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    How to decrease stomach fat?

    please tell me spcific diet,tips,exersise.
    so that I can decrease stmoch fat quickely..
    please help me..
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    Hi Omkar,
    Do KAPAALBHARTI daily for 10 mins. It is a yoga form, wherein you pull in your stomach while pushing the air forcefully out.
    Keep patience, as you wont see the results immediately.

    You can even join aerobics classes rather than gym.

    In your diet, cut down sugar, oily stuff and carbohydrates.
    - Take rice/non-veg only once a week, if you prefer to.
    - Take rotis. Instead of white bread opt for brown bread
    - Have your dinner by 7 p.m and prefer light dinner
    - Have skimmed milk
    - Use sugar free tablets available in market instead of sugar
    - Have salad with your food

    Once in a month take the 7 day Diet as follows:
    Day1 - Fruits excluding banana. Have more of watermelonsor fruits containing water
    Day2 - Vegetables excluding potato. Have only 1 large potato for breakfast to give you strength for the day. You can saute the vegetable in minimum olive oil if you want. You can also include vegetable soups
    Day 3- Combination of Day1 and Day2
    Day 4- You can have 4 glass of milk and 7 bananas (Though you wont be able to have that number of milk & bananas:)). This is to restore the calcium and potassium you must have lost in last 3 days.
    Day 5 - 7 tomatoes with lots of water
    Day 6 - Again vegetable and fruits
    Day 7 - Vegetable + 1 bowl of rice

    Drink lots of water in all 7 days. Walk for min 45 minutes. You can include soups in all days.
    ** Some allow you to have sandwich with brown bread - excluding butter, potatoes on vegateable days


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    i give you better solution of this problem. it is very simple to lose stomach fat.

    you don't drink water after eating the food.
    and after an hour you drink at least 2 glass of water then you reduce your stomach fat.

    this is practicall true.


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    the easiest would be 50 sit ups in the morning, an empty stomach.
    Do take out time for this, follow it for a month and visible reult will b dere @ month end

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    One should take care of one's health and body but should never be obsessed with it. it is the innner confidence that matters most. If you beleiev in youselves and are confident, nothing in this world can stop you.

    With a balanced diet of lots of leafy vegetables and fruits, and right and proper excerise, you can always achieve you goal.

    Stay consistent to your routine and one day a week,, stay only on fruits and juices...this will improve your skin too.

    Kind Regards

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    You have to jogg or walk daily for atleast 1 hour.

    Avoid unneeded food such as cool drinks, snacks etc. If you feel to eat something just drink a cup of water. You have to program your mind to do this.

    Avoid taking a large quantity of food at long interval instead of that try to eat small amount of food at short interval of time, this will prevent fat and also reduce stress on the digestive organs. Drink a lot of water.

    For immediate reduction of fat you have to do exercise with explosive movements such as sprinting, skipping, cycling with proper diet control.

    Deepak Kumar
    ISC Gold Member.

    "Always try before retreating"

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    A best solution to reduce fat and improve your metabolism is eat food six times a day .. Yes you hear right.

    Having small quantity of food many times helps you digest food properly which ultimately reduces your fat.

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    Kapaal Bharti(Yoga) is the best for reducing weight.Practice it daily for 500-600 times and you will gradually see your weight loosing

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    the best way is to do regular exercise wich include yoga i.e kapaal bharti which reduces your tummy and cut downs fat.also including vegetables (water containing) and fruits the same.

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    the best way is to do regular exercise wich include yoga i.e kapaal bharti which reduces your tummy and cut downs fat.also including vegetables (water containing) and fruits the same.

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    You can do KAPALBHATI regularly in Morning and evening for at least 10 minutes. It will help you to decrease the stomach fat.

    Besides you can do cycling regularly & Take light food in dinner to decrease the fat.

    Go for a morning walk regularly. It will also help you to decrease the stomach fat.

    Thanking you
    With Regards
    Prasanta Borah


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    A flat abs is everyone's dream but the dietary habit especially of Indians and sub continents is such that fats generally accumulate in abdomen and is very stubborn to get reduces.

    First and foremost step is to reduce oily food and junk foods like burgar and pizzas. Avoid too much oil and if necessary use mustard oil as it is beneficial for health. See Mustard oil better for health. Here you can see how much beneficial is mustard oil for gastrointestinal tract.

    Next what you have to do is some aerobics and yoga. I will not recommend heavy exercises and workouts as I know it is not feasible. Do aerobic for 10 to 15 minutes and some yoga and pranayama for 15 to 30 minutes. Among pranayama do Kapalbhati for 10 minutes and Anulom Vilom for 10 minutes. For complete procedure and benefits see Kapalbhati Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama. These two pranayama will not only reduce fat from abdomen but also tone your skin.

    Among yoga I will suggest you two very specific yoga first one is Paschimottanasana which is specifically for reducing fat from abdomen and providing a flat abs. For procedure and benefits see Paschimottanasana : Yoga for flat abdomen and other one is Virasana which will help in toning your body as the skin gets wrinkled after fat is reduced, Virasana helps in preventing that. For procedure and benefits see Virasana : Yoga to tone your body

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    To reduce belly - Once you get up in the Morning after brush drink two full glasses of warm water (if u like soak some fenugreek previous night).
    Avoid cashews, potatoes, red meat etc.
    Almonnds are good if you take it empty stomach (preferably morning without the skin).
    Brisk walk everyday 1 hour.

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