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    Birth certificate issue

    I wanted to know some details about the passport application. I born on 1988 but in my certificate it given as 1988. Also I don't have birth certificate yet. In notification after 1989 birth certificate is compulsory for applying passport. But iam trying last one year for getting that but i didn't got yet. So is possible to apply passport without birth certificate?. I have S.S.L.C and others documents. Please give me your valuable suggestions for that
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    Hi krishna,
    For getting birth certificate you have to do the following things:-
    At first:- You have to go the Tahasil office along with the documents that support your birth day and your resident. There you will make an affidavit to Tahasildar for the purpose to get birth certificate. Than it will be forwarded to your R.I. for inspection. After inspection Tahasildar will make an order to the birth certificte issuing authority to give the certificate. Than you will get the birth certificate from the C.H.C. at panchayat level, and from the NAC office at municipality level.

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    Thank you madam for the information.

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    for birth certificate you have to cantact to your respective SDM (sub divisional minister ) office and the all Govt. employees are available there for the purpose of birth,caste, income, domicile certificate applications of pass port are also available.

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    In most cases,the sslc certificate hold good as an evidence for date of birth. In some cases, there are specific documents like birth certificates are required. You can get the birth certificate from corporation/municipal office of the birth place as my father got his birth certificate extract for the year 1925 in 2001 easily. You please approach corporation/municipal office of your birth place with details and avail your certificate.

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    In my opinion your other documents are sufficient for applying the passport. If you have T.c, mark sheet of X class etc. These type of document already show your date of birth. So in my opinion you should try to get passport with the above mentioned documents.

    If you want to take birth certificate first of all you have to find out that your parents had registered you birth in municipality or not. IF yes then you can get your birth certificate from municipality office. Otherwise you have to follow procedure mentioned by Mr. Dr. Durga prasad raj.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Nowadays Birth certificate didnot carry importance if you had comepleted 10th and 12th standard.

    I am workign in IT organissation for 8 years. Where i was asked 10th adn 12th certificate alone for my birth verification.

    But if u really need one then you can
    1) visit the tasidhar office
    2) Move an afidavit for ur birth certificate
    3) then After some verification they will issue the certification.

    Actually some people will be sitting outside tasildar office (you have to give them some money) thro which you can claim and bargain for getting your birth cerficate from tasildhar


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    you have mentioned "I born on 1988 but in my certificate it given as 1988". I think there is some typographical mistake. If i am wrong and your birth date is 1988, then there is no problem. you need not require birth certificate. All those have born before 26.01.1989 can make there application with submitting birth certificate as SLC. Visit the passport office web site and refer to official of the passport office about the same.

    If your birth date is after 26.01.1989, you have to get issued the birth certificate as adviced above by some of the friends.

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    Hi Krishnachandran P K ,
    Its my pleasure to share this information with you as I was also the victim like you but now I have my Birth Certificate. If your Birthday is on 26/01/1989or after that then you must have the birth certificate to apply for passport. To get the certificate you have to do the followings:
    1. Make an affidavit
    2. Take order from the judge
    3. Get ready this two document and go to the municipality or panchayat office and it will be done.
    According to Birth Registration ACT1969 this is the procedure for delayed birth registration which is mentioned in section 13 of this act.
    My Suggestion is that contact an advocate consult with him/her to get ready the above mentioned two document.

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