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    How to increase my Height ?

    My Height is only 5.4 inches (Male), and i want to increase my height up to Minimum 5.7 inches and my age is "20" , can i ,increase my height at the age of "20" also. And what are Nutritious Food i need to take and what all exercise i need to do.

    Please see that i should increase more 3 to 4 inches .Please
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    I have done a lot of research as to how to increase my cousins height. One thing I understood from all those research is that height is something that is determined by genes and it is not possible to alter the height that we acquire genetically. But in some people, even though they can have more height according to their genetic features, sometimes growth stops. Such people can increase their height to the maximum they can reach. Here are some tips:
    1. Eat a lot of nutritious food. Eat food that containing calcium like Milk, egg-white etc. Calcium is very important for bone growth.
    2. Don't go for the commercial drinks that claims to increase height. In my experience, nobody has got height just because they drank them.
    3. Do exercise that have a lot of stretching. Games like badminton, basketball, volleyball etc help, I think.
    4. Mostly, the growth stops around the age of 19. But for some people, growth spurt happens even after that age.

    Hope this information was helpful.

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    Height is an important factor for males and is often regarded as a feature to decide one's personality. Height determines how far a person can impose himself/look to impose himself. I have practically tried the following methods and have found out good results with in a short span of time.
    Start playing basketball as soon as possible. Play an hour of basketball daily. Now this helps in height growth because basketball is a game where one needs to use the lower back and stretch it continuously to play the game properly. Hence it's flexibility will increase and soon this will contribute to the body height as well as the abdomen gets used to more and more stretching as you play on. be consistent with the game and play it daily. If you don't like basketball, try some other games like badminton which involve jumping and moving swiftly. Also, volleyball is a great option. If you are not interested in any of these, do the abdomen stretching exercise and the exercise where you put your palms on a rod and pull your whole body up. this has also been reported to increase height very quickly. These exercises make you fit and keep your body in shape at the same time contributing to your height.

    Good luck.

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    Height is a important factor of personality and it matters more in case of men than in women. It is definitely possible to increase height at the age of 20 also. Following things has to be done:-
    1. Give good attention to your diet. Try to eat food rich in protein like meat, egg, milk and banana. Eat grams, nuts and carrot daily.
    2. Regularly do stretching exercises, swimming and jogging. Play games like basketball daily.
    3. Improve your sitting and walking postures. Try to keep your posture straight.
    4. You may also join taekwondo classes as this martial art greatly helps in increasing height.
    5. You can also use height increasing drugs for better results.

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    Well height increase is associates with age. At the age of 20 you are asking for height increase it is not possible to increase height at this age. One can increase his/her height to certain age limit as the bones and nature of the body permits to increase till certain ages. So I would like to suggest instead of thinking about height increase eat good and nutritious food with vegetables and fresh fruits and be healthy always. Forget to increase of height and concentrate on your studies. Height is not hurdle for attaining success in carrier follow this rule and achieves success in your studies and carrier with hard work and dedication.

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    In your case if your height resembles from your parents then there are 50-50 chances of your height growth but if your height is not genetically less from your parents then till the age of 21 or sometimes 23 one can increase the height. There are various height increasing exercises which can be done at home like slipping, running, bending back bone in front and back(to and fro), streching the legs and hanging from a rod or a high place and there are many calcium rich diets like Milk, egg white and more which will help in increasing the height but there are some height growing supplements too which will increase height but also affects the bones and makes then weaker.

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    For increasing your height follow thes esteps:

    1)strech your body specially your legs.

    2)dont take any suppliment for increasing your height.

    3)strat climbing.

    4)d some yogas for incresing height .Search it on the internet.

    5) eat good and nutritionful food .

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    Hello friend..

    Height of an individual is determined by the height of their parents.
    So, most of the time height is genetically determined.But, in some cases short stature may be due to other causes like hormonal defect, insufficient nutrition, chronic systemic diseases.

    However one must understand that, linear growth of an individual occurs only upto a particular age.The reason is due to the fusion of epiphyseal plates.When they are fused, further growth is impossible even with hormonal therapy.

    If they are not fused, there can a benefit from hormonal therapy (growth hormone) taken in regular intervals.

    The fusion of epiphyseal plates occurs around the age of 20 years.

    There is a technique in orthopaedics to increase the height by few inches.It is called Lizarov's technique.
    It is a painful technique, but definitely helps to improve your height.

    I feel that 5 4'' is a good height and there is no need to worry about it.
    Concentrate on your positive characters..

    Good luck..

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    The simple and the most appropriate answer for this would be that there is a time period for for everything according to the research the height can increase till the age of 21 so have one year . height totally depend on the harmones secreated by the anterior lobe of piutary gland and it is totally a harmonal process so you need to wait.

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    Males continue to grow in height upto age of 21 years.Whereas females grow until 18.So you have one more year to grow.But remember growth is mainly controlled by Growth hormone secreted by pitutary gland.It's secretion is also controlled by genetic factors.So you have a chance to grow.Play some height improvement games like basketball and volleyball.They will give you quick results.Eat healthy diet.You will definitely see good results.Let us wait for one more year.
    Thank You.

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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    Dear Deepak,

    Sure, even at the age of 20 you can increase your height, but there is not much time left out for you. So act fast.

    An important determinant of a person's height is hereditary. But you can do slight changes by doing the following steps.

    - Eat a lot of Nutrients
    - Eat lot of protein rich foods and also vitamins
    - Drink lot of water
    - Do stretching
    - Hanging on a iron beam for sometime will also help very much
    - Cycling also helps indeed
    - Playing tennis and badminton

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    Height of an individual mostly depends on hereditary factors to a great extent and a very little part from exercises and nutritious food. To my knowledge nutritious food helps in increasing the health of an individual and thus broadens the chest of a male which in turn gives a taller look to a male. And most a person can grow taller up to the age of twenty one years and as there is still one more year in your case, you can do mainly pull - ups and other stretching exercises like cycling and the like which helps a lot in increasing the height of an individual. In addition to this, you can even engage yourself in playing games like basket ball, volley ball, lawn tennis and the like which helps a lot in stretching the cells of the body and thereby helps in increasing the height of the physical body. And when it comes to nutritive foods, these help in keeping the body healthy and there is no particular food that helps in increasing the height of a person.
    Thanks & Regards

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