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    Dell laptop or Lenovo laptop

    Which laptop brand is better one for all? Like laptop performance, laptop battery long lasting, laptop long life, replacement peripherals, customer service? Dell laptop or Lenovo laptop?
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    As per my knowledge, Dell is best compared to Lenovo, which provides better performance and more number of service centres and technicians. And moreover better customer care centres all over india. If I would have been in your shoes, I choose Dell.

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    DELL is the best option because i am using DELL INSPIRON i5 N series laptop which is the latest and costs 35,000 only.
    My cousin is using DELL options are very good when compared to LENOVO.One of the best option in my laptop is BITLOCKER. by using this we can protect each drive or file or folder accessing from others.
    Repairs also very less in DELL when Compared to LENOVO.
    So...better to bye DELL

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    it depends on what configuration and for what purpose you use a laptop.There are brands apart from dell and lenovo such as acer,samsung,asus,sony,apple,hp etc. It also depends on what price bracket you are choosing.Although dell looks good from your perspective and above replies. However the build quality of laptop is not good they don't use any metal support in the casing. Also they load the computers with loads of unused software amany nd which will relatively slowdown the computer.Dell india has less choices compared to dell america. Also some times they impose unnecessary service plans which will ring up the cost. In dell's case the usability of laptop is good. The specifications they put on the paper are nice compared to all other laptop's.
    Lenovo however has a enterprise and corporate specific design language. The models such as thinkpad , toughbook etc are present however many series such as w,v,w,g,e etc are classified in the lenovo laptop's. Their performance oriented laptops are w series with heavy price tag. So does the dell has them in the name of dell xps and alienware.For basic functionality go for lenovo g or e series.The laptop showed in their ads is nice one do look for that.Also put your specifications and price bracket in the question so that it will be easy to answer. Do keep a wider perspective as other brands such as asus,acer,samsung and sony are really competitive. Most of the people go for sony,acer,hp or samsung. Do look for these brands which can offer better price to performance ratio. Some times when it is looks to price ratio then sony ,samsung win it all.
    My suggestion is wait for ultrabook's to come in the market from companies like asus,acer and dell then the price will relatively come down with lightweight and high performance laptops that will try to compete with the high end laptops such as apple mac book pro and also other high performance laptops . Although they may not be able to beat them all the way. But more performance and increased battery life at a lower price.


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    Hey dell. . Is the best lap top in the market. . You can get various configurations . The new inspiron series is very good. You will get a best dell laptop within 40000 indian rupees. Well above all the performance and life long of the lap depends on how you use it. Its like YOU CARE AND LOVE YOUR LAP YOUR LAP WILL BE STRONGER SHARPER AND HEALTHY.

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    Dell is always considered as office laptop and is best choice among professionals.They provide excellent customization features.

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    I firstly suggest you to go for Dell brand because it looks normal but works extra normal for needed configuration.It has strong body and quality is maintained in it.

    Dell brand gives breakable warranty which is not their in any other brands.It is less weight and you can feel free to carry it

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    Sometime back when I was looking for new laptop, I had decided on lenovo better than DELL.
    For my configuration, i5 processor/500GB HDD/4GB RAM with long battery life, I had zeroed on Z570 rather than DELL inspiron. Even then sound and cam quality was good of lenovo


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    How is new Dell xps17 ? I want suggestion between HP and DELL? I heard HP has problem of battery heating. Is it true?
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    Lenovo generates less heat,you can feel the same when you work on your LAP.But this kind of laptop is mainly used for business purpose.Its is not so user friendly also.In the case of DELL lots of different varieties are available and you can opt as per your taste
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    Lenovo laptops are good only to flock and show-off among your friends. The looks and style of lenovo is very trendy.

    But if you are serious about the work, and style hardly matters for you. DELL is the best option. DELL laptops have very strong configuration range. Also Dell laptops are more robust than lenovo and have better battery life.

    But still if you have lesser budget, you can go for Lenovo.

    Namita Terse

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    hello dear

    dell laptop are better than lenovo. the best feature of dell is that its service centre . the company will care his laptops more than any company in india . the bestest feature of this i like is accedental warranty of one year . i am the regular customer of dell . i have own experience for this. i will suggest you that you have to buy the dell laptop instead of lenovo. if u want to know more about dell laptops than go on to the following link .

    thank you

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    Here is comparison between dell and lenevo laptops.
    Dell advantages :Very good performance record, Long lasting battery life, Good sound quality with clarity and looks, Nice design and a bit heavy for extended battery weight.
    Disadvantage: Very least service centers around India and
    will be difficult specially in corner area during servicing or replacement.
    Lenevo advantage: Good processor, Good looks, Long lasting battery, Good customer service around India and replaceable facility
    Disadvantages: bad sound quality, oftenly cause some disturbances in some models forcing replacement every time.
    In the view of above i would suggest Dell and rest is your choice.

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    Dell is surely a winner in the race and right minded people will obviously go for Dell. But there are certain people who like to experiment with new things if that is you then go for Lenovo otherwise its surely Dell. I am a happy customer of Dell and its recommended for all
    Farid Akhtar
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