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    What are the different ways by which virus can enter to computer?

    What are the different ways by which virus can enter to computer? I know removable devices like pen-drive, DVD, Internet cause virus to enter in the PC. But how do they enter? By which way? Can virus enter when we copy the content or simple open the removable device? Can virus enter by simply using the file by program ? Suppose I have pen-drive with virus. I know that. I want certain file of word to open. Now I will open the MS Word and open it by program of Word not directly double clicking on the file resting on removable drive. Can virus enter by this way?
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    Well, Virus enter your computer by many ways. From the devices which you connect or the through internet. But all this happens because, as you insert a pen drive, you computer reads all the content in it. Suppose if your pen drive has the virus affected files, it reads that also. While the file are read, those virus just go and attack your system also. It is something like disease which get transferred to all if one get. Suppose you sit near a guy who has Cough and Cold, then its sure you will also get it soon. Like this only this Virus also. So if your system reads it, then it be transferred to it also. So only it has been advised to SCAN all the device before it is read and used.
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    well fella there are many ways by which virus can enter your computer such as :
    1. Pen drive
    2. Junk softwares or freewares
    3. Internet
    4. DVD's,Flashdrive
    5. Sometimes programmers send some virus program in ur mail
    6. Through mobile devices when you connect it to the computer

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    There are following ways in which virus can attack your computer:

    1. Using virus infected USB or Pen drive
    2. Visiting websites related to movies, music etc.
    3. Downloading freewares - spywares also get downloaded in that process
    4. Opening virus infected attachments from mailbox
    5. Leaving your Bluetooth setting ON
    6. If your computer is on a network and any computer within that network gets infected with virus then your computer can also get infected.

    Always have an anti virus on your computer and timely upgrade it with new patches.

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    There are many ways the virus can enter your computer system and infect it.
    1. Using unsafe websites
    2. downloading stuff from the internet specially using software like torentz, lime wire, bitcommet etc.
    3. Downloading unsafe files and videos received as emails, certain links on social websites like face book
    4. Pornography websites are one of the biggest means through which virus is spread.
    5. Downloading software from unreliable sources.
    6. Finally from pen drives, cds which are infected by virus can get virys to your computer system

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    Hello members!

    I have clearly asked in this question that by which way virus can enter the PC? by opening the file? just seeing the file in Pen-drive or exchanging the data?

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    A virus is software or an application that is written by a software developer or what some would call a "cyber criminal" and tries to get on your computer through various methods in order to do various things, most of which will be discussed later. Viruses are created with the intent to replicate itself to other computers. Since a virus is software related and not hardware then a virus is very unlikely to be the cause of any hardware issues with your computer.

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    Viruses can inter through the following ways:-
    1. From internet surfing.
    2. Downloading from un trusted sites.
    3. From pen drive, cd .
    4. Through your email.
    5. Through blue tooth.

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    Now days virus can easily entering to our system.
    1. Pen drive(do not attach your pendrive when system is booting).
    2. Web Surfing(do not give your passwords and ID to any popup, this causes unreliable events in your system and misuses).
    3. Software downloads(by Internet)
    4. Gaming downloads.(by Internet)
    5. Adult videos downloads (by Internet)

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    There are many ways from virus can entered in your PC.

    1. By using virus infected Removable Media Like PEN Drive, Portable HDD
    2. By surfing Virus Infected URL
    3. Downloading programme or software from internet without having antivirus software installed on your system.
    4. If your system connected on network and your system is having firewall Off.
    5. If your PC connected with Bluetooth device.
    6. Also coming virus using emails.

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    1.Any USB devices like pen drive,External HDD
    2.Installing Applications than contains virus
    3.Junk files
    4.By using internet more time
    5.Optiarc devices like CD,DVD
    6.Local ethernet connection

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