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    What does a girl like in a boy?

    I have thought about this question and spent many times thinking on this question. Actually what does a girl like in a boy what they always try to find in boy. It is very complicated to understand their nature. If any girl is reading this then please give my answer or contact for extra details.
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    If you mean for marriage, then definately she looks for financial status, wisdom, sincerity, love, care and of course handsome with strong body

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    Palaksha, use google chrome or firefox browser. Dont attempt for retry, it will again input your comment once more.

    A girl generally likes honest relationship with a boy. As long as she can trust you for anything, you will be her best relation in the world. So, show your honesty nature in her.

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    It depends on girl to girl. Somebody are attracted by your physique, some with your richness, some from your face, some from your innocence, some with your attitude.
    But the matter is if you want to get attracted by a girl you must be talkative.
    You should care a girl to whom you want to attract(like).
    You should respect her feelings.
    You must know what she like or do not like.
    First of all be her friend.
    Then you will understand yourself what she likes in a boy.
    I believe to be a friend a girl never see your face or your richness the thing that see your heart.
    So always be true towards your friend(girl).
    Dont act oversmart and act as you are.
    If you will be friend she will tell you what changes you need to be liked by her and that time you can do those changes easily.

    Piyoosh Goswami
    "If you are busy, it means you are happy"

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    thank you piyoosh

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    Simple. Every girl wants that her boyfriend having good personality. In other words. He must have good educated .and he must look good. And he has a good communication skill .and never scare about talking with girls ,that's it.

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    Girls always look for a true, honest person with long lasting relationship.
    They don't want a short term love life like boys. They believe in true and complete relation with faith.
    If you really looking for a girl for marriage and you someone then simple way to propose her. Spent sometime with her and know her desire to live with you. But make sure you are going with honesty.

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    Indeed, A girl loves a boy from far, for his fine look and personality as a suitable match to her. From close, she loves you for your behaviour and conduct. Finally anticipates and loves you with a hope of being good husband.
    No life without Sun

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    No body can judge this. It depends upon the girls broughtup and her environment where she growned.

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    Any girl would like a man to be honest and with good habits he may either be his brother, friend, lover, husband, father, etc.,

    Mother is a first teacher and whatever characteristics a man imbibes in himself are learnt basically from a Girl.

    However, it is very difficult to know the opinion of a girl but most oftenly she likes him to be a complete man.

    With regards


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    It depends on what her relationship to the boy is. Is the boy asking her question in a brother sister type relationship with her? Or is he trying to propose her for marriage? Or is he really trying to seduce her? Girls understand what your intention is when you interact with them. If she understand that you are trying to propose her for marriage, the concepts of what a perfect husband should be will dominate her mind and she will act accordingly. If she is not a promiscuous kind of a girl and she feels that what you are really trying to do is to seduce her, she will be stern and tell you to get lost. If she feels that you are a harmless guy and all you are trying to do is to be friendly, she will open up with you soon and from there you can take the relationship further (this always works).

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    Girl like boy's honesty . how much he trust his friends & respect others. this thing always impress girl's.

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    This is a very subjective question. One can never give a perfect answer to this. The reason is simple. Likings differ from person to person. One girl may not like a boy, while the other may. Liking depends on so many criteria as has been brought out in the above opinions. But it never centers on a particular point. Any person is judged based on different factors. Beauty may give way to money or vice versa. But, I feel, character of a person is that which counts the most. However good looking or rich you may be, or may also be from a very good family, if you, as a person, doesn't have a good character, then, I think, everything else will backfire. Primarily a girl who is serious about an involvement looks at whether you are loveable and whether she will be loved.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    hi mr.ravi
    you have a great question to be answered.but u cant get a unique and clear answer for this because the attitude changes from girl to girl.but the most common features what a girl expect from a boy is
    1.caring nature
    2.good looking
    3.kind hearted
    4.mostly romantic
    5.stubborn character
    6.self challanging

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    Well this is a tricky question. Everybody thinks girls like the physical structure in boys. Yeah i agree physical is also necessary , no one is going to have interest in a slim lean and diseased person. I think mostly a girl chooses a boy on the basis of his heart and his true feelings. He must be really honesty wit her. Love her a lot . Make here feel like she is the only girl in this whole world. Every girl dreams of such a boy . It doesnt matter on the colour of his skin or the body structure . Eg . I know a boy in our college who is so black like a black board . But i am really surprised to see many many girls running behind him. He is like a casanova . He is very good in his speaking skills . Cracking jokes while talking wit girls making nice points . Its what girls care, while she selects a boy . He must be able to make her happy even if he is talking wit her 24 hours without boring her.

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    It is very subjective thing actually. But if we see the question is general then I can say that a girl like the personality of the boy and also from ancient time itself girls search for the protective nature for her and her future family in the guy.

