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    Food supplements to increase height

    Is there any food supplements that help the teenage children to increase their height? Some people in my neighbourhood suggest protein powder for increasing height. What is the recommended dosage of this protein powder if it helps in increasing height? Will the consumption of this powder results in ill side effects?
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    Don't believe in those advertisements which shows products about height increment. There is no proved supplement for height increment. Those advertisements only misguiding the youth generation. My advise is to follow the healthy diet for your full day. Eat hygienic foods like green vegetables, carbohydrate, fruits, pulse and fruit juices etc. Just beware of junk foods like Chinese foods. This will definitely boost your height.

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    All the advertisements appearing on increasing height are bogus. Height is basically hereditary. Proper exercise under expert guidance may help to some extent. I feel that height should not be given much importance to the level that it starts affecting the confidence of your child in total. There are so many people who has attained success irrespective of their height. Advise your child to put in his best and prove himself.
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    I too don't think there are any food items which you can consume to increase height.I have never seen anyone eating special food to increase height.What I have seen is, people playing basketball and other sports which make you jump a lot and stretch your abdomen to increase height.These are very good ways to increase height apart from the natural growth.I have seen tiny people get taller after they have played basketball for some time so it must really work.Do try playing basketball to check for yourself as well.
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    Food supplements to increase height are dangerous and has many side effects.If you want to increase your height just do swimming and some eexercise.Some foods are also helpful in increasing height like milk,egg,Chicken,soya beans,Skimmed Milk,Coral Calcium etc.Try these as these don't have side effects.The best and most effective HGH enhancer is the amino acid Arginine, which is available in its pure form as L-Arginine. L-Arginine stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone and thereby increase your height.

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    There is no point in worrying for the increase in height for teenage children, as there is still time for them to increase in weight. And the commercial protein products / powders are however not recommended. Instead here are few simple ways for increasing height in children / teenager:

    1. Increase the intake of protein-rich foods like pulses (daals), egg, milk and the like.
    2. Regular cycling or pull-ups help in height increase
    3. Playing games like volley and basketball are very helpful in increase height and this is a proven fact.
    4. At the same time the intake of food should increase along with playing volleyball / basketball or else it will lead to extreme weakness.
    5. Jumping exercises like skipping will be very helpful in increasing height
    6. Stretches like jumping and trying to hang or touch the shades of the doors and the like would help in height increase.

    If you are very particular in using protein powders it is better to consult a pediatrician and then get a medicated protein powder prescribed instead of going for the commercial products like complan which are not relatively advisable to take.

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    Always remember one thing. You cannot increase your height once you have reached the age of around 21. There are no medicines or supplements or any other equipment that can add extra inches after you have reached the age for height growth. This is because the bones of the spine get fused in adults and do not grow further.

    But studies have proved even if one has reached the age for further height growth, it is possible to add 2-3 inches by doing few stretching exercises. The reason is that due to our day-today work & other stressful activities, the cartilages between the spine get compressed and reduce the length of the spine and thus you look 2-3 inches shorter than your actual height. So, when you do the stretching exercises the cartilages get decompressed thereby adding the height that was hidden.

    A simple example to prove this fact is that when you wake up in the morning, your height will be 1-1 inches more than your normal height. This is because we sleep in a horizontal direction and gravity does not act horizontally and thus the spine is decompressed.

    Hanging from a bar and touching the toes are among the best stretching exercises. Some of the proven stretching exercises are-the downhill,the cobra,the down hill and downward facing dog.
    The instructions on how to perform these exercises can be found on many reputed websites and also on youtube.

    Ramdev Baba's stretching exercises can also be followed

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    Proteins are basic things which determines your height and health. When you are taking protein rich foods, you must avoid foods which are having carbohydrates and fat. By taking protein rich foods, you will increase your height. You can follow a routine which will be good for every kind of people. Here Iam listing some foods which helps you to grow naturally.

    • Milk:
      Milk is good food for building the body. It contains protein in abundance which are essential for body cells. Milk is a easy digestable food and enables maximum assimilation of proteins. Always it is good to take 2-3 glasses of milk.

    • Egg:
      Eggs are good source of protein. White albumen in eggs contain 100% protein, but we must not take the yolk as it is fat content item. To increase your height take 3-6 eggs daily.

    • Chicken:
      It is one of highest protein content meal food among animal foods. It gives a good energy to body for building tissues and muscles. Take 100 gms of chicken every day.

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    First of all no matter whatever you eat, your height is determined by your genes and you will grow only as tall as is determined in your genetics. Diet can make a difference if taken at the right age but you will gain only an inch or two additionally.

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    In nutrition which affects the height is Calcium. All the milk products have much calcium like milk, curd, cheese, buttermilk, paneer etc. So consume these products as much as possible.
    The second thing is that the calcium is absorbed to the body only with the help of Vitamins like Vitamin D, B, C.
    The best source of Vitamind D is sunlight of the morning. So do exercise eg. Walking, Yoga, Pranayam etc in the morning time. before the sun is bright.
    The best source of Vitamin C is Lemon and orange are available in all seasons. So consume 1-2 lemon and orange daily before taking milk.
    The main gland which works in increasing height is Pitutary Gland. You can increase the capicity of this gland by doing Meditation daily.
    Most of the heights increase from your lumber region. So the exercise where lumbar region (back) is used is most useful for increasing height. These are front banding, back banding, like sarvangasana, pashimottasana, bhujangasana etc. are most useful for increasing height.

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    The protein rich supplements is necessary to increase the height. Normal diet of the patient depends on the work. The individuals are classified into the one doing sedantary work, moderate work and the heavy work. The calorie intake should meet the minimum requirement of the body needs. The protein calorie percentage of the balanced diet is 10 to 15%. The increased protein intake during the puberty increases the height and body surface area. The puberty is a phase of rapid growth apart from the childhood stage.

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    if you see an add and think to use it to increase height of your children then forget it because i know a person who use a medicne to increase his height then he was in trouble. his body structure become bad and one of the hand get disabled. so please do't use any medicne for your child to increase his height. if you think so then you have to use natural product like milk etc. do't say your child to eat fast food. and drink more and more water.

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