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    Where the soul go after death?

    Everybody has to leave his body when he is died. Death is a Universal truth. I have heard the soul go to hell or heaven after death. Somebody says that the soul take birth again in other species. There are eighty four lakhs or species according to Hinduism. And it is said after spending 84 lakhs birth we get birth in human species. Here I want to know Where the soul go after death.
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    As per the Hindu Mythology and Shastras, when a soul(Aatma) gets out from a body, it stays with their belongings (transparently) for 12 days. In addition, after completion of 12th day's rituals, the soul (Aatma) gets relief (Mukti) from that birth and takes enters into another unborn body.

    @Piyush Goswami, as you said after 84 lakhs of birth a soul takes a Human birth; is a wrong statement. This is because, scientifically it was proved by a re-carnation(Eternity) process by many saints and modern scientists; experimented with number of persons so far; where people comes to know their previous life. Even, some of the people got to know about their last 5-7 lives too. As per this process, it comes to know that some of the previous lives were animals and some's human being. Therefore, it cannot be said that one's previous life was of any animal/living beings. However, it was not been proved that after 84 lakh lives a human life takes birth.

    For more information please refer the link.

    Naresh Kumar
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    To have a complete knowledge about the truth of life, the cycles of birth and death has always been a topic of interest to the mankind yet it remained a mystery of us. It is believed that the soul after leaving the physical bodies remains close to the Earth's surface for nearly 10-12 days and that is the reason why the ceremonial rites are performed. And after that the soul enters the astral world where it remains till it gets into another physical body. It is believed that one day in the astral world is equal to one year on the Earth and this is reason why people perform death ceremonies of their forefathers every year. It means that they are offering food to them daily. However, this topic has always remained a mystery and it is very difficult for a layman to understand the depths of this secret.
    Thanks & Regards

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    I think this is hypothetical one.Because the statements told in hindu mythology and others are written only.We don't know from where our soul came and after death where it will go..The only thing is when we live we are visible to others,but only our body is visible not soul.So at all time the soul is the one which is invisible and no one can predict where it will go..

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    This requires a really long reply and must be answered by experts.

    There are too many resources, even they form a long list.

    Indian scriptures are in encoded format and not to be taken literally. This is the very reason people regard them as illogical, superstitious etc...

    Therefore you must refer resources which are written by people through their experiences.

    If you want to know about where soul goes after death I would recommend 'Angel therapy'. Though the book is about angels, the insight you want is there in the book though not in detail.

    If you want to know more about Life after death and reincarnation Read books by Dr.Brian Weiss. However, only a guru can impart wisdom. I would recommend pray to God for a good guru, and new Universe will open up to you.

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    Soul is eternal. It was here only and will be in this earth forever; only the thing that change is the body. Soul is always the same. The theory can be given with an example of a snake; where the snake leaves his old skin and ultimately carry out with a new skin in the same way; soul is doing its job like forever but only the body where it stays changes.
    Veena Sharma.

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    Going by the law of physics that ''Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can be only be transformed.''
    Similarly soul is the energy which can never be destroyed but will always be here on this earth and will keep changing its form.

    As our body is made of five matters, it will decompose one day or other like any other material thing, like trees, animals, birds and any other living organism.

    All other living creature other than human are here with limited purpose as they do not have the kind of brains that we as human possess. We are limitless and for the same reason we are required to use our potential to the maximum. We can use our brain to connect to ourselves i.e. our soul and find our true purpose.

    We all are here to fulfill a purpose and we must find that purpose so that the material form that we have attained can be used to fulfill that purpose. Once you fulfill your purpose you attain ''Moksha'' as we have been told for ages.
    And the true purpose will always be to do your best in whatever you do.

    To be honest i do not know where the soul will go even if we fulfill our purpose but one thing i know that if i am not at peace then i cannot sleep, similarly if my soul is not at peace it will never be satisfied and keep taking one form or other to attain that peace.

    You ask yourself that whenever you see a body which is being carried to burial ground after death, you say
    ''May his soul find peace''

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    God created man to fulfill His purpose, to obey Him, and live according to His words. But the man disobeyed Him at the very beginning and is overtaken by the power of sin and ultimately death.

    No one can come to God directly because He dislikes sin. It is not possible to please God by merely doing some good things. If so, everyone will boast in Himself and will not give glory to God. Also, there is no perfect standard for such 'good things'. To consider an act as good or bad, is completely depends on the individual.

    In this situation of despair, God sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Now, no one can boast in oneself, but in God's mercy.

    There is a life after death for every human being. At the very instant of death, the soul and spirit leaves the body and returns to its creator, God. He will accept those who believed and accepted Him in this life. Others were rejected and will go to a place of torment. Those who were accepted by God will receive eternal life and they will enter into a joy that no one could ever imagine.


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    Don't think about your soul after you die.
    think what you have done to other people on this earth when you are live.
    why you think of soul.
    does anybody see it.
    it is all time waste.
    go and help for people on earth.

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    Hi Mr. Goswami,

    As far as I know, it is believed that soul never dies. It just leaves one's body and takes another body after the death. In fact, a body originates from the lap of nature and after death it goes back in the lap of nature. A soul is ineffective to fire, water and air. It just leaves one body and moves into another body either human or into the form or an animal, bird or any other living beings on earth as rightly pointed by you in your thread.

    According to hinduism philosophy, a body does a lot of Karmas( works ) during its life span either good or bad and based on these karmas(works), the fate of a soul is decided whether it will go to God(heaven) or left in hell. This goes on in the form of a complete cycle. Besides, the so called good works or bad works are also a deciding factor before the soul is moved into a new body. Normally, when a soul enters a new body through a birth then its memory of past life is erased in the same way when we format our computer hard disk, that is, he or she forgets everything about its past life.

    Moreover, the realtionship of a body and soul are interrelated and one is incomplete without the other. Body is physical and its presence is felt by us whereas the existence of soil could only be felt in the presence of body. Therefore, when a soul leaves a physical body, it is termed as death.

    Finally, I would like to add that these presumptions are given on the ideas and beliefs only for no one can hundred percent guarantee over what ultimately happens after death because we only remember the happenings and facts about the life we are living at present.

    A. K. Singh.

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    I would like to narrate my experience-
    My mother who me and my two children were very attached with, passed away on 29/9/15. She had a pacemaker installed just below her left shoulder. When her body was placed on the pyre and lit after some time when the fire was raging the battery in the pacemaker exploded with a loud bang and part of the plastic body of the pacemaker flew and hit my son, who was sitting at a gud distance from the pyre, just under his lower lip leaving a small scar. All the rituals were performed as per hindu conventions. On the 13th day ie 11/10/15 the shuddhi hawan was done and thereafter brahmin bhoj was done. Tgereafter I went to my room to change my clothes. As I entered the bathroom at the bathroom door as I looked towards the floor, I suddenly saw a smal circle that was actually made of two semI circles they had some thicknes, white in colour, the midfle was darkness ( at that time the light on the room was not on) and it was rotating slowly. This happened for just about two seconds. Then it vanished!. I cannot forget that image. I do not know what it was ... the soul finally leaving for its next destination perhaps?

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