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    Difference between B.Sc. (Computer science) and B.C.S (Bachelor of Computer Science)


    I wish to know the difference between B.Sc. (Computer Science)and B.C.S
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    Both the course are Bachelar level but BCS(Bachelor of computer Science) is professinal course in which students study about programing like c,c++,java many other.and B.Sc(Bachelor of Science)
    simple graduation course in computer language. There is not much difference between BCS and B.Sc(computer science).Software companies treat both the course in same way.

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    I disagree with Mohit. BCS and BSc(comp sci) is not same.

    UGC doesn't allow any university a degree such as BCS. All the institutions who advertise their courses as BCS, their students get the degree as BSc (computer Sci). So if you are planning to join BCS, don't be disappointed three years later to see your degree with BSc (comp sci) rsther than BCS!


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