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    Rules of typical Indian Kabaddi

    Kabaddi is our traditional Indian game played in all parts of our country with a lot of passion. There is no professionalism exist in this game because its rules and dependency on referees.
    It is a very interesting and healthy game, but its all decisions depends on referees only.

    I want to know the typical rules of Kabaddi and smart tips? I am already well aware of the basics on this game.
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    Kabaddi is one of the popular game among rural population in India. Unlike other games playing the game of Kabaddi does not require any game equipments. Kabaddi can be played in an open ground with arena of 10m x 13m. The game is played 20 minutes each half with five minutes break. Kabaddi is gentlemen game the raider who touches the opponent need to admit the claim of the raider, otherwise in case of a dispute the referee has to make decision.
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    Kabaddi is a game prominantly played in India. It involves two teams and each team will be given a specific and equal amount of time. One member has to go from a team to the other team's court and has to catch the opponents and has to return back to his court. The opponent who was caught was out and has to leave the court. For doing so, he will get one point for each member.The team with highest points at the end of the time wins.

    If some members were out from opponent team them the same number of members who were out previously in our team can again join in our team.

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    Kabaddi is the outdoor game. This game is played between two teams. Each team has 7 leading players and 5 substitutional players. A player of the team goes to the other team's court to out the players. Here is one matter to keep in mind that he/she would not make rest in breathing. If He/She leave the breathe, He/She will be told out. The playground of this game is 10 x 13 sq.meter for boys and 10x11 for girls. In this ground,the middle line has been drawn in the middle of the ground regarding it's length. Each departs has two lines, a crossing line and a bonus line. If the player cross the cross line without leaving the breath, He/She can come back to his/her own court.If the player cross the bonus line having five players of the opposite court, He/She will get a bonus point. If He/She out the player crossing the bonus line, He/She will get 2(1 bonus point+1) points. The outing players would have to sit at the waiting-area located at the back side of the playground. If the player push out to the attacker and He/She go out of the ground, He/She can use the dashing-area and come back to his/her own court. If He/She go out of it, He/She will be told out. That's all.

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    Kabaddi is a very old and traditional game of India. It is very healthy game. There are two teams in this game. One player of a team is going to the court of other team and he will have to touch more than one player of the other team and he must say the word "kabaddi" at the entire time. If he does not touch anyone and the player of other team can caught him and never let him to go to his court or touch the line that is placed between the both courts.
    Now, Punjab government is trying to make this game more famous as cricket. And this year, the second world cup of kabaddi was held. The boys and girls team of India is won the world cup.

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    Kabaddi is an traditional auspicious game of Tamil nadu. The person those who are involved in this game must have strong and healthy body. Because, The person in one team will go to the opponent team boundary and touch as many as persons then come back again to the their team boundary.

    Here, the touched persons in the opponent team would be out. Suppose if the going person to the opponent team is caught and stopped by the opponent team then he will be out. Each time one person will go to touch the persons in opponent team. The selection of the person to go in each team will be decided by the captain of the team.

    There may be a chance for make out a group of persons at the same time in this game is possible if the going person have ability and strong. The aim of the going person in this game is to touch the common boundary line. if he touches the common line then he is safe.

    There may be seven members in each team for kabaddi. If one person goes out in opponent team then one person may come inside in the another team. It is more interesting and healthy game for men in Tamil nadu.

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    Hello Friends,
    I would say that Kabbadi is one of the wonderful games that has been practiced in south India for a vast number of years and it is one of the national sport which recently became worldwide. There are various countries that are participating in the Kabaddi Tournament every year. Before some 5 or 10 years the sport was unknown for most of them but it was practiced in almost all the villages in the south India where lot of importance was given to the fitness and health of the people especially men. There were other games too like Bull fight which also focused on fitness of men.

    Various forms of Kabaddi within the state
    I would say that their are lot of kabaddi tournaments that are conducted in various levels like College level, Schools level, University level, district level, state level competitions and their is always a huge competition prevailing in the people for this sports.

    International level Kabaddi Tournaments
    I would say that there are only two or three international level tournaments that were conducted till now and both the time our team was more successful in beating the opponent team by a huge margin.

    Rules in Kabaddi
    There are only two teams and each consist of seven players with 3 substitutes and hence a team of 10 members should make a kabaddi team. Both the team should secure most number of points against the opposition to get the points and win the game. Only one person out of the seven in the team will go for a ride against the other team and he should catch the maximum number of members in the opponent team and should return back to their area. In case the person is not able to catch a person there would be a line drawn inside the opponent teams area and we have to touch that and return back.
    It is based on the time period and as long as the time finishes, the team would compete against each other or till the other team accepts its defeat.

    How can be get more points
    I would say that the members are given out if the member does any thing out of the few as stated below
    1. If a person leaves his breath and stops saying the word Kabaddi.
    2. If the person is caught by the person of the other team when he goes for a ride
    3. If the person touches the people on the other team when he is riding into the opposition team
    4. if the person goes out of the line that is drawn for both the teams.
    These are the various methods to get points.

    Disqualification of the team
    The team can be disqualified if the team involves in any one of the below things
    1. If the team raises the voice against the referee or uses some bad or abusive words
    2. If a person hits the opponent team member knowingly.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    Kabbadi is our national game, but the best thing about this game is that it don't have too much complication. It is very healthy game, but if played roughly can harm the players alot.

    The best know rule is that the opponent who have entered the area of other group, have to keep on saying Kabbadi and if he loses his breath and still is in other's group territory, than he is declared out. Then ultimately the team loses one of its player.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Veena you are wrong, Kabaddi is not our national game.Our national game is Hockey.
    Sorry to say this.

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    The famous Indian kabaddi. It may not be the National game of India but it is a National level game. In this game there are two teams who will participate and there are 7 members each and the pitch is divided into two equal halves and each time a member from a team goes into the opposite team's section saying some particular words especially 'Kabaddi,kabaddi...... and so on and tries to touch a member from opposite team and reach the division line between the teams without getting himself caught. If he does so then his team will win a point otherwise if the opposite team catches him then they will win a point. At the end of the play the team with majority points will win the game.

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