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    Best bike to buy in Pickup with Mileage with Normal cost

    I heard lot of bikes in my area. Some bikes are having pickup and other bikes are having mileage. So I need the bike normal rate with good pickup and mileage. Some bikes are i heard BAJAJ Pulsar and Honda CBZ. These are best to mileage or it will also decrease the mileage in future.
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    I think the best option for you is the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc.
    It has tremendous pickup and mileage. The price of this bike is also affordable.
    With an engine of powerful of 150 cc it will also provide you the mileage of around 60-65 kmpl.
    CBZ extreme is also have very good pickup but it lags behind in mileage.
    If you dont want to buy Pulsar then you can also think about
    TVS Apache and Hero honda Hunk in the same price range.

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    In Hero Honda category, Glamour(Fi)is a good choice. The bike is light in weight with 124.8cc 4-stroke engine gives a maximum speed of 94kmph. Regarding the mileage it gives around 60-70 Kmpl depending on situations. Hero Honda Glamour (Fi) will cost somewhere between RS. 54,000 to 56,000. The price is quite reasonable here.

    And if you are looking for a more powerful bike, it'll cost you more. Average bikes in the range of Rs. 65,000 to 80,000 are Bajaj Pulsar 150cc which has fast pick-up and good mileage; somewhere between 50-60 Kmpl.

    Yamaha Limited Edition-FZ-S is a sporty looking bike with a mono-shock absorber. If you want a bike with a street-wise looks go for it. Priced at around Rs. 76,000 to 78,000 is a favourite among the youths.

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    In 150cc there are different company bikes but coming to price bajaj stood first in making available lowest cost bikes to customers.Bajaj pulsar gives superb looks with additional mileage and can be obtained in lowest cost.Whereas other comanies like HONDA,TVS,YAMAHA

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    No bike in the 150 range will give you a very good mileage. Are you looking for a 100 cc model or 150 model? the reply will vary according to that. In the 150 range, yes Pulsar is the best. As far as the 100-112 cc range is concerned, my husband is using a Bajaj Caliber since the last 5 years and it is giving a good mileage till date.

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    The 150 cc bikes will give you a nice mileage at first but then after using it for a year or two the mileage will decrease gradually especially Pulsar. Pulsar demands more maintenance than others. If you are looking for a powerful bike then you must go for it or you can also look at Yamaha FZ, Hunk or TVS Apache.
    Or if you want a bike with power and mileage too, then you must go for 125 cc range like Discover 125, Honda Stunner, Glamour, etc.

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    Hi Nagaraj,

    I can understand ur problem. U want a good brand bike with style, pickup, milage and at economical price.

    My suggestion is BAJAJ PULSAR 135LS.

    Let me explain.

    1. Any bike in 150cc range givs an average milage of 50-55kmpl.(+/- 5 kmpl) But PULSAR 135LS gives you about atleast 60. it goes upto 70 in long rides

    2. Any 125cc bike os not stylish. But PULSAR 135 is like a sports bike.

    3.on road price of 135LS is about 60,000INR. But other 150CC bikes comes at 70,000INR.

    4. Pickup for Pulsar 135 is also good. But speed is limited( I rode it at 120KMPH, bike started to vibrate). But 100KMPH is more than enough for us.

    I am telling all these figures exactly as i am using it from last 2 years.

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    I would prefer you to buy Yamaha Fz because it gives milage of 55 km/hr and a great pick up and the most important thing is the international brand name associated with it Yamaha. it also gives a great sporting look with a huge rear wheel

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    If you are looking for affordable price and good mileage with good pickup then you must try bajaj's 100cc discover with price of 40000 to 50000 Rs.It has good pick and mileage, I think its mileage is best in market.Also price range is affordable and it also has good pickup.
    If you are looking for 150cc bike then one thing surely will happen and that is increase in price with decrease in mileage.According to me dicover 100 cc is best choice for you with mileage of 75kmpl.The rest depends on you ....

    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
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    If you are looking for bike with high pick up and great milage. Then according to me cb twister or bajaj discover is the best option. But it is not perfect in any catagory, if you are looking for bike with high milage and classic look then Hero Honda's 100 cc bikes are best, and if you are thinking only for little high pick up bikes then pulsar,apache or hunk 150-200cc are one of the best option.
    Palash Mandal
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    I have heard that Hero Honda is one of the best bike brand which give you good mileage as well as they are quite effortable too. So if you are searching for cheap and good quality bike brand in India it can surly be hero Honda.
    Veena Sharma.

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    Hello buddy
    if you want bike wit good mileage and pick up but at low cost . Then only one bike i can suggest you which ll give you sporty riding expiriance good speedy bike with great mileage and pick up also speed. And at low cost , Honda Unicorn is the bike which cost around 55k having great mileage cover about 0-60 in 8sec. Bike average is about 40. I just love the bike in such category hope you ll love it.

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    I think the option for you is the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc
    It has tremendous pickup and mileage. The price of this bike is also affordable with the mileage of around 50-55 kmpl.
    CBZ extreme is also have very good pickup but it lags behind in mileage.
    If you dont want to buy Pulsar then you can also think about Discover 150cc whose prices are less as compare to the above said bikes and mileage is about 60-65 kmpl which is also good.

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    I think bajaj ct 100 wis bes. Because it gives 65 millage. It gives good smooth engine instead platina. Platina is best in its look but its engine gives some rub sound ..
    millage 65.

    125cc discover is best for look but its shine is good smooth, high class in all corner millage 55 to 60.

    Crux is best in millage u can expect 80 km cheap in price 40k. You can drive it at zero maintance cost. It is very best bike. It has no complaints. Only giving filling
    that it is small in height.

    You may go center TVS big bike which has good millage. It is best in performance but now stoped by company so old 2006 model will best.

    In too old u may go champion 4s up to 80 millage at 10000 price 1993 to 1998 model availables in market.

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    The Bajaj and Honda Bikes are in great demand currently because of their average and speed and its strength . So in my opinion these types of bikes are good for you to buy.

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    As per my personal experience, I feel that Hero Honda are the best suited for the riders on the Indian roads. Not only in regard to its pick up and mileage but even these bikes have long life and give excellent service to the users. I have seen that these vehicles hardly need any repairs and give good ride to the riders. I think that other bikes are only next to Hero Honda.
    Thanks & Regards

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    unicorn is the best option for you... It is product from honda... It wil give milage as 55 to 65 kmph.. The price of this bike is rs.75000 When compared to other bike it comes for best price..

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