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    How to avoid sinus problem?

    How to avoid sinus problem as there are many who affected with cold and sinus and sinus is the main cause to create cold and other issues? How to protect from Sinus?
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    sinus problem can be controlled by eating habits....Reduce the intake of salt.Salt leads to accumulation of fluids in tissues, which worsens the sinus infection.avoid fried foods, starchy foods, white sugar, white flour, rice, macaroni, pies, cakes and candies.Also avoid strong spices and meat. Butter should be used sparingly.Cook your food freshly for each meal. Avoid eating leftovers.Do not eat refrigerated foods.

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    Sinus is very common problem but don't consider it as diseases as you can live a good life but it does create problem when season changes or winter comes. Here are some of the measure if you will take will help you to get away from the problem:
    1) I you smoke then please stop it now.
    2) In case of sinus go for antibiotics rather then other medicines.
    3) Keep your nose clean and hygienic in case of sinus problem since it will help to reduce the chances of infections.
    4) Drink plenty of water and avoid inhaling the air full of dust or smoke.
    5) Don't drink or eat cold items like chilled ice cream or any other quantity.

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    1.don't change your soap,shampoo regularly.stick to one product.
    2.avoid ice-creams,cool-drinks.
    3.after head-bath dry your hair properly.

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    You can control the sinus problem by becoming you as a doctor. Here are some tips will may help you to control sinus.

    • Avoid air travel

    • Avoid smoking habits

    • Alcohol consumption must be avoided

    • Drink more hot water

    • Avoid temperature extremes

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    Sinusitis can be overcomed by the practise of certain yoga.e.g.,prananyama,other breathing exercises and meditation.Doing regular yoga will benefit the body to overcome this problem.this will keep our body warm.

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    Here I am giving you homeopathy remedy for sinus.
    Take a single dose of N.V. 30
    Then take three dose of Kalibi.30
    Then take
    Acon.200 + Bell.200= three times a day (2 hrly in aggravation time)
    for 1 month.
    Precaution you may take that are to avoid from dust and cold.
    Take vitamin C as much as possible.
    Practice of kapalbhati pranayam followed by anulom vilom pranayam will also help to reduce the problem

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    Actually, we refer to the problem of sinusitis commonly as sinus which is not correct. There are four pairs of paranasal sinuses in us- maxillary, frontal, ethmoidal and sphenoidal. It is not yet clear that why nature provided us these sinuses but the probable causes are-a> Air conditioning of the inspired air, b>To provide resonance to our voice, c>Act as thermal insulators for eyeball and contents of cranium, d>To decrease the weight of skull bones. Inflammation of these paranasal sinuses is called sinusitis. It is of two types-acute and chronic. The most common causes of sinusitis are-viral rhinitis, swimming in contaminated water, dental infections and trauma to the sinus. The predisposing factors are those which obstruct the flow of mucous produced by the sinuses like-nasal packing, deviated nasal septum, hypertrophic turbinates, nasal polypi and neoplasms. The clinical symptoms are fever, malaise, bodyache, headache, pain in jaws, redness and oedema of cheek and nasal discharge with pus. The diagnosis of sinusitis is done by transillumination test, x-rays and CT Scan. One should consult an E.N.T specialist immediately if these symptoms appear. Treatment is both medical and surgical. Medical treatment consists of antimicrobial drugs, nasal decongestant drops, steam inhalation, analgesics and hot fomentation. Surgical treatment consists of antral lavage, trephination, intranasal antrostomy and caldwell-luc operation, whichever found suitable by the E.N.T specialist.

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    There are four sinuses in the body namely the maxillary, ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid. The more sinus that gets infected is the maxillary sinus then the ethmoid and the others. The major pathology behind the sinus infection is the defect in the drainage of the mucosal secretions or the excessive secretions. The defect in the drainage is due to the blockage of the sinus ostium by the hypertrophic middle turbinate or other problems such as polyps, tumor masses or deviated nasal septum. Avoid the allergic problems by taking antihistamines, nasal decongestants and steroids.

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    Sinus is a common problem but cannot be regarded as a disease if you are currently suffering from this problem then you should stop smoking and should avoid places full of dust particles.You should drink a lot of water and should avoid the dust particles also

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    Sinus is in common tongue.But medically it is called as sinusitis.It is the inflamation of any one of the sinus(frontal/maxillary/ethmoidal) in the facial region.It occurs when the fluid accumilates in sinus and fails to drain out resulting in infections and inflamation of sinus.It may be acute or chronic.To control sinusitis avoid allergens to which a person is allergic. Use appropriate anti histamines and antibiotics.If there is any deviation in nasal bone get it corrected. Thank You.
    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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