    So the caring and loving nature is als important and how the boy treats other and how he is in his social background. According to me all these are the things which really matter alot for a girl for liking a boy.

    Veena Sharma.

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    According to me a girl tries to find a honest and descent guy, irrespective of the relation with him. A brother always plays a role of a father. As a friend she seeks that he should also treat her like friend only and should not build any expectations, until and unless she gives it a second thought.
    And most importantly if you propose her she would always expect you to get married. She hates being avoided and loves being cared and protected. She needs attention, sometimes jealous so better be careful while you talk. Girls are bit possessive so always make her realize that she is the only most important person in your life.

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    Attraction begins at first sight. The physical appearance is the first factor through which one is attracted to another. But please remember attraction is not confined to the beginning of a relationship. We can attract someone with beautiful looks, smile etc. But if that person participates in dynamics that results experiencing pain, then our interest in that person may be declined. Our self esteem associated with emotional maturity has got the power to influence others. Love at sight may be a beginning for attraction. But your attitude, acceptance, patience, simplicity, self respect, respect for others etc... will help you to sustain this attraction throughout your life. If you wanted to be loved by others......keep all these qualities. Your will be loved not only by girls...but by all individuals

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    A girl always likes a boy as a friend, brother or partner if he has the following qualities (or tries to develop them):-
    1. Honest and Frank
    2. Trust-worthy
    3. A true gentleman, when in a crowd
    4. Very Caring and Protective (when required)
    5. Hard and Smart worker (which automatically translates into decent financial status)
    6. Ambitious and at the same time one who understands work-life balance
    7. A good listener
    8. Unconditional love
    9. Willingness to help others

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    A girl always want that his partner is loyal to him. She likes the boy who is sincere, caring and understanding. Plus, if the boy is smart, then it works as a wonder.

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    As far as I think, girls don't expect a lot from a boy. She just want his partner to be loyal, caring and devoted to her. A girl won't want any thing else if you could give a true love to her. But just think the reverse also what a girl do for a boy. She sacrifice her parents, family for a boy. I think a boy should fulfill all her needs for sacrifice and love. She deserves it.

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    In general, If a girl and boy are in love then the very common that every girl loves in a boy is loving and caring nature. Also possessivness to some extent.
    Every girl expects a boy to be very caring, lovig, understanding. A girl loves very much when a boy makes her feel that she is everything. She expects her boy to be loyal and devoted to her and sholud also respect other woman.

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    Sorry I am not a girl, but just giving a suggestion as per my friend used to like me in the same way and still she does.

    Just be real, if a girl is there in your destiny, then surely you will find her, and she will also accept it. Taking tips and being like that to be liked by a girl will be as you are being fake, and when it is being said about your whole life then it is really needed that a girl will like you for what you are. So I will suggest you to just be real and try your goodness never die. An appropriate girl will automatically come into your life and after sometime you yourself will realize that fact that you both are in love with each-other.

    Trust me sir, most probably love happens like that only. And the other chance is of love at first sight for which our fortune means a lot.

    A girl likes the goodness of a boy, how much he loves and care for her and he should be having enough talent to make her smile and laugh in whole life, it doesn't matters what will be the situation, she will need your company and support. I suggest you to do whatever and as much as you can to make and keep her smiling always. That is all what a girl needs, and nothing else than that. If you are able to do this much for her, she will always remain happy and smiling. After all, love and care is the best medicine for every relation, and here it is about to lovers. :)

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    1) Any girl will expect true love and affection from a boy.
    2) Girl expects the carring, love and affection has to be shown explicitly inturn.
    3) When a girl is giving plesant surprise to a boy, but if the boy doesn't like it, rather than commenting so openly and harming the girl, he can keep quite. (Suppose if the girl learns cooking and try to cook a favourite dish of the boy, if it had not come out well rather than commenting, he can keep quite)


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    the reasons for likes and dislikes for a boy differs from girl to girl.Some girls like boy possessing good physique,some are influenced by his communications and thoughts,and of there girls who consider the financial status of boys as their reason to like them.In my view the correct parameter should be considering the good behavioural and educational aspects that characterise a particular boy.

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    According to me Girls First looks Boys Financially status,after this she checks is he honest or not? His thinking about his Family Members and lot other questions.
    Each and every girl has different Mentality, so It is not possible that each think the same.

    Pankil Agrawal

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    One of the basic thing a girl needs in a boy is loyal and caring nature. If a boy is loyal, caring and financially sound, I don't think the girl will reject the boy just for some other stupid reasons like the boy is not handsome or dark or too thin etc. Girl after all also need a boy to spend her life, its not that they can live alone in this world.
    So, they just want someone who love her, care her and be loyal towards her.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
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