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    Explain the role of media in our society?

    In this generation media has become an important part of our society.
    I want to clear debate on the role of media. In our society.
    In today's world the media has become a strong and biggest
    threat to medium for communication. Media connects the world as
    a globe. With tje help of media we can spread peace around us.So
    Please explain all feature
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    Yes, Media is playing a vital role in this World. Through media, we can gain knowledge and know things which are happening. They just help us in knowing things which are happening in our day to day life all around the world. But now a days media doesn't provide the correct news and information. Since there are many channels, all them want their TRP rate to be high and they in seek of money. So just want some sensational news to catch the viewers stay tuned.
    Media is something which is to be used for public and social cause. But what happens now is, If a girl is raped in some town or village in some city, they just catch it up and put to all people in the world which spoils the girl's name and dignity. But, if the same things like some things happening like social cause like Anti-Corruption meeting etc which they don't even try to catch it up live nor put in the news for just 2 to 3 minutes than a rape or sex scandal for hours. So they has to be something done which needs to be controlled and being a social responsible profession which is only source for the people to believe and see what is happening in this world.

    Thank you,

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    One of the most powerful tool of communication is media and it helps promoting things at the right time. It has the real exposure characteristics to supply the audience what is right and what is wrong.
    Media has to play a constructive role in the society. It has got all the responsibilities to help growing the nation in all kinds by their direct link to the audiences. Some medias in the nation still acting as threats and they should be recovered by the audiences in order to threaten them.
    By default it is the source of knowledge, information and communication making people to get connected by all means.

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    At times Media is necessary evil as it controls the undesired events. It conveys public sentiments quickly. As in Jesica case media can check the authorities for good purpose.
    But many times in search of 'Breaking News' it crosses its limits. Sometimes it even encroaches private life of individuals and worst thing it is giving birth to intellectuals who do not have any valid opinion.

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    The ideas and thoughts of one's mind reaching another is called communication. The platform which moves this thoughts and connects two minds is called the medium of communication. Under this category falls the press, radio, television etc.

    It is a fact that media has played an important role in shaping the mind and life of people to a great extent. It is important to use media properly so that it does maximum good to us. There are a lot of evidences when media has done so many good jobs that without it our very existence would have been difficult. It also helps us in our national integrity and living peacefully. Moreover, media also plays an important role in forming public opinion in certain delicate matters and other matters which relates our national interest.

    But apart from this, I feel that media should stay away from political influences and work honestly towards the common goal of our society. Sometimes, they give much importance and coverage to personal lives of celebrities and sportsperson. The often give much hype and importance to irreverent matters rather than focusing on important matters and concerns of life.

    A. K. Singh.

    Varied Colours of Life ...

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    Dear member,
    You have raised a good question, about the media and its role in today's time.
    As we know that a coin has two faces, similarly the role of media has both aspects, positive as well as negative.
    Though the media in playing a very significant role in present time, that because its a very faster and practical way to spread the communication in the mass of population.
    If we talk about positive things- we can say that it is a great source of knowledge as well as any information regarding all the happenings and fields like, any incident happened or any upcoming policy or rules from the government or any body, from all sections of the economy whether its finance, Bollywood, defence, IT, etc.

    But it has negative aspect of view too, as it offers/publish/broadcast some programmes and contents that is not suitable for all the people in the country. Even now a days, in the name of reality shows, they harm our culture upto a certain level.

    As on overall opinion I will be in favour of media, as its a boon for our society.

    Sachin Kumar
    Do well, get well, be well.

    Thanks and Regards.

    Sachin Kumar
    Do well, Get well, Be well.

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    Media has always played an important role in the society. The media today is faster and far reaching. As such, their responsibility towards the society has also increased.
    From the written and visual media to the internet and mobiles, news spreads very fast. Hence it is very important that only genuine information in its truest forms are passed on.
    Keeping in mind the many positive attitudes of the media, I am constrained to say that media has become more of a business than of a service these days.They are sensationalizing almost every incident with a view to generate business forgetting the fact that they are the persons who can influence the public at large.
    I am of the opinion that media should keep in mind their responsibility towards the society before publishing any material.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I think everything has been almost covered here, would try to add something related to this.

    Media is nothing but a medium that carries information or news from source to destination.

    Whatever comes on News channels people believe (they don't have any other choice). So media can downgrade or upgrade the image of an individual or a community.

    The important thing I would like to add here is difference between Indian media and Foreign is vital.

    If you see BBC or some other international channel, the way they represent news is quite different as that from Indian media.

    Foreign media discuss about positive things equally along with negative.

    On the other side Indian media most of the times are inclined towards bad news or miss-happenings.

    Bad incidents happen, and may be the rate of that is more in India but still they are many good and positive things which either don't get place in News or a very small share.

    This is sad. Not every news or every channel is bad or running for only money. But most of them are these days.

    In the past days, Indian media has given great coverage to Anna Hazare's corruption against act, which is great job I would say. But at the same time, when small/vague allegations were put on Anna team by the Indian politicians, media gave hype to that too but not in a very good manner. It was looking like most of the news channels or news papers were politicians driven.

    Being in media is not only a job or business to make living. Its more than a noble job and carries tremendous responsibility for society. So one should choose media as a career option only if he or she is ready to work in complete transparency .

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    Media plays a very important role in our society. But some media utilizes this opportunity to spread false information. We should put an end to it. As you said Media has the power to connect the different countries of the world and to see the world as one. But what I feel is at least for some of them, it has become just a means of making money forgetting their ethics. For example, when a sensational event has occurred, a newspaper might spread false information to pour oil into the fire and thus people will start buying that newspaper as they are waiting eagerly to know what happened. Media is utilizing such a situation. That should not be encouraged. At the same time another thing that I have noticed is media these days plays a vital role in our life's that we just judge people based on the information media has provided. Some channels do not have the courtesy to say sorry for the wrong information spread. Moreover newspapers and channels in India has become more of a political party thing. They support the party they like and try to find faults with the other party.
    Media does spread good information as well. We come to know about various things through them, that is why we still believe and use them. But it is not fair from Medias side to engage in unethical practices.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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