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    Persuing dual degrees at same time. is it legal

    i want to persue two degrees at same time (one regular and other correspondence) from diferrent universities. for example if i do bba(regular) from one college and bcom(correspondence)from another university at same time.will the two degrees be legal.plz reply fast
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    Doing dual degree at the same time may not be a crime but using the degrees in future for a purpose at the same time is treated as a crime and offense. Doing dual degree at the same time one regular one correspondence is always not preferable because of many future problems. One has not concentrate two different educational courses at the same and the examination schedule may come at the same and the student has not able to concentrate on two degrees at the same time. You can not has the chance of using the two degrees at the same time in future if you want to refer them in any job or further education. So my sincere advice to you is do a regular degree only at a time and concentrate on the course and get good marks and give up the idea of doing the correspondence degree at the same time.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Pursuing two degrees one as regular and one as correspondence may be legal but using the two degrees for further studies or in any job applications at the same is illegal. Just feel the difference and go further.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Better you can get confirmed with the college or university authorities before applying for both. Like anyone can not pursue any other graduation or post graduation program with pursuing masters from bits pilani, according to bits guidelines.

    It does not mean that you can not pursue both, better you get consultation from college or university authorities or any other professor or any other administrative person of those colleges or universities.

    In my personal opinion you can pursue two graduate degrees at a time.

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    Pursuing two degrees at same time (one regular and other correspondence) from different universities may come committing a criminal offence but presenting both of them at the same time for career advancement is a crime.

    I may not know the actual reason but I think the offence lies within the Registration and Session area because a student who will opt for multiple courses may complete all the courses or not but depriving other students as the seats are limited.

    Each and every University is strict so that all the students will get equal opportunity to study.

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    This also has connection with the concerned universities.
    I did my MBA in Bharathiar university and the same university offers distance education courses for regular MBA's. So i did my M.Sc in Applied Psychology.
    Added to that my college curriculum has two post graduate dipolomo programs in two years of my MBA.
    1.PGED - Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship Development
    2.PGLB - Post Graduate in Legal Aspects of Business.

    So in 2 years of time i had done MBA with PGED,PGLB and M.Sc Applied psychology which is approved by my university for future references.

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