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    Functions of World Bank

    What is the functions of World Bank ? How World Bank benefits the poor and developing countries ? Where it s located ? Which country governs the World Bank ?Now a day, How World Bank helps India to grow and develop the country structure ? Which is most contribution of the World Bank in India ?
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    World bank gives loan to various country for a fixed period of time. The major stake holder in the bank is united states and the chief of the bank should be US citizen.
    Awaiting for replies.

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    Well world bank in an international bank which provides loans to developing countries across the world for their development programs. The main aim of World Bank is to control poverty. World Bank is located in Washington D.C in America. 187 countries has membership in World Bank. As World Bank is an individual institution no country governs its functions but powerful countries in the world sometimes dominates the negotiations. Well India is the number one borrower of World Bank, World Bank has given loans to India for the development of various fields such as Energy, Education, E-governance, Anti HIV AIDS programs. Even World Bank has given loans to state governments too and it is helping India in many ways to eradicate poorness from the country.

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    World bank is a bank at international level set up in 1944 situated in Washington D.C in America having 188 member countries which assist help to developing countries for developmental process by providing loans. The foremost aim of world bank is to lay the foundation of sound economic growth. The members of I.M.F constitutes the members of World bank. There are 30 founding member of World bank and India is one of them The World bank constitutes of two institutes within it i.e. International bank of reconstruction and development(IBRD) and International Development Association(IDA).

    The world bank is govern by the U.S government, it has been said that U.S have unilateral control over world bank . The governor of world bank is always a U.S citizen, It is a general convention that being followed since its establishment.

    The various major function of world bank are as follows-
    • To provide loans to devastated countries for reconstruction.
    • To provide developmental loans to underdeveloped countries.
    • To grant loans for governmental activities including agriculture, irrigation, power, transport, water supply, education and health.
    • To provide loans regarding specified project. The long term developmental projects provide loan for the period of 5-20 years.
    • To enhance foreign investment by guaranteeing loans given by other organizations.
    • To guide member countries on specified project concerning the economic, technical and monetary aspects.
    • To promote industrial development by promoting economic reform of underdeveloped countries.
    • Settlement of disputes among member countries
    • Provides various technical services to member countries

    Major contribution of World bank in India-World bank is said to contribute allot for development of Indian economy. India was first to get loan assistance from World bank during 1995-1996.The major contribution of World Bank to India’s economy are as follows-
    • World bank provided developmental loans to India for development of railways, agriculture, telecommunication, iron and steel industry, generating power, multi-purpose projects, port development aviation development etc.
    • World bank extended loan to India for development of its financial institutions which include Industrial developmental bank of India and (IDBI) and ICICI.
    • In 1958 with the help of World bank India Air Club was established which functions to provide specific economic assistance.

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    Functions of World Bank:
    To assist and develop the territories of its members
    To Promote a balanced growth in international trade

    Thanks and Regards,
    Varsha Naik

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