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    Please suggest me things which I should pack for stay in hospital before and after delivery.

    Right now I am 37 weeks pregnant and even I can't say when I will go to labour stage. It can be anyway from now; so for this reason I need to pack a bag which I will be taking with me to hospital.

    The bag should have all the necessary things that I will be using before and after delivery. So please suggest me only basic things and not anything which I will not be using. Thank you in advance.
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    Veena Didi,

    First of all, glad to know that you are awaiting a good news soon. In my opinion you may take the following things with you while getting ready to stay in the hospital:
    1. A thermos flask
    2. Towels
    3. Bathing bar and the similar things (ones provided at hospitals may not be good always)
    4. A blanket (We can't say whether every hospital would provide one, especially in the room)
    5. Two or three spare dresses which are easy to wear

    Hope you have an easy delivery and a healthy child. :)


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    As mentioned by Meera, you can pack your bag with towels, blankets (both would be clean and soft). Gown type of clothes to use them after delivery. Some clean and soft cotton clothes for the baby to wrap. Some bra, panties and pads. Soap, shampoo, oil, comb and cream. And many clothes for your naughty baby as you will have to change clothes many times. I hope, it will help you to pack your bag. Give that happy news soon to our ISC FAMILY.
    Sabrez Alam
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    Dont forget to take clothes for baby. It is cold this time and a new born child field feels much cold. But First of all you need a cotton cloth because skin of newborn baby is very sesative. So take some clothes which are soft, Some home made nappies called tikoni. made of soft cloth. Because new born baby urinate in very short period. The new born baby's first potties are blackish and those clothes are not reused. So prepare some tikonis already.
    Do not forget to take a blanket for you and baby also. One petikot, gown, which is used in delivery time. Clean them from dettol. You need some pads as well. Dont forget to take some clothes of you and daily uses things like your undergarments, soap comb, oil, glass, water bottle, some money. etc as told above by other members because in some cases you should spend some time in hospital
    We are heartly waiting for a good news. Best of Luck and all the best.

    Piyoosh Goswami
    "If you are busy, it means you are happy"

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