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    What is energy star rating in electrical/electronics appliances?

    What is energy star rating in electrical/electronics appliances? Who decides this rating of star for a particular appliance? What is the meaning of different energy star rating? In what ways different ratings are differ from one another by saving in electricity? Under what conditions this rating actually works?
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    The star ratings given to electronic appliances indicates the power efficiency of the electronic machine, higher the rating higher the product is energy efficient and vice versa. The ratings given to them depends upon the machinery installed in the particular product, which decides the power consumption of a particular electronic appliance, this is the basis on which the ratings are given to electronic appliances.

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    The number of stars denote the energy efficiency -that is electricity consumption. The maximum starts are 5. The more number of stars the more energy efficiency.

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    Energy star system is an international standard firstly introduced in US during early 1990's for electronic machines and computer peripherals to denote the energy efficiency or power consumption rating of the particular product.

    Now India is providing this energy star system called BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) under government of India control with number of stars provided as a label to the various electronic machines and peripherals as listed by BEE.

    The more number of stars indicates, the less power consumption and so greater electricity can be saved.

    The energy star specification system differ with each item and are set by either environmental protection agency or the department of energy decided by the Indian BEE system

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    Bureau of Emergency Efficiency i.e. BEE gives energy ratings to all the electronic products in India. More the number of stars, better the energy efficiency of the product i.e. less power consumption and better saving of electricity.

    Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8 o'clock if you listen to AIR FM Gold, a special program is aired for this called "Bachat Ke Sitare". If you listen to it, you will get to know about energy efficiency in a better way.

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    Energy star rating is used to determine the efficiency of an appliance. It is used to determine how much energy can be saved from an appliance. One should always look out for the Energy Star logo while buying an electric appliance.

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    Energy star ratings are used to rate the appliance by their efficiency and its energy consumption rate. The appliances having greater efficiency its star increases. The rating is done from 1 to 5.

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