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    Is it Ok for a diabetic to eat figs?

    If a person has been diagnosed has having diabetes, even very mild, is it Ok for him to eat figs? Do figs have low/high sugar content or none at all?

    I am confused as some sites say it is fine to eat figs, others state that a diabetic should not eat a full fig & yet others state that a fig should not be eaten daily. What about dried figs? Should these be avoided altogether?
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    Figs have high fiber content. So figs reduce digestion and absorption of sugars in food. So figs are useful in diabetes. Fibres also help in preventing constipation
    Fig leaf extracts help in reducing blood sugar levels
    . Dried figs will give you high calories compared to the fresh fruit. So eat less dried figs

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    1. Figs contain low calories, nearly 75 calories in 100 gm of fresh figs
    2. These fruits contain soluble dietary fiber apart from vitamins and minerals
    3. These also contain pigment anti-oxidants that very good for the health and wellness of the body
    4. the fruits are made of sugary pulp and sugar is an important nutrient of the fresh fruit
    5. However, dry figs have a higher nutritive value compared to the fresh ripe ones.
    6. The dietary fiber of the fruits helps in regulating the bowel movement as well as helps in maintaining sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood.
    7. However, too much intake of the fruit is not advisable.

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    Actually although figs has high fibre content which when eaten makes a sense of fullness, but the sugar content in figs are sure to worsen diabetes. The useful part of fig is is the leaves. It has insulin lowering effect. If you want to take figs then try to take it with oatmeal or cornflakes so during breakfast. Combining fig with cornflake or oat will give you enough of the rquired nutrition along with the feeling of fullness in stomach and so lesser craving for snacks.

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    Fig is a very useful in diabetes. It has a good amount of fibers. which helps you to get away from constipation. It also helps to reduce your weight and to gain weight it is also very useful. So Obesity suffering people should not take figs with milk. The same is with diabetic patient. They should use dried figs. Before using put in water at night. In the morning drink the water and eat the fig full. You can take 5 figs daily to control your sugar level. But daily exercise and walking is compulsory for a sugar patient to make a proper function of pancreas.
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    Dear Sudipto, please check this line

    "It (Fig) has insulin lowering effect". Diabetics need to take insulinogogues (insulin enhancing substances). What do you mean here?

    Dear Piyush, Please clear the following statement of yours.

    "It also helps to reduce your weight and to gain weight it is also very useful"

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