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    How can we remove the virus from our computer

    How can we remove the virus from our computer.what is the software used to remove the virus from our computer.And the virus in computer can harm our computer.What is the solution to remove the virus from our computer.Which is the best antivirus soft ware used for our computer.
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    If you are a beginner and have never seen a computer in life and never operated then this question will be the critical thing as to how to protect your computer from viruses.When we as a beginner spot a virus in our system or see it crash it is like the whole world has fallen apart.

    viruses are not the only one there are malware,adware,keylogger etc these are some of common system intruders.
    Usually a virus is a malicious program code that has various characteristics such as
    1:It may get into one's computer and steal his or her data.
    2:It may just enter into computer and doesn't harm anything unless it is touched.
    3:It may be ported from malicious users and the virus program waits for remote user's direction to mobilize in the system and once it is done it begins its destruction.
    4:Some virus programs are helpful like the keygen programs which should not be used but these program give a raise to piracy which is not good.
    6:A virus program can also enter into the sensitive system and even may bring down the hardware components like motherboard,RAM,HDD etc
    7:Some viruses may multiply continuously and occupy all hard disk space and even hamper system usability and operability.
    Viruses are common while browsing the internet you can never expect to be safe in the internet. They may be in documents,music files,compressed files,executable files,java files or even browser active x controls etc

    So how to get protected in this virus environment and stay safe from virus intrusion.
    1:get antivirus program.
    The good antivirus programs available in the market are.
    1:Avast free antivirus.
    2:Kaspersky antivirus.
    3:AVG free antivirus.
    4:Avira antivirus.
    5:Norton antivirus.
    6:Eset NOD 32 antivirus.
    7:Bitdefender antivirus.

    There are many more antivirus available in market and also the internet security versions of the above antivirus programs are also available and the above said are one of the best antivirus programs.

    Avast antivirus is the good one it has host of features and as the virus database is updated daily basis you are assured of full security. I even recommend you internet security or pro version of this antivirus but these will cost you money.
    AVG is the next best antivirus its free and its fast and has all features possibly in an antivirus program.
    Norton it is secured antivirus but the memory it takes to load will burden the system from running and even the number of heuristics detected is very less and slow scanning speed.
    Kaspersky and Avira are both equal leveled they have same performance but kaspersky offers some additional features which are not even present in some other antivirus.

    To delete a virus file from a computer is very difficult some time as some virus may bind themselves to the OS file which when deleted may even stop system from working.
    when any virus file is detected by the antivirus it is kept in a safe place where it is isolated and when a particular virus database matches that virus it may eventually be removed from the file and the file is cleaned.
    Some programs may even offer permanent deletion of the file.

    I also advice you that never download any torrent or compressed files from the internet as the software inside them may be malicious and eventually may crash your system.

    Also stop piracy and buy genuine critical products for your system.

    If any more information is needed post a message to me.


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    Simple answer for this question is as follows;

    Kindly use branded anti-virus then run and remove virus from your computer.

    Another simple way is, store your file into D drive or E drive if you have partition or even you can save your file in external Pen Drive, make sure your pen drive have no virus in it, once you saved important files, kindly run OS (Operating Systems - if you really know how to run it), once you ran it, system will be back to normal - make sure that you install anti-virus software after installing OS.

    Very rare, virus affects computer peripherals, but mainly virus affects software tools than hardware.

    You may try McAfee, Kaspersky, Avira and other branded anti-virus packages.

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    I will give just the basic and effective solution to you that is install any antivirus,get it updated and start scanning your computer and if any threats found then simply delete them.

    And in respose to your second question i will say that one cann't completely identify any antivirus to be the best as every antivirus has its good as well bad points. However whtever i have experienced is Microsoft security essentials is the best.

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    Its a question of a person who just enters into computer world but still you can manage your computer against viruses. There is a saying that you may remain fool for a minute but remain safe from future by asking silly quetions.
    Regarding your virus problem, you should try kaspersky internet security 2012 which best in the market right now and best for all the malware,keyloggers,virusses,internet malwares attacking your system. Try to purchase it from market with 3 person sharing same key for 1 year and you can get it in cheapest rate if you are going to buy it in group.
    Best wishes

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    A simpler way i can suggest you to

    - Download the Avast free anti-virus from net .

    - Install it on your PC.

    - configure for a boot-time Scan.

    - Restart your PC.

    - Watch for the alerts and do the needful.

    Note: Always try to repair the infected files

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    There are many computer soft wares for removing virus. They are called antivirus. There are many companies who produce antivirus.

    They are

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    Dear sir,
    You have full protaction and you have not taking risk about your computer so,
    I have best of best way for to protect your computer.
    Setp: a) first install any antivirous like Net_Protecter and clean the p.c,
    Step: b) Downlod D_Freez.exe file softwer full viriation. And get install it in your p.c
    And get free virous system forever.

    For enternet protection you start "firwall" on your system.



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    I would prefer you to save the files to D drive or other than C drive then format all the drives except file saved location, by doing this your system may be secure, or else, try to install once again suitable system Operating System.
    Roohana M.

    "Smile, it adds your face value".

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    Viruses are threats to a computer. So preventing it from direct affection to a computer is always necessary.

    AVAST has been wonderful in anti virus functions. It has both home and corporate editions. Home edition is free available in the internet. You can download and install it in your computer.

