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    Which is best course after diploma?

    I have done three years diploma in Electrical from PTU in 2005 with 57%. After that due to some problems i need a job. Then i found a vacancy of computer operator. So now i have more than 5 years of experience in computer and data entry operator. Suggest me which is best course in computer after Electrical diploma. What about AMIE?
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    Hi buddy!
    As you have very good experience in computer data entry operator then you can expertise yourself in MS-Office. It will help you to get the job in MIS (System Information Management). It will increase your salary and reputation.

    Sabrez Alam
    "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

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    AMÌE will be the best option for you. It will increase your chance of promotion further as now you have good experience too. Beside you can also do through lateral entry but that will not be a healthy choice.
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    Thanks for your guidance Sabrej and Aman

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    after diploma ASME AWS Welding and Boiler Inspector course is good also Power Engineering Course Running by Central Govt. is good for diploma holder.
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    Dear Sukhjeet,

    In my opinion you should go for AMIE from Institute of Engineers from which you will receive an equivalent degree to B.E. recognised by the HR Mininstry, Govt. of India.

    It will help you to develop your career path in the long run.

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    Hi sukhjeet,

    you can join second year of Btech or BE under lateral entry scheme.
    Btech/BE surely going to help to get a new high on your carrer path,

    or you can join NIIT computer courses which will surely helps to get a better job..

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    As you have experience in the field of computers you can now opt for an MBA with specialization on Systems Management.

    From IGNOU you can do your MBA because there you can study along with the job. Your job stint will help you to figure out the real life problems and help you to complete the course. The assignments will help you to understand the concepts and theories whereas the presentations will help you to mix up with the running industrial persons and gain experience.

    So best of luck for your success.

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    After completing Diploma course and also with 5 years of Experience, you can choose Engineering Course. If you apply for Engineering course, you can join directly to 2nd year and so the course will be only 3 years.

    The other option will be check for any Post Graduate Diploma in your subject. If so, then it will be of 2 years duration. Join that course and get more skill, so that you will get great career path in your field.

    Otherwise, you can go for AMIE. The subjects will be some difficult but if you concentrate you can complete the course. More over, you can skip some subjects as there is a provision for a Diploma Engineer.

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    According to me, From my friends circle I have heard AMIE is very difficult to get understand.
    I am also from Electrical Field, If you have economical problem you can go for work and study part time B.E. Otherwise Directly go for a job with Diploma or Study B.E. and then go for a job. I have given the path it is your decision to select the above any one from the three.

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    You can do Networking course where there are many vacancies available in job portal, as you have experienced in the computer side, you will be much benefited with added networking course...

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    I think you should go for b-tech engineering. As you have very much practical experience it is better for your engineering job when you completed the b-tech. You can join the 2nd year after write lateral entry exam. In part of my experience doing b-tech after diploma is always better. B-tech holders didn't get much practical learning, but you have get better practical knowledge while studying and working. It is better you to go for engineering

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    In my opinion you should join B.Tech./ B.E. There is a lateral entry in B.Tech. for diploma holders in 2nd year, so you must join the same. The main advantage is that, during your B.Tech you can prepare for a government job on the behalf of your Diploma, you will have enough time to prepare for it during B.Tech. period. If you are clearing this any government job, you will be first posted as a junior Engineer and after the completion of your degree you will be promoted to the post of Assistant Engineer as soon as you will get your degree.

    If you are not getting any government job during your B.Tech., then also you have two opportunity, first is to apply with your diploma and next is to apply with your degree. No matter how you are getting the job, with diploma or with degree, you will be definitely promoted. Many of my friends have don the same.

    Now Its your turn
    Good luck for your future!

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    You have good experience, computer skills and a diploma in electronics. You must love look forward to be an IT professional. Software programming and coding is not likely to be your area. Your exposure to computer, IT sector and electronics is best for computer hardware, networking and cloud computing. Hence, take up a certification in skills related to IT infrastructure management and move on to a higher level job as IT professional.
    Certified IT and Cloud Architect or CITCA is an excellent training provided by CMS Computer Institute Thrissur. They provide you training from basics of computer hardware to the latest advancements in cloud computing. It is taught in a manner so that a person with no prior knowledge of computers and IT skills can also transform themselves to an IT professional.

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