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    What are the minimum requirements for a blog to apply for Adsense?

    Me using for my blog. I want to know the minimum requirements for a blog to apply for Google Adsense. Now me posting only original and quality contents and have no idea about the traffic requirements and how much substantial contents that a blog must have. When I referred some websites, I got to know that blog having three pages of thousand and five hundred words each with one picture and video in addition to the homepage can be applied for Adsense. The only demand is the blog must be atleast six month's old. Is it right or wrong? I need your valuable suggestions from all of you.
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    For any blog from India and other Asian countries, to get an Adsense approval, the blog must be atleast six months old and that too with good traffic.
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    AdSense is a great platform to earn money through websites and blogs. To participate in the Adsense programme, you must have the following eligibilities:

    1. A website or an account in a website that will let you have tie up with Google AdSense (like ISC)

    2. Your site/page must adhere to the policies of Google AdSense. Copyright violation, keyword spamming etc are not tolerated by Google.

    3. You must not be a minor. You must be above eighteen years

    4. In Asian countries, your website must complete 6 months. Then only you can apply for AdSense.

    These are the mandatory requirements. Some other things that Google takes into account are:

    1. Quality and nature of your website
    2. The traffic that your website earns (this is very important)

    Hope this information was helpful.

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    The only thing you have to mind is the contents of your blog should be either your own thoughts or non-copyrighted files.After do this make your website as an attractive one.Go to google analytics, tell about your blog to them.Checkout their review.If it is bad,then add some additional content in your blog and do it again.Once if the review is ok for you,then apply for adsense.It will be better i think.

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    As the members already said that you need to complete six months but this is not a must. If you have lots of articles and have a good traffic with simple site navigation then you can apply for the adsense. Before applying to adsense just connect your blogs account to google analytics. This will help google to analyze your blog.

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    I will suggest you to stick here with ISC. Contribute in various sections, fulfill all requirements of ISC for Ad-Sense and then apply for same from your ISC profile. It is because the chances of approval on behalf of ISC is more. However, I briefly explain some points, which may help you

    1. The content on your blog must be self written. Never try to violate copyright laws.

    2. If your article has some statistics, make sure it is correct.

    3. Avoid any pornographic content or images.

    4. The more quality pages/articles you have on your blog, the chances are more of approval. But try to post at least 10-15 articles of good quality and fair length before applying for Ad-Sense.

    5. Your posted articles must be SEO friendly.

    6. Work on blog appearance. Try to keep it simple and clear. You can try some templates which are clean and SEO friendly also.

    7. Blog should be six month older. Though this is not very strict law. If your blog have good content and good traffic, then this six month requirement can be avoided.

    8. Try different methods to attract traffic. Use your social network. Join online blogger communities and local communities. Follow other regular bloggers and learn from them.

    I hope these recommendations will help you. But remember, every Ad-Sense request is examined by Google team. Approval is solely depend on them and there is no surety.


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    Adsense is a good method to get earning from online through your own website or blog. For approval of Google adsense you must complete some steps. That I stated here:

    1. You should have a website by your own or you have an account in a website which will have tie up with Google adsense. Even if you don't have a website , You can create free blog. And apply for the google adsense through it. One of the free blog provider is Google.

    2. Your site/page must hold the policies of Google AdSense management.Do not violate copyright , and key word spamming policies by the google, they will not encourage it and tolerate it.

    3. You must be complete 18 years of old, before applying to Google adsense, that is you should be major before applying to Google adsense.

    4. Your website or blog must complete 6 months duration before you applying for Google adsense in Asian countries. Then only they consider your application.

    These are the necessary requirements before applying the Google adsense . Some more things that Google takes into before approval are:

    1. The entire Quality and nature of your website. The site or blog must contain minimum content. Then only they approve.
    2. The popularity of your websites or blogs is very important


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    You can get google Adsense through India study channel by reach 5 criteria out of 6 that are created by the India study channel.
    They are
    1. You should update you profile with address
    2. You should contribute atleast 10 valid resource through India study channel.
    3. You should achieve the gold level in the India study channel.
    4. You should receive atleast one gift from India study channel.
    5. You should complete 6 months in India study channel.
    6. You should update your original photo as your profile display picture.
    Any how India study channel does not give guarantee for the approval of Google adsense , the official of Google is responsible for it.


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    From the couple of blogs online, I got an interesting update regarding adsense approval process. Here is the summary of the same.

    Every blogger or webmaster know the importance of google adsense to earn loads of money for their quality content. There is a little change in the adsense approval process.

    Earlier , When a blogger / webmaster applies for a new account, google team review the application and the content of the site, and then approves the application. Once approved, blogger can start earning from the same moment, provided ads are configured on your blog pages.

    But, the Adsense approval process changes from August 31, 2011. First, Signup for Google Adsense account with your blog url details. Second, After successful completion of second stage, google requests you to palce ads on your blog and then wait for their second stage approval email. Till the second level approval comes, ads wil appear on the pages and your account status shows as "Review". Google has brought this change to find out the adsense spammers holding multiple accounts on different domains.

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    You should achieve gold level before you get ad scene revenue with all those requirements told above.
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    Requirements to apply for Adsense are:
    1. You should have an account on google.
    2. The blog should be at least six months old.
    3. The content of blog should be able to generate traffic.
    4. The content should not be copied from anywhere.


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