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    How to control sleeping habit.

    I have a daughter studying in Plus 2, and a good talent in studying. But now a days she has a habit to sleep during her leave periods. I think it might have some nutrition shortage, she is facing. Can you suggest me, how can I help her.
    I want to know about the health weakness during the children's study time. What kind of foods I want to prepare.
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    Hello Rajani,
    Your worry for your daughter is genuine.
    During period there is a loss of blood from the body which results in temporary weakness. Your daughter also have the habit of sleeping as she might be suffering from the weakness due to loss of haemoglobin from the body.
    You can provide her Iron tablets which will help her to recover rom the weakness also give her food like spinach which is rich in Iron. You can also use Iron utensils to cook your food.

    During study period a child needs proper nutritious diet. You should give her diet rich in green vegetables and high fibre content. Almond in the morning is also a very healthy option for the sharp memory of a student. Avoid giving her oily food and snacks. Excess of tea is also very harmful.

    Few words from heart

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    Students require a lot of energy to work hard. Her sleep is a cause of weakness and stress. In my opinion she is in strain and tired. Tiredness can be due to insufficient intake of food as required by her body, or it can also be due to watching TV or working on compters.
  • You need to give her good health drinks eg, milk, juices and shakes.
  • Add food that is substantial in her diet like rice/dal, roti, puri with vegetables, protein and fiber rich curry.
  • If she likes taking eggs, give eggs and apples along with other fruits, antioxidants will help her gain health.
  • Add oats, cornflakes and try to keep changing her menu, add variety to food.
  • Avoid oily, spicy and junk food.
  • Restrict her from watching TV or working on computers for more than an hour.
  • Add a lot of vegetables in her diet, green leafy vegetables will increase the haemoglobin level and also minerals.
  • Set time to go to bed and help her wake up early in the morning. Make her do brisk walk and light exercises to boost up her energies.
  • If she does not show improvements yet, you can give her a health tonic eg, a B complex syrup or a multivitamin tablet after consulting a local doctor.
  • If you feel she is in depression try to see a local counselor at the earliest
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    Apart from taking a healthy and nutritious diet, she should do some kind of yoga or meditation. This will increase her inner strength and stamina. Also, in 12th standard there is lot of stress and pressure in the mind of students. Sit with her and spend some quality time with her so that she is relieved a bit. Ask her to go out in fresh air for a while after spending hours in studying.

    I am sure this would help her.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Your problem is very genuine. You may provide her more nutritious diet. But you think her problem from the point of a teenager. Every students needs some rest after studies. Your daughter is talented, she also need some time to recover her old subjects. She only need some break, so that she recover and study with fresh and better mind.

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    Thanks to Mr Aman , Nupur, Anshu, and Deepak.
    I have got a valuable advice from all of you and I have got a better relief from my worries. The advises to provide Iron tablets,body required foods, fresh air and give rest are all valuable advises to improve her stamina, especially it for to utilize her studies. Thanks to give me a better confident.

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    One more think you can add in your advises list that ask your daughter to drink as much water as she can per day.

    Vikas Srivastava
    "Rise and Shine"-Each day and night.

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