think kaspersky antivirus

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    hi friends/seniors,
    We all may have different views but I want to recommend you K7TotalSecurity antivirus. This antivirus may not be famous but working well in my PC. Till now, I have used all of the above anti-viruses but due to some or the other reason I don't recommend them. Some antivirus makes our PC slow and few of them doesn't work well but I find K7 as the best.
    sunny drall

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    hi friends,currently i would say that the Top Ten Antivirus
    BitDefender Antivirus. the other antivirus software ratings are
    McAfee Antivirus
    Kaspersky Antivirus
    ESET Antivirus
    Norton Antivirus
    avast antivirus
    AVG Antivirus.
    i am currently using the bit defender antivirus which suits well for my pc..

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    Thank you very much all the members...for your valuable responses!
    Sabrez Alam
    "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

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    Quick Heal antivirus is the best antivirus in the market which are divided in the three categories
    1)Total Security
    3)Internet Security
    You can use one of these but pc configuration for this antivirus is too high.

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    I think the Kaspersky antivirus software is the best among the various antivirus softwares. I suggest to buy the registered software subscribed per year. This software is available for single user and three users, you can buy three users and share with your friends. This antivirus softwares offers a good security to your pc and removes the bad sectors from the system which is harmful to the random access memory.


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    Giving you the list of Antivirus software ranking wise based on their performance which is easily available in the market.

    1. BitDefender Antivirus Plus
    2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    3. Panda Antivirus Pro
    4. AVG Anti-Virus
    5. F-Secure Anti-Virus
    6. Avast! Pro Antivirus
    7. BullGuard Antivirus
    8. G DATA AntiVirus
    9. ESET Nod32 Antivirus
    10. Avira AntiVir

    But, In my opinion I will suggest you to pick Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. As I have experienced with almost all of the above mentioned Antivirus Software.

    With regards,
    Chittaranjan Satpathy

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    In my opinion Net protector is the best virus protector. Because it is very good virus protector software.
    You can also use Nortron or Kespersky antivirus programme.
    But I will suggest you to use net protecrtor.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    In my experience, avast is best free antivirus.
    If you have the valid licence, McAfee or Kaspersky Anti-Virus will be the right option

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    I think many antivirus softwares are ok or good but you must considerd your network and no of PCs you are using.

    Also most of them are good but you have to understand antivirus softwares first.

    Choose antivirus software in which you can create your own rules, policy ,endpoint security,microsoft patches,blocked URL and application , Proactive support and etc.

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    According to me Norton and McAfee are the best antivirus. The 2011 version of McAfee is awesome and Norton launched Norton 360 degree for an all round protection of your PC.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

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    in my experience i suggest 3 antivirus softwares that i describe as best.
    3.Bit defender
    But my personal request is don't buy antivirus softwares.See the W3C reports.For every single day more than 1000 viruses have been created.Is it possible to find and clear by antivirus tool?So be aware before buy an antivirus tool

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    hi friends,

    i have used many antivirus and atlast i suggest these antivirus.

    1. Quickheal antivirus
    2. AVG
    3. AVAST

    These above three are good antivirus forever. For Quickheal antivirus you have to buy. But for other two they can be obtained for free.

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