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    Is the growing technology a curse or boon

    As we are watching climate changes and also human nature being very negative now a days, what are the factors affecting the same and how can we avoid those things? How each of us can contribute to avoid further changes? Is it excessive use of Technology which brings these problems?
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    As every coin has two sides, similarly every thing has its own pros and cons. Anything done within a limit is good, but beyond limit it becomes hazardous. Same it is with technology. Until the recent years, when the world was not too dependent on technology, not too focused to become technological advanced,there were no such issues like climate deterioration, pessimism in human nature or negative impact on health. But recently, people are getting excessively involved in technology. It is bringing all the negative responses with us. So it should be used within limits such that a balance is maintained.


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    As ruchi said coin has two heads, if you properly utilize for the good things all good things only happen. if you use for the wrong things according to this it will work.

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    Natural resources are over exploited by the human.There is already an effect of global warming,still it becomes worste if this continues.I think instead of only discussing let us also try to save our environment.Take part to save fuel,avoiding pollution.
    If any person affect to the environment don't hesitate,directly make him awareness.If we all join in a unity ,i hope we can beat it.Already so many diseases because of pesticides used in agriculture.The farming land is converted to commercial land.As a youth we have to fight against it.
    *Try all members use paper bags,avoid plastic bags.Don't waste papers.
    *Recycle things.
    *grows plants and trees.
    *Avoid deforestation
    *Avoid selling of farming land for commercial purpose.


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    It is the different attitude and thinking of a person. For some it can be a curse as it have created a lot of problems like adult content, advance behaviour of new generation and lack of close contact with friends. In the other side, it can be a boon to others, as it have created shortcut to meet friends online, shop online and actually live in a virtual new world, which is unimaginable.
    Veena Sharma.

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    As we know not all the finger's of our hand are of the same length,the intensity of the growth in technology depends on the person to which it is available to .mindset becomes the major fact in the utilization of technology and technology has both it good and bad phase's in other words-"curse".hence recommendation of providing knowledge to use technology to a common man provides the difference between weather the growing technology is a curse or boon.

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