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    Which is the best way to clean/kill rats inside the house?

    Are you tired of rats in your house? Looking for information on cleaning or killing of rats in house or shop? Check out expert advice on best ways to get rid of rats in houses and medicines or pesticides that can kill rats in houses.

    I want to know the information related to cleaning/killing of rats which are very hazardous as well as causing problems to ours. I want to know the solutions. Which are the best ways to kill them or make them out of house? Are there any medicine/pesticides available by which rats are removed from home/shops? Give other solutions if you have?
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    Rats are very hazardous as well as they are responsible for great loss of food, cloths, grains etc. But i dont approve of killing rats, i would like to tell you that there are cages available in the market for specially catching rats, of with one side open and it consist of hook in which we have to attach any eatable item, which will attract the rats, after the rat comes to eat the eatable, as soon as he touches the hook, the door of the cage comes down, and rat gets locked inside, after that you can leave him in jungle area, or area far from your place, so that you wont have any problem of that rat again, regards

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    Make sure that your house is not letting in a fresh supply of rats. Grill your ground floor windows with steel mesh (not plastic netlon types which can be chewed through), seal off any cracks on walls, drains, close all doors that connect to the outside of house before dusk, keep all kitchen trash in sealed containers, always store food safely after meals, and keep floor swept after each meal especially when there are little children who would spill food.

    Start off with a physical hunt for rats and destroy all pests you find. If you do not have peace about killing rats, do hire someone to take care of the matter. It is not right to transfer the pests from your place to another by just letting them loose in another area.

    You can capture and kill rats in your house in two ways. One is to use commercially available rat poison. Another is using traps.
    Rat poison is effective when you do not have too many places where rats hide. If you can reach all parts of your house easily, and move furniture and other items easily, then this is the best option. Rats eat and run around a bit before they die in some remote corner where you may not have access. Then it becomes a smelly affair until you find where it died. If you are not in a position to do that, then go for traps.

    Traps are also okay to use, but you will need to kill the captured ones, and set trap repeatedly over a period of time.
    Make sure you place poison and trap where little children cannot reach. Rat poison is deadly.

    Other options are available. You may use ultrasonic repellants which emit sound at a frequency that is outside human hearing range, but its effectiveness in households is not known. You may hire professional services if you are sure about the integrity of the people involved. Some agencies are known to clear out one pest but quietly introduce another pest to your home, so their business is sustained.

    Another method I have heard is by using some sort of adhesive or sticky tape where the rat gets stuck by the strong glue. I am not sure if it is available or what else is involved regarding that.

    An overall clean environment discourages many pests.

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    Use Mortein Rat Killer Cakes. They are easily available in the market and are very effective also. The best thing of using them is that rats die out of the house. So, there is no problem of finding the dead rats inside the house (below the bed/almirah or any such hidden place).
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Mortein rat kill is very effective in killing rats.Rats die after 3 days of eating.

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    Either use rat kills, or if (they seem cute and) you don't want to kill them then set up the rat trap. Keep on checking your cupboard and trunks or any such compact place with lots of stuff in it where you think it can build a nest. Rats (or mice) usually gets inside the house to build a nest and give birth to new ones. The story begins with a single rat mom and then ends up with her teen baby rats jumping in your kitchen. That's why it's necessary to check on the nest so that if the rat babies are already born then you can get rid of them, before they grow adult! It's better to try to get rid of it as soon as you realize that there is a rat/mice in your home. It's better and easier and time saver to simply catch the mommy rather than the whole rat team!
    Sneha Sunny

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    Use of zinc phosphide as a rat poison is quiet effective. Put this into any bait and after consumption by rats, they will run towards the sunlight and die.

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    In addition to what Bala suggested kitchen and food items need to be taken care of."Food and kitchen" is the biggest attraction for rats. Uneaten part or the small portion of the food in any vessel or plate invite rats quickly. Many people do not remove these portions and just keep it over night. It is advisable to collect unwanted or spoiled food in one plastic cover and throw it in the dust bin.

    Maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen and taking care of food items and throwing expired food in time reduces rats.

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    for killing rats, there are so many products available in market. Like rat poison, sprays, sticking gums etc.
    Among these I think sticking gum pads will work better. Rats are not eating and dying with rat poison now a days. And children may accidentally eat it. So, sticking gum pads are better. By using one or two in areas where rats frequently move you can get rid of this problem.