    If you have internet connection in your computer, then set the AVAST to automatically download updates and virus definitions from the internet at regular intervals which prevents you from affecting new viruses and thus keeping your system yourselves in a safe way. Scan your PC every week to make sure no virus present in the system, boot-up scan is effective compared to the normal scan.

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    There can be various options:
    1. Install a good anti-virus and scan & remove the virus.
    2. Take backup of your important files and get your PC formatted. This is the most cleaner option.
    3. After format, install the latest anti-virus and make a habit to scan your PC every week for infected files.
    4. Do not open attachments in your email without properly scanning them.
    5. Do not directly copy paste contents from a USB device without properly scanning the same.
    6. Always keep your anti virus updated.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Best way to remove antivirus from your system is by following the below given steps.

    1. Shut down your PC or notebook and restart in ''safe mode''. For doing so, once you restart, start pressing F8 and your computer will start with only basic configurations.

    2. Restore your PC/Note book to previous date on which it was working fine even if it is 2 to 3 months old. Your data will not be lost.
    Since i do not know which OS you are using you can search internet for the exact process of restoring your computer.
    For Xp os and windows 7, you need to go to
    Start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore

    3. After restoring, you can restart the computer normally and install ''Spybot search and destroy antivirus''
    Although there are other antivirus also as mentioned above in other replies but i suggest that you go for ''spybot''
    It is free and very effective.

    4. Install ''Spybot S&D'' and run it, your system will be free from all virus and malwares.

    Hope this will help you resolve the problem.

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    Get a good antivirus program and a firewall to protect your PC
    I would recommend avast! Free antivirus and comodo firewall. These are both free and great products. I've been using these for over two years, never had a problem :) you can download from their website.
    If you use net banking n shop on ebay etc, i would suggest you to use a paid antivirus program, that will protect you from identity theft and phishing websites. Norton, Mcaffe and kaspersky provide some good paid antivirus programs.

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    I would like to add few points since the solution is already given by co-members. If you want to re-install a clean operating system after formatting the current one, then here are few points to be borne in mind, to avoid virus threats later on.

    One thing I suggest you is, make 2 to 4 partitions, depending on your total hard disc space. Partitions can be done while installing the OS. Install the OS in any one partition like C. Now when you have got to use the system, you obviously store your personal data files like music, pictures, games files and other important software's. Store all files in other partition like D or E, but never in C.

    What ever software's you download from internet are usually installed in C. If in case, in future, your system is been hacked by viruses and malwares and you are unable to even start the system because of the viruses destruction on os, then for a newbie the best option is to format only the "C" and reinstall a new operating system. In this way, whatever personal files stored in other drives like D and E, won't be lost since we format only C drive.

    The viruses multiply rapidly and would have infected even your personal files in other discs. So, download and install a good antivirus and make a scan, after completion you will find many viruses have infected even your personal files like pictures. The antivirus will prompt you and show a list of files which are viruses and other files which have been infected. Select the option repair for your personal infected files and delete/quarantine everything else(viruses).

    The best free antivirus in my opinion is AVG antivirus. However, avast must be better as many members have recommended the same.
    My system was recently infected very badly and all my efforts to remove the viruses were unsuccessful. I even installed an antivirus to remove them, but as soon as the antivirus is installed, the virus infected even the antivirus and it showed error "licence expired, renew your licence"
    My only option then was to format current os and install a fresh one, which I did. Installed AVG antivirus and did a scan and around 1900 viruses were found. I deleted them all and now it's working perfectly.
    Good luck.

    Worship the Creator, not the Creation!

    Mohammed Umair

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    Virus is a program which will execute itself and destroy files ,folders and spread throughout the computer.

    A virus may be entered into your system in any of the following ways. pen-drive which u kept in some other system which is already effected by virus.
    2.through some downloads from the internet which are having some malicious software. copying the virus infected programs into your system.
    In order to remove virus from your computer you can follow any of the below solutions...

    Cleaning is almost useless because already virus effected...if we run antivirus also we can't remove completely.

    1. If u buy a new system after installing drivers software use an antivirus like avast, quick-heal, Norton etc.and then install all other software. By this method we can keep our computer safe.

    2.In your system if virus already entered then better to format all the disks and follow the procedure 1.

    Keep your antivirus up-to-date because everyday new virus programs are coming.Expired anti-viruses can't find that viruses.

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    When you download any software it may affect virus problems. When downloading you will be asked whether it is coming from authorized sources, if not we cannot trust the sites. You must install a full version of antivirus to guard against from virus diseases. If possible remove the unwanted programs from your computer. Don't give your IP address which may result in hacking of your computer. It is better to run an full version antivirus program so that you will not be affected by any virus problems.
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    By installing various anti virus software like Macfee,Nortan,Kaspersky,AVG Antivirus,Avast.

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    Well if your system is already infected with the virus then the only way is to install some good anti-virus , scan your system and then fix the bugs.

    The other important thinghs to keep in mind to have your system virus free are as follows :-

    1.Keep your temp files deleting.You can get them by typing %temp% in run window.

    2.Keep the browser security level at medium.Setting it at low makes the system more vunerable to infections.

    3.keep your windows firewall on.

    4.POP-up blocker should be blocked.

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    As for now the virus is decresed to 90% by use of internet security running over every server.
    For sake of protecting your PC from malware, you can use anti-virus or if you are expert you can yourself judge and kill virus and remove it.

    The best anti-virus used now-a-days :


    for complete solution you better go for buy as they will give a full suggetion contact and procedure to the virus .

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