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    What is the main difference between allopathic, homeopathy and ayurvedic?

    What is the main difference between allopathic, homeopathy and Ayurveda? Why it is said to be that homeopathy is meant for complete cure from any disease? What is difference between herbal and Ayurveda medicine? Why Ayurveda medicine does not give any side effects?
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    Allopathy is commonly called as drug therapy. It involves chemical treatment for diseases and weaknesses. Now allopathy is only a partial cure. This is because the drugs you buy from chemists are only made to cure the reaction and not the cause. Here only the result of an infection is cured and not the infection as a whole.

    Homeopathy is another field of medicine which deals with the root of the problem. The medicines given in this type of medication are meant to cure the root of the problem. This hence cures the cause of infection for example and not alone the result. Also most of the homeopathic medication is permanent. This means disease once treated completely over a course period, will not recur again.

    Herbal and Ayurveda are the same if I am not wrong. Ayurveda is the science of natural healing. It is related mainly with the cures available from nature. The Ayurveda is the oldest existing medication and the most effective. It also deals with the root of the problem and is a permanent cure mostly. But the main advantage of Ayurveda over Homeopathy is that Ayurveda only uses natural means to heal/medicate. It is the most eco-friendly way to get cured. A person treated with Ayurveda not only gets cured but gains permanent immunity most of the times. It has been already proved that Ayurveda is the mother of all medication on this earth and every other form of medication is derived form this oceanic science called Ayurveda.

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    As an allopathic doctor I am contradicting the explanation about Allopathy in above answer. Though Ayurveda is our science and it is great no doubt. But in Allopathy also provides complete cure of the disease will occur. Though some side effects can be seen in some cases. For many diseases needing surgery choice is Allopathy only.

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    In allopathy therapy, drugs are provided by Doctors to cure your disease. These drugs are chemical compounds and side effects are possible on taking these drugs.
    In Ayurveda, The Vaidhya raj ji, provide you some Jadi Buti ( Which are plant products) and these products are generally taken with honey. These are plant product and so they do not have any side effects.
    In Homeopathy, highly potentialized product which are generally plant product are provided in very small pills.

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    Just remember one thing- Allopathic medicines deal with chemicals, ayurvedic medicines deal with natural herbs. Homeopathy would somewhat be a combination of the two.

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    Allopathy uses chemical portions to treat diseases and shows improvement at fast rate but it has many side effects. It includes use of antibiotics,surgery etc to treat diseases. It is the only available option when the disease reaches serious stage and ayurveda and homopathy would not be a good option to try.

    The effect of homeopathic medicines is slow but promising & there are no side-effects like in allopathy. Homeopathy works by forming a similar set of signs and symptoms of a disease that are similar to the signs and symptoms of the real disease, thus creating a parallel condition which in turn cures that original disease.Homeopathy system of medicine,is based on extracting juices of plants to prepare medicines.

    Homeopathy prepares just one medicine from one plant whereas Ayurveda mixes the extracts of various plants to prepare a medicine. Ayurveda is based on medical preparation as suggested by Vedas that were prepared on vedic age studies. It is believed that some treatments of allopathy owe their discovery to ayurveda. Ayurveda is also believed to have no side effects.

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    I am an allopathic doctor.Let me briefly describe three of them.

    Allopathy: we commonly call it as english medicine.It is based on curing diseases by understanding the true nature of diseases.So, it helps in complete cure of disease.However, it has few side effects, but which are tolerable.

    Homeopathy: Originated in germany.Basis of this treatment is simple.Example is,,,
    When you get malaria you get chills and fever.The same effects are seen on taking Cinchona extracts in large quantities.He observed that, by taking cinchona extracts in small quantities fever and chills can be cured.This is the principle on which homeopathy was invented.As all of you can see that, there is no scientific basis.Moreover they use heavy metals like mercury, which are very dangerous to the body,in the treatment process.There is no solid proof about the presence or absence of side effects.

    Ayurveda: This is the ancient Indian medicine and a genuine one.Almost similar to allopathy.However it relies only on therapeutic treatment.There are no side effects.However one need to follow some diet regulations while using these medicines to avoid interactions.

    In case of emergency conditions like appendicitis and many other conditions surgery(allopathy) is the only available mode of treatment.

    As many people here are talking about Permanent cure, I shall say that,, permanent cure is not possible for every disease.Permanent cure is possible for few diseases because, our body is able to develop immunity against the causative organism,, and it doesn't depend upto the nature of treatment used..

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    Allopathic system of treatment is based on medicines made of artificial substances and sometimes natural substances but homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines are purely natural. I allopathy, patient's symptoms are suppressed on the other hand in ayurveda and homeopathy, causes of disease are removed along with symptomatic treatment.

    As for as, side effects are concerned, every wrong selected medicine cause side effects whether it belongs to allopathy or ayurvedic or homeopathy.

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