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    Bitter Tongue after Fever

    How to improve or bring back to normal tongue after or during fever? Bitter Tongue after Fever and its tips.
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    The taste of pickles will help bring back your bitter tongue to normal after fever. During fever consume food which is less spicy, less oily, less salty and less with sugar to maintain a balance in the tongue taste and helps for bowel movements.

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    It is a common problem during fever. The region is cough and acid increases in our body and due to taking high power antibiotics and anti viral medicine we get our taste bitter. I will suggest you to take lemon or lemon juice twice or thrice a day.
    When your taste is bitter your hunger is also disappeared. The lemon will help not only to change your taste but also help you to improve your hunger and digestion as well.
    The other things you can do to chew some mouth freshener.

    Piyoosh Goswami
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    To change the taste of your tongue please take soup of different vegetables. It would certainly help and also better for reconstruction of your body. You can give soup to patient for faster recovery.
    Different types of fruits will also be helpful to solve this problem. So please take more soup and fruit to get back the taste of your tongue.

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    You get a bitter tongue after fever as during fever the acid levels in our body increase and also due to the medicines which we take, our taste buds get bitter. The best way is either to take some pickles, lemon or you can also take some honey after every hour. This will improve the taste. Also, even without doing all this, your tongue will get better on its own within 2 to 3 days.
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    Bitter tongue or metallic taste occurs after fever as a side effect of antibiotics and other medications. The solution for this problem is to take only those food items which taste less bitter until the medicines are stopped. Gradually the problem disappears with time.

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    After the fever is gone; it is bound to happen to feel bitter inside because of all the medicine. In such situation you can try having pickle; chilly foods and if you like you can try something sweet to get rid of the bitter taste from your tongue.
    Veena Sharma.

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    to get back taste in your tongue after having fever you must eat meethi ki sabji,pickle,lemon and spicy food.

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    Bitter tongue is common after fever. This is improved with intensity of fever. Loss of appetite is one of symptom in fever. This is reason tongue bitter is caused. There is no need to do something. Just improve your food according to your appetite. Increase with appetite tongue also come to normal.
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    All of us know that i is a common problem to all after fever. You can use LEMON to avoid this problem. It is good for you and change the taste of your tongue.
    You can also Lemon water. You have to eat some crispy things that helps you to leave this problems.

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    Its always better to take a supplement of Vitamins with Zinc when you have fever. You can get Cobadex-Z or Becosules-Z Vitamin-B complex capsules that contains Zinc. Zinc is proven to help improving the taste after fever. Again, its good to have one capsule a day for other health benefits.

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    The bitter taste is due to the powerfull medicine, that you are consuming during the time of the fever.To over come the bitterness,

    You can take oats or kanji with more peper and and salt on it.
    Because during fever, you willnot be able to consume anything and you will be prescribed kanji.
    So in that Kanji, if you put more pepper and salt. It will avaoid your cold and caugh. It will aggrevate your hunger and also it will change the taste of your taste buds.

    If you are feeling more bitterness still then you can take Orange (kamala orange) which will give a slightly sour taste and will change the bitterness taste of your taste buds.


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