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    Which is the best option in the software field? BCA, BSc CS/IT or BTech CS/IT ?

    Hi friends,
    Next academic year, I am planning to start my degree course (which was missed).
    Can you help me to choose the best degree to get my goal?
    * I have good interest in programming and really love to do it.
    * Aiming a career in the software field.
    * I was not good in PCM in my +2 (does it really need a lot of PCM?)
    * May not get time to do PG courses such as MCA, MSc CS/IT or MTech CS/IT.
    * My options are BCA, BSc CS, BSc IT, BTech CS, BTech IT.
    Can you please help me to choose one from the above? I researched in the net for the same and got confused. Currently I am doing DCA
    (Diploma in Computer Apps). I should have to go for a degree which will help to build my career. Could you help?
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    Hi Nitheesh,

    I think there are lots of problems with you these days. As you are weak in PCM then how can you program good software's in which lots of mathematics used or there are many analytical skills needed? Are you still good in programming? OK one more thing, Tell me why don't you have time to do some PG courses? It will boost your carrier more.
    OK leave all that burden. I want give u a analytical answer that can help you to analyze your mind to choose the best field according to your limits.

    In BCA, there are some semester's in which lots of maths used. There are lots of probability, matrix and algebra kind of questions that you have to solve. Same think you will face in B.Tech CS & IT. B.SC CS and B.Sc IT are good options for you that It has not mathematics. About B.Sc CS, I am not very sure. So before making your mind for any courses first check out the course details. It will help you to select your degree course.

    Sabrez Alam
    "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

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    For doing B.Tech you have to clear the entrance examination conducted by the sate higher education departments. BCA have not many collages offering So you better opt for BSc Computer Science. Now a days many software companies has recruiting talented and students scored above 70 percent in BSc in campus placements in final year of the course itself. So join the course and study well and get job in final year of the course in good software companies.

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    @Sabrez Alam,
    Thanks for your detailed reply. I am now ignoring BTech option because it will take long 4 years. I am 20 now and next year when I am starting the course, I will be on 21 and so that I have to get a good job as earlier as possible. If BCA has only probability and matrix which were not a big problem for me in +2, I can opt BCA. I think I can then do ASP and other programming courses in currespondance.


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    BCA is a good option for you if you're deciding to choose it. Now search the Internet and find the good colleges and course details. After getting the course details just start your preparation from today. As you're weak in PCM then concentrate on that area.

    There are lots of training institute which provide you .net training with the job assistant like NIIT and DOEACC. Also WIPRO is searching for fresh graduates every year. You can try for that after completing you BCA. Best of luck for your future.

    Sabrez Alam
    "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

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    @Sabrez Alam
    I am planning to go for IGNOU BCA from a local professional college which is popular here. Is IGNOU syllabus tough? Where to get the syllabus of IGNOU BCA?


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    Its all about practice buddy. There is no tough things that a human can't do. Just prepare your self from now. Here's I have found a good link for you. Find the details here. Need more help revert me back again.
    Tips to crack a job interview

    Sabrez Alam
    "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

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    As far as India's current senerio is set I feel that B.Tech is the best option and other fields mentioned above is only in the early stages of growth. Secondaly B.Tech students are in demand and gets easily placed then other field.

    But in the end its not the option that is good or bad all that matter is your hard work.

    God bless all.


    "God Bless All"
    Vineet Mehta

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    Thank you everyone. Anyone please say the Maths subjects that I have to learn for BCA? So that I can learn more now with my plust two (HSC) text book..


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    I will recommend you to do CS/IT, if you want a good job at any MNC. As any other courses may take some time and some MNC's give preference to B.Tech IT/CS only. So why to take risk with your career, go for the CS/IT.
    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
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    Like everyone, off course BTech is far better than the rest of the two.
    1. The quality of education in BCA is very less than BTech
    2. BCA + MCA = Btech (In technical knowledge)
    3. BCA + MCA = 6 years but BTech = 4 years
    4. Btech guys are younger than MCA guys hence preferred by software companies.
    5. BSC(CS), only Delhi University is providing good colleges for BSC(CS) but for btech there are a lot of good institutions exist in India.
    6. BSC = 3 years but less time to learn practical approaches of learned technical knowledge.

    Hence like all of the above I recommend you to go for Btech.

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    Hello Nitheesh,
    B.Tech IT will be the best choice. As Mr. Neeraj dwivedi has rightly pointed out BCA, BSc CS or IT will take more years. Many companies are recruiting undergraduates, but there is a lot of competition and it takes three more years for your promotion or other incentives. Whereas BTech people are getting more preference in the entire group. For any course that you have listed, Mathematics is essential. In my view, BTech IT will be right option for you.

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