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    About sister of Sri Rama

    I recently heard that Sri Rama had one sister by name Santa, who married Rushyasrunga.
    I want to know whether she is daughter of one of the three wifes of Dasaratha or not? What is her story?
    what is her importance in Ramayana? And when he is having one child why Dasaratha was worried about children?
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    Very strange. No time when I read Ramayana I heard of santa. It is a strange topic to me. I have seen many movies on Ramayana . No one portrayed any character like santa. I feel someone must have re-created Ramayana now.
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    There is one movie also there in telugu about this story but I forgot the name. In one more very famous movie called Lavakusa also they show Santa. But I don't know exact story.

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    Yes Lord SriRama has one sister named Shantai. King Dasaratha has got married to Kausalya. Kauusalya is Dasaratha's first wife and she has given birth to a female child with handicap in her leg. The girl named as Shantai. The doctors of entire Kingdom failed to remove the handicap of that girl. One Saint Vasistha has ad viced King Dasaratha by giving adoption to any divine couple the child will be cured. Hence King Dasaratha given the child to Romapada, King of Angadesa. Shantai has cured from the disability due to the treatment and care. She then got married to Rishyasringa Maharishi.
    Well after giving adoption Dashratha got married to two more women named Sumitra and Kaikeyi. But all three queens haven't got any children then Dasaratha performed Puthrakameshti Yaga, which given the gift of 4 children named Rama, Laxman, Bharat and Shatragnu to him. So Shantai is treated as the elder sister of Lord SriRama.

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    According to the version I know of Ramayana, there was severe draught in Dasharatha's kingdom once. Rishyashrunga was then known for bringing rain to any land where he stepped. Dasharatha wanted to save his kingdom by inviting Rishyashringa to his kingdom. It was believed that had not seen a single woman till then. Dasharatha's daughter took upon the responsibilty to bring him to their kingdom and thus bring rain.

    Rama and threst of them were born much later after this.

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    thanks for the response and information.Up to now I don't know that she was given for adaptation. But as second author told that story is popular.
    May I know from which book you got this information?

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    Hi sun,
    The story you wrighted above was right. One week ago i hear the same story from my sister. As you, i am already shocked when hear the story.
    She said one more thing that the malayalam movie Visali, actress parvathi doing a role of this same santha. In that movie santha was the princess of kingdom Angarajya. And her history was that, she was the first child of Dhasaratha, and her mother was Kausalya. She was born as a handicaped. One saint said to Dhasaratha that to escape from this illness donate his daughter. Then for his daughter he donate Santha to the king of Angarajya.
    After this the Dhasaratha didn't get a child. So he married sumithra and kaikayi. But he didn't get a child. Thereafter he done a puthrakameshti yaga due to that he got four sons are sri rama, lakshmana, Bharathan and sathrukna.


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    No, it is not true. Because by worshiping Surya, maharaj Dasharath got a fruit as a bless and wives of Dasharath ate it. Than Kaushilya gave Ram, Kekai gave Bharat and Strughn and Sumitra gave Laxman. There was no any daughter.

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    It is true that Lord Srirama had one sister. I gathered some more information on it and written one article in my blog with heading "Sister of Lord Srirama". You can visit it to clarify the doubt.

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    Yes. King Dasharata, father of Lord Rama had a daughter named SANTA.
    Once, there was great drought in the country of Anga, and the king Lomapada was advised by his Brahmans to sendfor the youth Rishyasringa, who should marry his daughter Santa, and be the means of obtaining rain. A number of fair damsels were sent to bring him. He accompanied them backto their city, the desired rain fell, and he married Santa. This Santa was the adopted daughter ofLomapada; her real father was Dasaratha, and it was Rishyasringa who performed that sacrifice for Dasaratha which brought about the birth of Rama. Rishysringa was the sonof Kasyapa, an ascetic who retired from the world and lived in the forest with his infant son Rishyasringa-

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    This is a new information for me. I have read Ramayana twice but I never came across such a thing. May be it is in Sanskrit and I don't understand all the meanings. As far I know, King Dashartha did not have any kids, even though he had 3 wives. There for he worshiped Lord Vishnu and accordingly he got a boon. A sweet dish was given to him and if his wives ate it, they will become pregnant. Thus he gave it to Kausalya, his first wife. She gave half of it to Kaykey, the second wife. Both of them gave half of the dish to Saumithra, the third wife. Thus all three became pregnant.
    Sri Ram was born to Kausalya
    Bharath was born to Kaykey
    Lakshman & Shathruknan was born to Sumithra
    But no where a girl was born. As the ISC members said if a girl was born to Kausalya earlier, then why did not she have a second child. I have no right to question epics, but it is just my doubt. And also if that was the case, when King Dasharatha got a boon, he would have asked Lord Vishnu to cure his daughter's illness rather than asking for something else.
    Some how for me it is not digestable.

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    Rama had an elder sister named Shanta. Dashrath was her biological father but Dashrath gave her to his friend Romapad.
    Actual story goes like this.
    King Dasarathas wife Kousalya gave birth to a handicapped female child. Vashishta said that handicap was due to marriage between close cousins who belonged to same gotra(Dasarath and Kousalya) and the girl would be normal if given adoption to divine couple.
    Accordingly Dasarath given child to Romapad
    Shantha s husband is the one who performs puthrakamesti yajna on behalf of dasarath.

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    Yes, that is true. Rama had an elder sister named Shanta. Dashrath was her biological father but Dashrath gave her to his friend Romapad. Thus Romapad brought her up. Shanta's husband was sage Rishyashring. Rishyashring was the chief priest, who conducted the yajna after which Ram, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan were born.


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    Yes friend, Lord Rama had one elder sister whose name was Shantai. Shantai is the daughter of Ayodhya king Dashrath & Kaushalya. She is borned with handicapped limb.
    Raja Dashrath & Rani Kaushalya tried a lot for curing their first daughter, but got unsucceeded. Finally one of the old man explained them to sacrifice their daughter to any divine family where she can get cured well.
    King Dashrath did the same. They sacrificed theie daughter to one of the divine family. Ultimately she got cured and removed all her handicapped nature which initially was. Then she got married with Rishi Maharshi.
    Being the first daughter of King Dashrath, she bacame the elder sister of Lord Rama.

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