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    How to install Windows XP via USB pen drive

    Preparing the Windows 7 USB copy was simple, and I didn't need any special software, but I'm unable to do so with Windows XP. For Windows 7 I did it through Command Prompt. What do I do In the case of XP installation in Netbooks?
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    The same concept should be used in installing any operating system(xp or windows 7/8). The following steps will help you install XP from pen drive:
    1. Make your pen drive bootable.
    2. Copy xp system files to the pen drive.
    3. Change the boot priority to USB in BIOS settings.
    Restart, it will now install XP from USB drive.

    I will be soon posting an article about the above steps more clearly and clear understanding soon.

    Worship the Creator, not the Creation!

    Mohammed Umair

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    First of all you need to make your pen drive bootable.
    For that you can use softwares like makebootable.
    you can download it easily.

    Next Copy Windows XP to that pen drive.

    Now boot using the pendrive and install it.

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    To install XP through pendrive, firstly you will need a windows XP CD or an image of the same.
    You will also have to make your pendrive bootable. Inorder to accomplish this, the easiest way I found was the use of usb_prep8. Download the file
    Now, unzip this file and in the extracted folder, you will find usb_prep8.cmd. Open this console window and press any key. Another window(PeToUsb window) opens.
    Press any key and then select your flash drive and format it. Once its formatted, click the OK button. Donot close the console window or the PeToUsb window now.
    Then open the DOS prompt on your windows(Start->Run->cmd) and find the bootsect folder.
    When you are in the bootsect folder type "bootsect.exe /nt52 yourflashdrivename:". Here flash drive name can be e:, f: etc.
    When the above process executes properly a message displaying bootcode updated appears. You can now close this console window and the PeToUsb window. But donot close the other console window.
    Now, some options(around 8) will appear on your console screen. Follow the directions given in them and enter corresponding information.
    This process completes in 15-20 minutes and finally your pendrive is now bootable.
    NOTE:- Your BIOS should be supportive towards booting through USB. Some systems are not.


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    Dear Member!

    If you want to install Windows XP or Windows 7 then there is a software called Win to Flash.

    First download this software from here :

    Install it to your local hard disk. You must have a windows cd for this or you may have windows file in your local hard disk.

    Now open this software and follow the simple steps like locating the windows files and locating the path of your pen drive. This process will format you pen drive so make the back up first.

    While booting with this pen drive you have to set your booting device to USB Hard Disk or your can start pressing F9 key for boot options then choose USB pen drive.

    That's All!

    If any problem revert me back via this thread.

    Sabrez Alam
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    As mentioned earlier, below is my article on how to install windows xp from a usb device.

    The procedure explained by sabrez alam is the easiest way to install xp from usb. You don't have to use command prompts stuff here. Apart from the software Win to Flash, there are many other softwares available which makes the usb device bootable with just few clicks. Few of the names of such softwares are unetbootin and microsoft's official conversion tool known as windows usb/dvd download tool,

    Worship the Creator, not the Creation!

    Mohammed Umair

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    Correction: Its not windows disk utility but it's windows usb/dvd download tool, available on the official website of Microsoft.
    Worship the Creator, not the Creation!

    Mohammed Umair

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    First of all download tool to make your pen drive bootable from microsoft Store URL or type microsoft store in google and get the link.

    Also having .iso image of windows XP , windows 7 Operating system.

    Installed program downloaded from Microsoft store and do as per your requirement it will automatically create your pen drive bootable with your desired Operating System

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    For this you must check whether your processor supports this facility or not.Yester year processors like pentium II,III wont support bootable from USB.If your processor supports,then
    1.Copy the Bootable image into USB(Now seperate Image file of windows xp for usb available in internet)
    2.Go to BIOS and change the priority to USB from CD/DVD
    3.Insert USB that contains OS image file and install the XP

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    To install XP from your pen drive your Pen drive must be bootable.
    Make your pen drive bootable.

    Now start your computer Press Until you get in BIOS settings. come on Advance setting by the help of your keyboard.
    Then Choose USB drive as your first bootable device.
    Press F10 to save the setting and restart your computer.

    Your computer will be booted.
    Now follow the instrcutions.
    Give Keys of Windows XP when it needed.

    Piyoosh Goswami
    "If you are busy, it means you are happy"

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