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    How to reduce body heat?

    Due to heavy eating of heat causing food I got pimples on face. Previously it was also I had in the form of while pimples near lips and eye area. But they got disappear in a week. My friend suggested to keep feet in cold water for 30 mins. I am 4 liters drinking water daily.

    Experts please suggest any hope remedy and any diet to control this body heat.
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    Consumption of water atleast 3 liters per day is good.
    Chewing methi seeds simply as chewing pan is very good to reduce body heat.
    Regular oil bath with good gingly oil twice in a week, that is, on wednesday and saturday (for Gents)on Tuesday and friday (for ladies)are considered as a very good measure to reduce body heat.

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    Do not over work yourself.
    Do not take steaming hot food.
    Avoid alcohol.
    Avoid spicy, oily fried food.
    Do not take eggs.
    Avoid all non-vegetarian food.
    Avoid eating chillies, pickles.
    Limit your salt intake.

    Take morning walk or go for swimming.
    Do exercises and yoga for mental peace and meditation in the early mornings.
    Take a lot of freshly cut salads and fruits.
    Take plenty of water and fruit juices.
    Try to take refrigerated food but not so cold as to catch cough or a sore throat.
    Take butter milk, cucumbers, gourds, curd, melons,leafy vegetables and a lot of fruits.
    Wear cotton clothes.
    Take cold milk.
    Take bath 2-3 times a day.
    Taking soaked basil seeds in water, with cold milk will help reduce body heat.
    Take aam pani.(roasted green mango juice with sugar).

    If such a routine is followed regularly, body heat problems will get resolved soon.

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    How to avoid body heat?, Few tips to avoid body heat as below;

    Use boiled lemon juice once in two days
    Use coriander seed with water
    Use Almond external liquid (Badam / Katira gond) with water once in a two days
    Use becasule capsule one at the time of going to bed at night.
    Use Cucumber often

    The above tips will help you to reduce your body heat.

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    The only tip i will give is yoga as its the one that can make you feel cool and relaxed. And further it can provide you many other health benefits also.

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    Pimples do come at certain age for hormonal imbalance also, and I wont say it wont come for heat, it also comes for body heat.

    To reduce your body heat do the following few tips,

    Drink 3ltrs of water per day.

    Non veg is too heat especilly egg and chicken, so take care while eating.

    Drink fruit juices once in a while.

    Have ragi in your diet than chapathi, as ragi is cool and wheat is heat.

    very effective is drink tender coconut 2-3 in a week, it makes heat come down and very good to health.

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    I will suggest you low cost and less time consuming tips to reduce body heat, they are eat leafy vegetables, cuccumber kakdi, gajar, chass, dahi curd, do not walk in sun that is use shades of buildings trees, avoid chicken items-rum-whisky-alchohol-eggs , do desk work during afternoon at home or in office, walk on grass, avoid ice as it is heat when consumed, avoid spicy items

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    To reduce body heat,
    !. Please do drink tender coconut water daily in the morning before breakfast as empty stomach to make your body cool.
    2. Drink lot of water, if possible cold water a lots around 7 liter a day.
    3. Drink grape juice lots, it reduces body heat.
    4. Apply oil to head daily night and sleep.
    5. Drink the mixture of sugar added to water.

    1. Avoid having chicken as it has very much heat content and increases your body heat.
    2. Avoid eating or drinking mango juice. Because increases body heat to large extent.

    Thank you,

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    1. Exercise everyday. This will induce sweating and all of your body heat will come out with your sweat.

    2. Take bath regularly. If you have severe body heat problems then take bath with cold water each time when you come home from outside (office, college, market etc). Do wet your head too each time. Your head stores a lots of heat.

    3. Avoid the use of drier to dry your head.

    4. Drink at least 10 glasses of water. Start your day with a glass of water.

    5. Eat fruits like pomegranate and other juicy fruits.

    6. Avoid staying under sun for a longer time.

    7. Don't wear tight dresses. Your body gets irritated if your wear tight dresses throughout the day. So, this can increase your problem.

    8. You body temperature also depends on the temperature of the food you eat. For example, eating ice cream will reduce your body temperature whereas eating a spicy meal will increase your body temperature. So, don't eat much of spicy food, instead have nice juices and vegetables.

