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    Can I bring my E-ticket in mobile as pdf file while travelling in train?

    I have heard that now there is no need to take print out of E-ticket for train journey. I want to confirm about this. If I save my E-ticket in my mobile in 'pdf' format and show it when required by ticket checker, is it punishable act or it is as per rule? I want to try this. Can any one of you have carried ticket in mobile or in laptop while traveling in train?
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    Hi Paresh,

    Yes, there is no more printouts required. You can show the SMS or Screenshot of eTicket, as recently announced by Indian Railways.

    Now onwards railway passengers can get their e-tickets on their mobile phones instead of print-outs.
    They named it as 'M-Ticket'; this is mobile Phone-based ticket booking system.Passenger who book his train ticket through mobile phones , can carry the display ticket, sent to his cell phone through an SMS.

    Passengers can take the screen shot or the snapshot of the eTicket and when demanded by the Railway Officials, they can show this screen shot on their Laptops(We can show the screen shot on your Smart Phone also).

    The passenger need not carry a print out of his or her ticket and will have to just show the SMS," said a senior Railway Ministry official.


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    Yes, you can carry travelling ticket in laptop, mobile phone or ipad.

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    Railway department has announced the implementation of new system named virtual reservation message for passengers who are not able to remember to carry the print out of the rail ticket with them . As soon as the passenger books the ticket through Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation website he will get a confirmation sms to his mobile. The passenger has to carry the message saved in his inbox and has to show the TTE during the travel. The passenger has to show one identity along with this message as proof of his identity.The identity proofs are given below

    Original Identity Proof Cards:

    Election Identity Card

    Ration Card

    Bank pass Book

    Aadhar Card


    PAN Card

    Credit Card

    Driving License

    The passenger has to show any one original card from the above given list.

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    I hope it is ok as they themselves suggestion minimising the usage of papers.

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    Hello friends, Now I have no doubts in my mind as I have experienced this during my last train journey before two days from Surat to Ahmadabad with pdf file in my mobile. I shown the pdf file to ticket checker and he asked only I-card nothing else & he verified PNR no. Now, If every body tries to carry ticket in electronic form, we can save around 3,00,000 A4 size paper according to IRCTC (shown in home page of IRCTC)
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    railway has announced no more paper printed tickets for online reservation while your journey , instead you can get a sms alert and save it for TTR verification during your travel..

    stop wasting papers and save trees...

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