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    How can I block a number from my Nokia 2700 Classic mobile phone?

    Hi tech experts,

    How can I block a number from my mobile phone?

    I have a Nokia Classic 2700 mobile phone. My service provider is airtel. I want to block a particular number from calling me & SMSing me. Is this possible in my Nokia 2700?

    I tried call barring service, but that blocks all incoming calls. I want to block only one number.

    Is there any inbuilt facility to block/blacklist a number? If that is not available, is there any authentic software for blocking a number? Please give me an expert answer.
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    As you are using a s40 series device, it is virtually not possible to block any unwanted call using an application, as your cell phone does not support running of an application in background. As you have already tried call barring service, which blocks all incoming calls, I would suggest you to put that particular caller's number in a group and set the profile ringtone setting to silent for that particular group, so that caller won't give you that much trouble. I have no idea in this regard whether a service provider can help you or not, but you should call the customer care and ask for their assistance in this case.
    Vikram Jain


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    There is software, which can allow the blockage of number from further calling and SMS. As it is a Symbian software it only supports in high range mobile phones. As Nokia 2700 is a basic phone, which only supports application and software's of Java it is not possible to install the number blockage software in Nokia 2700 mobile phone.
    In addition, upto your question what is the need of blocking one particular number, is the number owner harassing you or abusing you by calling and by sending SMS. If you block that number, you will get calls and SMSs from other number, as availability of new numbers is so cheap now days. You can change your number for to avoid the problem, but is there any guarantee of that person not knowing your new changed number. Instead of thinking about temporary solution, it is better to think about permanent solution. Even though if you contact your service provider office stating your problem they may block that particular number from calling and SMS you, but instead of contacting them, you go and contact your nearest police station stating your problem along with some proofs. Police will definitely teach that person a lesson and that person never ever disturbs you again in future.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    I am sorry you are using an old model phone and what you have mentioned is not possible on your phone. There are software available but they are only for Android, Symbian and Bada phones.

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    I understand some numbers are too much irritating. I don't know about the features of this model, but some old Nokia mobile models supports 'Add Screening List' or 'Add Screen List' feature in the settings or Call settings. If you have got this feature in your mobile then you can add the specific number in your 'Screening List' and the caller will be blocked.
    Give it a try.

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