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    Differences in 22 karat and 21 karat Gold

    What is the main differences between 22 karat Gold and 21 karat Gold than 1 karat difference with slight amount varies?
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    We cannot make ornaments with 100% pure gold. Gold, as it is, is very soft and ductile. So we have to mix other elements with gold to make it stable. Thus, we don't have 100% gold. The term 'carat' refers to the amount of pure gold contained in an ornament.

    24 carat gold is the purest form available in market. It contains 999 (99.9%) gold. What most jewelleries sell, is however 22 carat gold. This is popular as 916 gold. It means that the ornament contains 91.6% gold and the rest other metals.

    21 carat contains 87.5% gold. It is 875 gold.

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    Karat is one of the three measures to measure the purity or the amount of gold as how many parts gold is there divided by 24. The three measures are :-
    1. Karat
    2. Percentage
    3. Fineness (a measure used in West)
    24 Karat represent pure gold, all 24 parts of gold, 100 Percent purity and in case of Fineness 1000 gold parts divided by 1000 or Fineness of 1. Like wise 22 Karat Gold represent 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of other metals, or Fineness of 0.9166, where as 21 Karat Gold represents 21 parts of gold and 3 other parts of metals or Fineness of 0.875.
    Exception is that in order to make gold jewellery other metals needs to be mixed as sure gold is so ductile that it can be mended with bare hands even though the metal is virtually indestructible. The colour of Gold changes as and depend upon the amount of other metals blended with the gold.
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    The purity of gold is measured in Karat. Gold is a soft metal. Ornaments can not be made by pure gold. Hence silver or copper is mixed in gold when jewelry is made. If there is 22parts of gold and 2 parts of copper then it is called 22 Karat gold.
    If 21 parts of gold in mixed with 3 parts of copper than it is known as 21 karat gold.

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    Well Gold is the most used metal in the world. One can use Gold in making ornaments and can save Gold for future needs. Indians are the majority users of Gold in the world Gold can be rated on the base of purity and quality. Pure and 100% quality metal can't allow to make ornaments so ornament makers blends some metals in Gold to make ornaments. Gold can be called as 24 karats and 22 karats and so on. 24 karats Gold means it is 99.9% pure and it is treated as the pure Gold in general. Where as 22 karat Gold is 91.6% pure Gold in which the rest 8.4% is other metals. Where as 21 carat Gold means 87.5& pure Gold and the rest 12.5% is other metals. Well one karat can be counted by dividing 1 by 24 as 24 karat can be treated as the 100% pure Gold and multiplying it with 100. So as the same procedure is followed to access the fineness and purity percentage of Gold.

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    Karat is the measure of purity for Gold. In the karat measurement we measure 24 times purity of the Gold.

    K=24* mass of pure gold / total mass of the material

    For example if we take 20 gm Gold and 4 gm other metal and mix them , then the purity of the Gold alloy is 20 karat because only 20 gm Gold is used to make it.

    Similarly 22 karat Gold contain 2gm other metals.
    Hence the 24 karat gold is more pure than the 22 karat Gold.

    The reason behind the mixing of other metal in Gold is, pure Gold is very ductile and very difficult to make ornaments using it. So providing some hardness to the Gold, copper or other metals used in small quantity.

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    Original Gold is known as 24 carats. With this 24 carats ornaments can not be made. We need to add some copper to gold to make it flexible to make ornaments. Gold and copper are melted together in a ratio to make this ornament gold. Supposing 24 carats is equal to 100. To Call it as 22 carats, we need to have 91.2/3 (916)percent gold mixed with 8.1/3 percent copper. To make it 21 carat gold, we need to have 87.5(875) percent gold mixed with 12.5 percent copper.
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