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    What is the function of clutch?

    What is a clutch? How does a clutch work? This post explains the functioning of a motobike clutch.


    I want to know waht is the function of clutch and how it works. Every machinery in this world uses this and it is very beneficial in transmitting the power. But i don't the working of this device. I also wanted to know what type of clutch is used in motorbikes.
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    Clutch is a mechanical device. It transmits power from one element to another. Refer the diagram given in annexure.
    In automobile, the engine is the prime mover. A flywheel is connected to engine. The clutch is connected to transmission. When the driver is pressing clutch pedal, clutch plate is pressing the flywheel. Fly wheel motion is transmitted to the transmission system. When driver presses the clutch pedal, the clutch is disengaged from the fly wheel, so even is engine gives rotation to fly wheel, it is not transmitted to transmission system. That is why, driver presses clutch pedal and changes gear.


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    Hi friend,

    I am a guy doing B.Tec in Engineering specialized in Automobile and i think i can explane to you what the function clutch is, in an automobile or bike.

    The clutch in a manual transmission system works mainly by foot control (driver's foot). The driver, of a car with a manual transmission system, operates the clutch by pressing his foot down on the clutch pedal. Now the clutch pedal, which is in turn attached to the clutch disk by a cable, is the factor responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutch disk from the driveshaft and transmission. Now, the clutch is what allows the manual transmission system to function with ease. Whenever there occurs a need to shift a gear in a manual transmission system, the clutch pedal has to be fully pressed, which in turn engages the clutch through the clutch cable. For a manual transmission, the clutch mechanism is an absolute necessary. When the clutch is pressed (engaged), it in turn disengages the crankshaft from the transmission of power to the axle, which in turn prevents transmission operation from happening.

    On most motorcycles and super bikes, the clutch is operated by the clutch lever located on the left handlebar. Racing motorcycles use, "Slipper Clutches" to find out the effects of braking of the engine which, when applied only to the rear wheel, can cause or may lead to instability.


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    The main basic function of clutch is to break or regain the contact between gears and brake in all automobiles.
    Basically whenever comes to changing the gears from high to low or vice-versa you have to apply clutch before applying the gears.
    similarly in case of applying brake, it works as it is like in case of changing the gear.
    No doubt it helps in power transmission but if you see practically, this would be the best of your answers.

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    Are you asking this question from the point of view of a mechanical engineer or just to operate a two wheeler or four wheeler? As i am not a mechanical engineer I can only speak practically. A clutch is a device you need to press when you change gears. Without pressing the clutch you cannot change gears. When you are on the first gear and want more power because the capacity of the first gear is being exhausted, you simply press the clutch, change the gear and then gradually release it. You have to press the clutch again if you are going downwards-from the third gear to the second gear. You have to do this when your vehicle is slowing down because higher gears cannot run on low speeds.

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    Clutch is a device by means of which rotary motion is transmitted from a moving member to a stationary member. Here a plate specifically known as 'CLUTCH PLATE' along with pressure plate. During engagement clutch plate is made to stick with rotating flywheel which is attached to the engine by means of pressure plate. Clutch plate is lined with friction material like asbestos.
    By use of springs and thrust bearing with clutch we engage the engine with our stationary wheels. In our daily life while riding bikes we readily engage the engine to our wheels by leaving clutch lever in our left side of bike handle.

    There are different types of clutches like
    a)Single plate
    b)Multi plate
    2)Cone and
    3)Centrifugal clutch

    1)Single plate clutches are used in large vehicles such as trucks and lorries due to presence of large space. Where as Multi plate clutches are used in our 'bikes' due to absence of space or for compactness.

    2)Cone clutches are obsolete now a days. They were used in olden days.

    3)Centrifugal clutches works on centrifugal force which increases with increase in speed. They are used for making automatic gearing vehicles like activa, almost all scooties, now
    they are also widely used in busses of TATA Marcopolo, Mahindra scorpio etc.

    In addition to above function it can also be used to readily engage and disengaging two rotating shafts.

    Summary: Clutch is just a device used for engaging and dis engaging stationary member with a moving member.

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    Basically clutch helps in disengaging the engine shaft from the clutch shaft. clutch is usually applied during change of gears, after which the gears can be changed.

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    The automobile system works with integration of many important systems. It includes engine system, clutch and braking system. The function of engine system is to produce sufficient power at particular speed. The function of braking system is to retard or stop the speed of the vehicle.

    Normally, Any vehicle has gearbox which is integrated part of engine and transmission system. This consists of many important components like brakes, engine, clutch and hook's joint. Now, function of clutch is to allow drive to change gear between engine and transmission system. Clutch normally disengage engine from gearbox so, during changing of gear, there will be no distributed to engine. When we press the clutch, it actually disengage the gearbox from engine and gear change takes place smoothly. This is how clutch is very important part of any vehicle.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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