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    What are the home remedies and exercises to remove glasses(spectacles)?

    What are the home remedies and exercises to remove glasses(spectacles)? In which conditions one can remove his/her glasses naturally? What are the eye exercises? Are there any specific diet or food which really helps to improve the vision. Do you know any real cases of improvement in eye sight which reduces glasses number?
    Please answer every questions.
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    Hello. Getting rid of specs is not an easy task but certainly not impossible. The best and efficient option is Yoga and Pranayaam. I have seen many cases where the person got rid of specs within months of regular practice of Yoga. Closing your eyes for a few minutes, then rubbing your palms with each other and then placing them over the eyes and then opening the eyes gives a huge amount of relaxation to the eye muscles. Also exercises like eye ball rotation from top-left-down-right and the reverse are very useful in reducing eye strain. You can also try the hands and eyes exercise. You have to extend both your arms and put the thumbs up and fold other fingers. Then focus your eyes on the tip of both the thumbs. Then start spreading the arms and move the eye balls along with the arms so that they always see the tip of the thumbs. This increases eye flexibility and also helps get rid of head ache.
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    It is possible to remove specs with regular exercises. You can get them in the book by AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VISION, there you can find a natural way to get rid of specs. Try it on, the value of book doesn't stand before you . It costs only about less than Rs.500/- All the best

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    Hi Paresh,
    Some useful tips to get rid of eye glasses are as under:-
    1. Drink carrot or beetroot juice daily.
    2. Make coriander juice, pour couple of drops in both eyes and keep them closed for 5-10 minutes.
    3. Eat lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Coriander,Methi, etc.
    4. Try some yoga and meditation exercise for the eyes.
    5. For 10 minutes daily, keep your eyes focussed on the flame of a candle (or tip of a pencil/pen) from some distance.
    6. Eat salad regularly.
    7. Sprinkle water on your eyes atleast 4-5 times a day.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    You did not tell what numbers you found. Is it for near or for far. I will suggest you do pranayama and shuddhi kriya daily basis. But start these practice under a trained trainer.
    These are 1. Neti- Jal Neti & Sutra Neti
    2. Kapalbhati Kriya for 15 Min.
    3. Anuloma Viloma Pranayama for 15 min.
    4. Eye movement exercise for 5 min. - It is to move your eyes in all direction concentrating a thing one feet away from your eyes preferabaly your thumb.
    5. Acupressure point for eye which is laid between your first and second finger.
    6. Practice of Tratak (to see continusely at a candle or some other thing)
    Advice :- Start all these thing under a trained yoga instructor

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    Certainly there are exercises that can be treated for the eyes.Iam giving here information which i read in my grandfathers book bought from aurobindo ashram.First diet is very important and certain exercises should be adopted.
    *Balanced diet which includes vegetable salad,green vegetables,wheat grass juice,leafy vegetables and fruits should be daily food.
    *no spicy foods,meat.
    drink enough water adn avoid drinking inbetween.

    Yoga for eyes:
    Suryanamaskar Asana
    Shava asana
    Eye exercies
    Yoga mudra.These can be referred in the net or one can attend the class.
    I had read another book "Shivambu"which is urine therapy .This book can be downloaded from the internet.According to that urine can cure not only eye problems but also chronic diseases like cancer,diabetes etc.,

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    Exercise, yoga & other methods described by others don't help much in reducing spects power. Carrot juice & diet help in general improvement of eye health. In some cases spects power might have reduced or disappeared because it might be very less before starting such treatment. High minus or plus power spects can't be removed with exercise or diet
    LASIK / Zyoptix surgery is the proven way to reduce or get rid of spects power.
    LASIK surgery to reduce spectacle power- Risks, side effects & advantages

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    There is very less home remedies and exercises to remove Eye Glass / Specs and further improve eye sight.

    Do's for Eye vision improvement:
    1. Carrot juice, Milk and Vitamin A related food to intakes.
    2. You have to change the direction of your eyes view often
    3. Make sure consult with Doctor to know what is actual eye issue you have, some has + or - with one or two eyes differently.
    4. Prescribed Eye drops helps, at the same time, you can use laser treatment if it is beyond the control or huge plus or minus.

    Dont's for Eye vision
    1. Do not see over brighten things like light or TV or Computer screen
    2. Do not look or observe in one direction for a long duration
    3. Do not shower with very hot water
    4. Do not use huge salt and fat items

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    Home remedies to get rid of spectacles:

    • Increase the intake of foods rich in Vitamin A like pumpkin and carrot
    • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables.
    • Minimize TV viewing and working on the laptop
    • While watching TV maintain distance
    • Taking a 5-10 minutes breaking after every half-an-hour of TV watching or laptop working.
    • During the breaking go out and try to look at the distant nature as far as possible
    • Whenever you feel the tiredness of eyes, wash them with cold water.
    • When eyes are tired, close your eyes for a while
    • Do some eye exercises, like moving the eyeballs both the sides and up and down and move round and round as well.
    • Compulsorily meditate at least for 15 minutes a day
    • Try to go out to a park and keep looking at the greenery continuously for some time.
    • Using surma at bed time might be effective in controlling vision.

    Thanks & Regards

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    there are few tips i would like to give you to remove specks
    1.take bucket full water dip you face in it and slowly open your eyes inside the water and roll eyes. it not cleanses your eyes but also enhances your vision. do it for atleast 5 minutes everyday.
    2. eat carrots and all the vegetables with vitamin A.
    3. take a pencil and hold it ten centimeters away between your both the eyes and try to concentrate on it with both the eyes. its bit tiring but has good results.
    4. watch television from a distance of atleast 15ft.
    5. yoga is also very helpful in improving vision.
    6. meditation is good. its basically done closing your eyes and concentration and become thoughtless, it stores the positive energy in oneself and closed eyes during meditation dosent let out the energy and helps in enhancing the vision.
    7. On computers work in breaks and keep splashing water on eyes if you feel that eyes are tired.

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    Here are few tips to improve the vision of eyes.
    1. Wake up early in the morning and try to see the light of red sun.
    2. Eat green leafy vegetables.
    3. Minimise the time to see television.
    4. Wash your eyes regularly.
    5. One should have proper sleep that is sleep for 6-8 hours regularly.


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    to remove glasses or spectacles follow thes steps:
    home remedies:
    1)eat ammla ,is the best remedy for eyes.

    1) concentrate at any one point for 5 to 10 minutes every day. this will increase your concentration as well as your eye sightedness.
    2)do some yoga like :
    do your thumb nail up and down and see with your eyes lke this that the left eye will see the left thumb nail and right eye will see the right hand thumb this exercise twice a day .your eyesight will increase nagically.

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    Its possible to improve your eyesight by home remedies.
    1)Do regular jogging for atleast 30 minutes.
    2)Purchase a square board which contains spikes. I don't know the name of that board exactly.It actually improves blood circulation in the body and head.
    3)Don't eat deep fried food and eat amlaa everyday.
    I am still following these steps and my eyesight has improved.

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    The following she the remedies :

    1. Have half of onion daily at your dinner time.

    2. Have carrot juices.

    3. Have food packed with vitamin A.

    4. You can also try vitamin A supplements.

    5. Try to rotate your eyeballs once you are at sitting position and after that sprinkle some water on your eyes; it will help to increase power of your eyes.

    Veena Sharma.

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    There is an application that was developed by a company called GlassesOff which helps with this. You use the application three times a week for a few months and then you can read without glasses! I was part of the beta test and I can now say that I have been glasses-free for over two months!

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