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    How to apply for other jobs when you are already working

    Hi, First of all I want to say thanks to @Ganesh and Kalyani for sharing their opinion. Here is my another doubt for which I am waiting for the best answer.

    Thanks for all those who had given me plenty of suggestions. It has been few months(4-5) I joined in the Central Government organization. As per the advice of my senior officers in my branch and my well wishers like you and by considering my aim and age, I decided to apply for various other Govt jobs.

    I have few questions for which I am expecting answers from you. Is it necessary to inform my organization for the posts which I am applying. (If i inform to them, I have to send them a copy of application to them, there is a problem if I send them each application of the job, there is a possibility that, my superior officers will think as I am not interested in the present job and they may send me to some remote areas, which will be a problem for me.

    Few suggested me not to inform the organization and said to apply for the jobs. They said, once I clear the written, then I should inform to them.

    But, many government organizations are asking to apply through proper channel. What should I do? I am confused with this.
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    When you are working in government organisation, you are to apply through proper channel. When you are called for interview you should give no objection certificate from your organisation to attend the interview.
    However if the organisation you are applying is a private organisation, you can apply directly and attend interview without your office permission if the private organisation is not insisting no objection certificate for interview.
    However to get relieved, you should maintain a good relation in your current organisation.

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    If you real intention is to get another good government job then keep applying for them. Well as far, as I know while applying for any government job they ask about the details of present working organization and the experience only. Providing this information cannot affect your present job in any manner, your superior authorities will not get any information. I think there is no bond shared among you and the organization regarding the time of your working with that organization. Therefore, you do not worry and apply jobs as per your selection.

    Well any organization cannot lose their existing employee, as you are already doing a government job why should you are taking such risks of applying for another job. Still you have enough age and other essential educational qualifications of applying government jobs then you can apply freely, without informing the organization or other person. However, while preparing for the applied job you may face problems such as non-availability of free time for preparation and not fulfilling the duties of present job. Well if your aim is to reach, good heights then do more hard work in preparing the applied examination by adjusting your schedule. Does justice to your present job also, never neglect it in the search of other superior government job if you have not cleared the examination the future of your present job also comes under dangers. By keeping, the all essential factors in mind apply and prepare well and reach good heights.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    @Hi Ramprasad,

    I am engineering graduate who joined in a Central Govt organization. The minimum qualification for the post which I joined is Tenth. I informed all my education details to the organization when I applied for the written and interview.

    The job which I am doing now is not suitable for my education. In our organization, there are no Internal exams. So I want to try my luck by applying for few other Govt jobs. If i got, I will be lucky. I didn't have any bond with the organization where I am working.

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    Well such highly educationalqualified person doing the job of less qualification is not digestible but situations may have provoked to opt for the job. Well in present competition world getting a job is not that much easy but you have selected for a central job is a remarkable achievement. Well I too agree that the present job is not matches to your educational qualification never be degraded instead apply for all jobs such as government and banking sector according to your engineering qualification. Many people have higher government services even though at initial stage they forced and joined din small service. Civil Services notification has been released recently apply for it and prepare with dedication make adjustments with your present job if there is any facility of long leave available opt for it. Never lose any opportunity of both applying and preparing. Get selected for the government job that suits your higher educational qualification.
    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    In this world plenty of people working but no one can work in a sigle company or organisation throught out his life.Every body wants to change.Its very natural thing.No one take it as serious.Why you think it as that much of deeply.You can apply to any job, no one has right to stop you.There is no need to intimate to your present employer.It is better to hide because some managers harass the juniors for apllying other jobs.

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    If there are things others can not do & wiil not do.


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