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    How to use nero software?

    I have a Nero software installed in my system. How to use the Nero software
    to copy video files from CD or DVD to system and from system to CD or DVD?
    I tried to copy videos from CD to system when copying is completed an image file was created. I am confused what to do next. Please explain about Nero software and how to use it.
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    Since you have already created the image file just follow these steps to copy(burn) the file into a CD:

    1. In the nero window go to 'Data' tab and click on 'Make Data CD'.
    2. In the next window go to the 'Image, Project, Copy' tab.
    3. Click on 'Disc image or saved project' option.
    4. Then select your image file by choosing it from the folder you saved it in.
    5. In the next window click on 'Burn' button at the bottom.
    6. Your disc will be created.

    Nero is a very easy software to use. You will get the hang of it after using it a few times.

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    Using Nero to copy data from system to CD/DVD.
    1. Open nero, select make data CD/DVD option.
    2. Browse for the files you want to copy.
    3. Burn the files onto CD/DVD at desirable writing speed.
    4. Also you can check the data verification option to check the
    data on disk after burning.

    Copying files from CD/DVD to system.
    You can simply use the windows explorer to open up the CD
    Drive and copy data from there.

    Creating and Fetching Files from an image file.
    1. Using nero you can create an image file of your CD/DVD and
    and save it in your harddisk.
    2. Now you can use softwares likes Daemon Tools/Alcohol to
    create a virtual CD/DVD drive, mount up your image there
    and then open the virtual drive to get the image contents.

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    Nero is a tool used for burning the contents of system to cd.
    There are many tool which is built in nero.
    Based on the version it[tools] will appear.Some of they are
    1.copy And burn
    3.Burn Audio and video CD.
    4.Create Back up..

    To Erase:
    Insert the CD/DVD then Start Nero software Select Nero toolbox and then Choose Quick erase [starts erasing the data in the disc]
    After completing the job it shows the status

    To Burn the contents in the CD
    1.Start the nero software
    2.Select Data DVD or CD
    3.Select either CD OR DVD [What you have inserted in the driver]
    4.Select the files using Add button or Copy the file[s] from source and paste in the Adding file location.
    5.Click Next and finally give burn

    After completing it shows the status.
    If you want the project to be saved Click Save.

    For audio or video
    Follow the steps except step 2
    For audio/Video Choose Make Video or Audio file.

    To open the contents in the .iso file open with Daemon tool.


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    Open Nero Startsmart Software

    If you want to copy CD contents into another empty CD Use the option 'copy CD' in the selection menu and 'copy DVD' for copying contents from the original DVD to empty DVD

    If you want to copy contents from CD or DVD into the sytem, then don't open the software,but open the CD drive directly from My computer and copy the contents and paste it into the drive you want to copy

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