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    How to get rid of lizards in home?

    How can I get rid of the lizards at home? It has become a great nuisance for me since they have now started crawling through the floors also. I tried several methods including putting egg shells in the floor but all my efforts were in vain. Can any one tell me an effective method to get rid of them completely?
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    Dear Anonymous,

    Lizards feed on small insects and flies and small cockroaches. If they get more such feed, they grow and propagate.
    Hence the basic need to get rid of lizards is to prevent the presence of such insects and pests.

    Some people have sentiments with lizards and may be against killing them. If you can avoid those sentiments, you may as a one time measure use the multipurpose(home use) insecticide sprays with prescribed safety measures. Otherwise, shoo them away and in their absense, use effective general home insecticides to kill and drive away the insects. Keep all corners and wedges clean of cobwebs and accumulated dirt and dust and also insect eggs by regularly sweeping those places or using vacuum cleaner effectively. Use of naphthalene balls or other de- odourising and de moisturising materials will also ensure cleanliness and avoid dampness.

    Use these methods periodically to avoid recurrence of insects and flies. This will ensure a lizard free home.

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    to get rid of lizards ,u can keep some peacock feathers in that place.really it wll work.try this and see

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    You can re use the used 'mosquito mats' and place camphor on them and plug them and use as usual in day time also. It can spread good smell of camphor.

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    Lizards will eat up small insects so keeping home insect free,so why u need to worry.If at all u want to clear the lizards u can r leave egg shells here and thre in the house, lizards will disappear as they hate eggs. Also if u r a pet lover u can have a cat in the house which will solve the problem of lizards for u.

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    To get rid of lizards:

    1. first get rid of the insects on which these lizards feed.
    2. spray commercially available insecticides on these small insects or use a solution of kerosene and water or petrol and water as insecticide.
    3. Also get rid of mosquitoes by using any mosquito repellent.
    4. Next thing is you can place either naphthalene balls or camphor in those corners where usually these lizards crawl and this really works out well.
    5. Keep the house clean by removing the cobwebs and dusting of things on a regular basis is effective in getting rid of lizards.
      Thanks & Regards

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    There is no point in killing these living being and I would suggests you to kindly get rid of them by pulling them out of your house.
    1.I had this experience that if you will keep the peacock tail, or you can say peacock wings at your hose wherever you feel that there are more chances of Lizards over there, you will be successful in eradicating them from the scene.

    2. It is better to clean the house as they will not get their food in the form of spiders and other insects.

    3.Try to get the whole house painted at least once in a year this will help you in keeping the home clean as well as lizard free.

    4.Last but least is the use of insecticides to kill them , which I think is not a good idea.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Lizards are very beneficial for the environment and they should not be looked upon as enemies or something gross. They help the earth to maintain the balance of insects in the environment. Moreover, lizards are of no threat to human beings in any way.

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    Following are the ways to get rid of lizards in the home :

    Use peacock feathers and hang them on the walls of the house.
    keep your house clean and also use insecticides.

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    There are some ways to get rid of lizards. Here are some way which you can try at home.
    1. You can place egg shells near window sills
    2. Place peacock feathers
    3. keep moth balls all around the place
    4. keep onion the smell get rid of lizards
    5. stick a piece of cotton with toothpaste on the wall near your
    Keep your house clean, remove the waste regularly from home.

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    Lizards are harmless. The major advantage in having lizards is that you will not have cockroaches and other insects in your kitchen. The only problem you will be facing if you have lizards is spoiling food items. But this can be prevented if you keep your food items closed.
    Less lizards, more cockroaches
    More lizards, no cockroaches!!

    Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is
    reached(Swami Vivekananda)

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    Hello dude
    First of all their is no way for this thing.But you might be happy as you have lizard in home as it may kill insects residing at your home and make it insect free.But you can take precautions like keeping your things safe..
    Thank you

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    Keep you house free of insects.
    Try to keep the onion pieces near windows and doors. This may help in getting rid of lizards.


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    To get rid from lizard from home are:

    1) take a cotton piece and dipped it in kerosene oil and throw it on the wall .

    2)Now when the lizard eat that cotton it automatically dies because it body burn because of kerosene.

    3)Use mosquitoes spray and spray it on the lizard it will automatically dies.

    4)use powder which we use for removing ant .

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    You can get rid of flies,cockroach,lizards with the help of borax aka Boric acid.It is very cheap and easily available from medical shop.Once you get it mix properly with wheat flour and milk.The ratio of Borax:Wheat flour can be 1:1 also dont forget to put some sugar in milk.Place portions of the mixture in different parts of kitchen cabinet.Surely you can see some change
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    You can get your house insect and pest free by hiring some good pest control agent like Pest Control of India(PCI) or any other similar ones. They will come regularly and stick or spray pesticides to keep your home free from ants, insects, lizards, cockroaches etc.

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    Hang peacock feathers on walls of your home. And try to Keep you house free of insects.

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    I am doing these since like so many years. You too can try this out. My mom taught me. Just touch their tail with long sticks which we Indian people generally use to hang cloths on rope in house. But there is a rule here.
    You will have to create an exit for them before doing this. You will have to first open any door or window besides them then just keep on touching their tail and make them move out of that exit. Do not tap in front of their mouth they will return towards you. :)

    You can not have a positive life and a negative mind.

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