    9. Keep your stomach light. Have small meals at a time. Take small meals 5 or 6 times a day.

    Sneha Sunny

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    1. store water in cu bowl at night with three leves of thulasi, drink in morning,befor brussing,
    2.Do slow walking 1/2 hr in erly morning

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    Acne is the most common thing to be happened between the age group of 11 to 25.The effect of acne is due to the hormonal effect(testosterone in males and progesterone in females).
    This causes severe irritation.Acne is skin disease.
    Best remedy for Acne is water which purifies inner of you by proper hydrating.

    And as you mentioned, that u intake lot of food having high if u cannot avoid those kinda foods try to have some Butter milk which is natural element for reducing the body heat.
    But the most suggested thing is to have a balanced diet.

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    Body should have heat,but over heat will affect ur skin. Here i give some tips to reduce the heat from the body,
    While u get up from ur bed,
    1.Drink 1 liter of water and don't drink any tea or coffee for 1 hour .
    2.Take ur breakfast with a glass of juice.
    3.At 11 o'clock have one fruit as a salad
    4.Drink water for 1 to 2 glass
    5.In ur lunch add some fresh vegtables
    6.Avoid fried food u can have egg white, fish but it should not be fried
    7.Drink 1 liter of water after the lunch
    7.Take light food as dinner
    Drink 1 glass of warm water while ur going to bed
    if u do this ur body heet will reduce automatically

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    Don't over power yourself by working hard at your gym.
    Try to be drinking as much water as you can, and the best you can do to keep your body cooling is by having green leafy vegetables.
    Avoid oily and spicy food,for atleast some weeks, after that try to control such food.
    Do exercise regularly,specially PRANAYAMA, it will be best to keep to fit and stable also.
    Drinking juices, better have raw fruits, to keep wow digestion working properly.

    The main reason, for getting pimples is having all junk food, tension and lack of proper exercise.
    So try to i
    include yoga in your life and eat only health food, if still the problem persists then better go to your doctor, and he or she will give you a proper diet with suitable medicine.

    Veena Sharma.

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    *Unpolished rice, barley, wheat bran.
    *All bitter vegetable, leafy vegetables, celery, cucumber, sprouts and pumpkin.
    *Cooking oils like rice bran oil and olive oil.
    *All fruits, excepting mangoes, which must be eaten in less quantities.

    What should be done?
    One should eat well during the day and less at night as the food is required in the stomach during the day time to prevent acid build up.
    Drink plenty of liquids, coconut water, butter milk, fruit juices and at least 10 glasses of water daily.
    Eat light food, avoid hot, spicy and oily foods and opt for foods high in water content including fruits, salads, soups and buttermilk.
    Avoid alcoholic beverages and tea and coffee.
    Smoking should be completely avoided.
    Barley is very good for cooling the body and also good for kidneys.


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    Body temperature is a measure of the body's ability to generate and get rid of heat.

    Drink a lot of water as it is highly recommended.

    Start practising yoga every morning.

    Tea made of coriander will help in improving digestion and relaxes the mind.
    Take up swimming and gardening, waliking in natural environment.

    Tea spoons of butter with a glass of warm milk to reduce body heat. Take lot of vegetables, fruits & green leaves

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    follow the below ways to reduce heat in your body. sprouts which is very good solution.
    2.drink more water
    3.avoid eating pickles and spicy things.
    4.try to take fruit juices or buttermilk.
    5.use umbrella while going out.

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    put an little amount of "Gond Katira"in a cup of water over night and have it on next day morning before your breakfast. "Gond Katira" really helps to reduce your body heat.

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    Dear Avi,
    I think you are much more aware about the foods which cause heat in our body. First and foremost thing for your pimples, just forget it. It will disappear within three to four days. Don't do anything on the pimple. It will create much more infection when you want to do something on it. But take some precautions such that it does not come again. The precautions are
    • Try to bath twice a day, because bathing will make our whole body cool.

    • Try to reduce the foods which you think will cause heat. Especially if you are eating more mangoes, then you will have more chances to get pimples. So eat it but limit yourself not to eat more.
      Also if you are having a habit of eating egg daily, then you should reduce the intake of eggs in summer.

    • Put oil on your head. This will not only cools your body, but also important for your hair and eyes.

    • Eat fenugreek in an empty stomach. This is the granny therapy. This will reduce our body temperature.

    • Drink more water. Water is much essential to reduce body temperature. It also helps for digestion.

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