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    You can use the rat killing products available in market. Place them in the rat trap along with some food in an open area. The rat will be trapped and then you can throw them out. By chance, if they do not get trapped then make it sure that they do not get water after eating. And close all the doors of the house so that they may not be able to hide themselves.

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    There are n number of ways to kill the rats at home.Usually all the people will use rate killing agents.But when there are small kids at home its highly dangerous to use rat killing agents rather than that new thing had come up in market to kill rats called as 'Rat poison board'.

    Here the word 'poison' has to do nothing. Actually will look like a slate board with a paste on it.This paste will attract the rats. so when the rat comes to the board, it will not be able to move.It will keep on trying to move but will fail and will die.Its very cheap around 35 rs. I feel like very efficient way of killing the rats.


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    There are actually many ways to clean up or kill rats that is present at home; it something goes like this:

    1. Use rat-traps to catch them.

    2. Use rat-kill dose or custome-made medicine that is easily available at store.

    3. Clean your home withgood cleaner and don't forget the corner; so that they don't have any chance to be there at your home.

    Veena Sharma.

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    You can capture and kill rats in your house in two ways. One is to use commercially available rat poison. Another is using traps.
    Rat poison is effective when you do not have too many places where rats hide. If you can reach all parts of your house easily, and move furniture and other items easily, then this is the best option. Rats eat and run around a bit before they die in some remote corner where you may not have access. Then it becomes a smelly affair until you find where it died. If you are not in a position to do that, then go for traps.

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    I too suffering with rats in my home due to drainage system.I tried all the rat cakes,rat poisons even rat cages but there is no use because if a rat eat poison and get into water it will be free from the poison there will be no use .so be aware that when you are using the rat poisons the surroundings should not have water

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    Instead of killing / cleaning the rats, it would be advisable to control the entry of rats into the house and this would be a healthy practice as well. All you need to do is to keep the house and surroundings as well, as clean as possible and do not keep any piled up things / stuff in the house, particular do not pile up books in the store rooms this would be very attractive for the rats to enter. In a similar maintain the cleanliness of kitchen and do not let any cooking stuff left over on the cooking counter / floors uncleaned as rats are very much attracted towards these left over kitchen/ cooking stuff. And once they are used to such feed, it is quite natural for any animal to come to same place again and again for food as they need it for their survival. And even when they make an entry into the house and do not find any thing to either eat or bite, they will find no interest in making frequent visits to such places / house. Hence maintain the cleanliness of the house and surrounding areas and do not give the rats a chance to enter into the house. And once there is a discontinuity in their visits to the house, gradually this will zero down and no more entry of rats in the house. That's all.
    Thanks & Regards

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    I would suggest "rat killing" or killing of any animals should not be the preferred option. Rather we should try to devise new ways by which rats leave our house immediately and donot re-enter. I recommend the following tips to keep your house free from rats:
    -Use harmless mouse traps that you get from markets just to catch rats. You can keep some food item inside the trap and keep one door open. You need to be patient and soon the rat would be trapped inside and you can close the door. The rat can then be left free in a large waste dumping ground or in some forest.

    -Keep your house clean. Make sure no food items or particles lie on the floor.

    -Keep all cupbooards, doors, closets, etc. tightly closed so that no rat or insects can enter them.

    -You can even place some small tablets at certain corners of your house that will make the rats run far away.

    -Make sure all the drainage points in your house are tightly closed with net lids.

    -Empty your dust bin on a daily basis by dumping the waste at a nearby garbage bin (for public usage).

    -Do not keep your main door opened when no one is guarding the door to avoid any unwanted guests like rats inside your house.

    -If rat is locked in one of your rooms, you can close doors of all other rooms, close all lights, spray room freshener around, play loud music and keep your main door open. This will make the rat run away from your house.

    If you try not to harm the rats and shoo them away from your house, you can do so easily. It is only when you intend to kill them that things become difficult and messy.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Rats are so annoying for us, usually when we stoke some food in the house, they come and spoil them. The best way to clean/kill them are

    1. Keep your home clean and tidy.
    2. Close all the holes in the house by putting cement on it or by putting wire gauze on it.
    3. use rat-trap to catch them.
    4. Use medicine to kill the rat.



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    To kill the rats or make them out of house you have to take the use of mortien. After cleaning the house use 'lakshman rekha', then take use of mortien at all the corners of house.

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