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    How to reduce itching near genital area?

    This is really embarrassing at night time when there comes itching near penis area. Involuntarily it gets scratched and skin gets tear out. This makes uncomfortable to walk in day time. I have been using Itch gaurd since more that couple of years but want to get rid of this permanently. What is cause and solution for this. Give your expert advice.
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    This is a common problem in the genitals as these are the covered areas. The skin in these areas produces sweat which keeps it wet and is the main reason for bacterial and fungal infection in those areas that inturn causes severe itching. Since the skin is tender in those areas, often too much scratching hurts and peels the skin off!]

    Remember that Itch gaurd is just an temperory Itch-relieving application and is not an anti-bacterial or anti-fungal medication which is why It can't be a solution for itching. I suggest you

    1. To clean the areas twice a day with cotton dipped in Hydrogen peroxide. This will clean the sweat off and will even clear the topical microbial Life.

    2. Then apply Ringgaurd (anti-fungal medication) which will definitely relieve you from itch instantly and continuous application for a week will completely relieve you from itching.

    3. Since it is a common problem that may repeat, Make sure that you wear clothes that aren't so tight to make the organs sweat more.

    4. Most important of all is to keep the genitals dry. Taking proper care after bath (letting them dry completely) and sprinkling talcum powder.

    Follow the above suggestions to get relieved from itching completely!

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    I will suggest have shower twice a day clean your genitals by soap and keep yourself as clean as possible. I had this problem and did not face any issue now because of this. I read this problem is because pinworm which migrate from anal area to genital area in night time. So due to movement you feel to scratch that area.

    If you feel then instead of scratching just pinch it with thumb and index(finger near thumb) and follow what Raghav has said.

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    Inspite of keeping your skin clean, you should also concentrate on wearing clean underwears and it is always advisable to change ur underwears once in six months.
    The same is with shoe socks since they come in touch with the most sensitive parts of our body for a long time.

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    Common problem seen in human beings,doesnot need much worried. I recommended you ZOLE F Ointment.most effective ointment for this type of dermal problems.It is anti-fungal,anti-parasitic and so on.From my experince,result will be reveal with in a day.
    Keep your body clean throughout the day is the best effective methods to overcome this type of problems...

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    It must be because of fungal infection i.e. tinea cruris infection. Maintaining proper hygiene of genital area is recommended. Once the disease sets in, topical application of candid ointment or fintop gel is advised. Systemic treatment with tab clotrimazole may also be added if required.

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    Well try below simple solutions also.
    1. Use mycoderm powder for genital area. This is very effective and I had good results of it. It costs approximately 35 Rupees. It has yellow cover with white cap. Do not apply this powder other than nearby genital area. Even do not apply on genitals.

    2. Use good soap in bath. My recommendation would be Pears. Avoid liquid soaps or body wash.

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    First of all know the problem why itching is repeated at that particular point and it may be due to sweating or eczema or other skin problem.Do not neglect the problem consult dermatologist and know why itching is heavy at that particular point.
    Take some necessary steps:

    1.Clean the surface daily twice a day and apply clotrimazole powder at the itching area.

    2.Stop using soap while cleaning the area as many of the members think soaps may keep the skin clean but the main fact is if skin is suffering from itching and other skin problems we must stop using soaps as it is made by chemicals it may give reaction when used.

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    From my personal experience , two things can solve this itching at pubic region.
    1. Clean the pubic region PROPERLY atleast twice a day.
    2. Shift to boxers from briefs Which reduces intense sweating of that region and i think is the most effective way of getting rid of itching.

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    This is common fungal infection occurred due wet surrounding near genital area.
    1. This is fungal infection and increases in wet condition. this place should be dry. After bath dry immediately. Avoid wet condition due to sweating. OR clean after sweating. Sweating can increase itching.
    2.Your cloths should be separate and wash with hot water and Dettol. This is spreading from one member to other by using same towel in family.
    3.There are anti fungal medicine in medical. You can use Candid-B cream or Zole-F cream for local.
    4.There is oral medicine also taken Tab. Fluconazole 150 mg once a week is best choice for control.
    5.If you are married then possibility of your partner have also infection and treatment of partner is also important.

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    Inching near the penis may occur due to small things which we don't take care in daily life. Some of the reasons are:-
    • Excessive pubic hair which increases the sweat around the area and causes itching.
    • Wearing undergarments for more than a day which may cause bacterial problems in the areas.
    Some of the solutions for the above problem are:-
    Please avoid itching as it would exaggerate the situation.
    Do cut the pubic hair as they cause sweating
    Please use a spoon of dettol in a bucket of water while you bath.
    Consult a dermatologist if it is spreading.
    You can apply an anti bacterial cream such as betnovate on the area.
    Whenever you urinate don't let even a drop of urine to remain in the undergarment.
    Never ejaculate in your underwear.
    These all points should be taken care. Though these points would seem to be usual but we don't take care and that is the reason for bacterial and fungal infections.

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