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    How do i get the details of no. that gives missed call to me

    Bothered by unwanted missed calls on your no.? Know how you can find out the details of the no. giving missed calls to you.

    I want to know the detailes of the phone number which really disturb me always by giving missed calls.Is there any website or software for finding the name,address of the phone number?

    I cannot file a case against the number because it may be one of my friend making fun of me.Is there any alternative step other than filing a case against the caller?
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    there is no software and websites taht gives you that type of information but you can know the Service Provider,Service Type & the Service Region .

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    You are not authorized to get the personal details of any mobile number. You can only get the Operator name and Regional Circle (State) of the Caller, to which the number is registered.

    Why not call the number from an alternative phone??

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    Dear Sujesh

    First of all you do not need to get angry on such people who do not deserve your valuable time. You should rather invest your energy in other productive things.
    You are also facing the same problem which i faced a few months ago. I did the following:
    1. If you have a smartphone then there are various free call filter applications available which block unwanted calls from unwanted people. You should install one and save yourself from unwanted harassment.

    2. In addition you can call the number from which you get missed calls and ask him/her to stop bothering you.

    3. Even if this doesn't work then definitely you must be having some spare time during the day or night, at that time you should speak his language i.e. give that number a thousand missed call. Although this is the last step that must be taken. But do not do it with anger, do it sportingly. It should not affect you.

    I got freedom applying the above given steps from such foolish people who do not value others time and also respect the comfort they get from these new technologies.


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    Dear Sujesh,
    You did not mention whether the calls are from a land line phone or a cell phone.
    If your calls are from a land line phone then you can write or e-mail to the company and get the details of the person.
    If your calls are from a mobile phone you can download a software which tells you only the state from which the calls are coming. So you can make a guess. Also, you can e-mail to the company and after completing many formalities you can get to know the name and address of the calling party.
    But to this date, mobile phone is regarded as a private number and so there is no mobile directory.
    Rajesh Chandra Pandey
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    For getting the detail, First you will have to file a FIR in your area's police station. If the police find your request true they will take a step. It is only to possible get the call detail after registering your FIR. Because all the rights of receiving call details are reserved.
    Piyoosh Goswami
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    You have to report the number to the concerned service provider along with a written petition/complain. They will then trace out the user of the number and take suitable action.

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    You only posted the question and you only given half of the answer in the post. Well if the missed caller is one of your friends then it is your duty to find out him/her. No software is available for knowing the identity of the mobile phone user such as details and name. We can only know the service provider name and the belonging state of that particular mobile number with the help of one software application. Mobile service providers make it secret regarding the identity of numbers. They shares the information to police only that too in some crucial situations.
    If you thinks that the harasser is your friend then you find him/her identity by approaching his/her near people by sending the number. And even you can call on that number with unknown number and talk with him/her like a policeman or with the kind help of any real policeman, then he/she may reveal his/her own identity in the fear of policeman.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Go to if you want to search from your pc or if you are using a phone then you need a software called as TRUECALLER.Available for free in the android market and apple market.It tells me names of the people who are calling me even if they are not in my contact but requires internet access so you will have to waste 30rs/month or wifi to use this software.

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    Getting personal details of any mobile number apart from yours is really difficult. But there are many websites and application where you can enter the number and you will come to know about that number's service provider; region.

    And if you are not willing to file a case; then I will suggest you to call the same number from a local number and then you will surly come to know whether the person is your friend making fun of you or some random guys; then it will be easy for you to take action further. But it will be safe that you let your family know about it; if it is really getting that bad.

    Veena Sharma.

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    You cannot directly get full details about the number and its owner, as it is not allowed in our country.

    You can rather make a call to customer care executive and tell your problem that why cannot you directly file a case on that number and owner. They may give you a better and useful suggestion, about what can be done for the respected purpose.

    Though it has been mentioned by fellow members of ISC, that you can track the location of that number. And with that, you will have to think and estimate about who it can be. At least you can make a list of your doubtful friends to self investigate for a while.

    Hey, here is an another solution. Just do not respond to any activity being done by that number, for a few days. And then try calling it from a P.C.O. booth or I will suggest you to call from your co-worker or neighbor's number (of which you are sure that your friends and other relatives are not having any contact), so that 'miss caller' do not get a doubt on you. You will have to change your tone and name while talking on phone, and also try to behave like you were trying to make a call to some other place, and wrongly it was connected with him. Forcefully remain at your point that 'NO, I had called to my uncle house at XYZ location. No no, it is the same number' etc etc.

    By getting frustrated, the caller may tell his/her real location in anger, that you have made a call to this location and its not your XYZ. So, you can at least get his/her location.

    Friend, try it for once. Then it all depends on your acting and tone, and his/her attitude and cleverness.

    If still you are not able to get rid of it, then after waiting for next 15-20 days, you should message that 'miss caller' to either tell who is he/she or stop making calls to your number. and after that you should surely go for registering complain against that number.

    Good luck Sujesh! I wish you will get rid of this problem.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    You can get the solution for your problem.

    1.Go to way2sms webaddress here you can get the details of mobile no.
    2.Simply block that mobile number if you have that facility.


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    You can track mobile service provider name, service type and location of the mobile from the website

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    You can only get the Operator name and Regional Circle (State) of the Caller, to which the number is registered through various site such as ~

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    Dear Sujesh, i also faced the same problem two months ago. What I did was:

    I asked my cousin, who works in Airtel office, to get the information of the airtel number from which I was receiving missed calls. Once I told her the number, she provided me the information of that use immediately.

    Thus, you need to know someone who can provide you access to the subscriber database of the company whose user is giving you missed calls.

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    You can't get the details of any mobile user.
    Well you can try these steps:-

    * If you are using Symbian or Android based smartphone you can add the particular number to your block-list or blacklist.

    * If you are using old models of Nokia then you can add it to the screening list.

    And if you really want to trace the number then you must visit the given website. They will charge you a bit but you will get more then what you want.

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