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    What are the latest rules of 'Tatkal' railway booking?

    What is tatkal quota in railway reservation? How can one book tickets in talkal quota? What are the rules for booking tickets in tatkal quota? Find out answers to more such questions related to tatkal quota of railway reservation.

    What are the latest rules of 'Tatkal' railway booking? When 'Tatkal' quota are available for reservation in this category? What is the extra fees one has to pay for this Tatkal' booking. Can I book the 'Tatkal' ticket from online? or I need to approach 'Railway Ticket Booking Agent'?
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    Tatkal tickets can be booked across the counters of Railway Booking, through internet booking kiosks and even self booking by registering our self in the computer with a credit card.

    The main rules are:
    One day advance of the travel date only one can book a tatkal ticket.

    Extra charge of Rs.75 will be charged besides the ticket fare.

    No refund on cancellation is possible.

    No concessions for senior citizen etc., are available.

    While traveling with such tickets, the original proof of evidence (the one - mentioned while booking)should be carried.

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    Can I book the ticket on the 8.30 am in tatkal for a train who departs from surat at 10.30 pm on next day? Does it follow the rule of tatkal?
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    Hellow Mr Paresh

    Yes you can book your ticket under tatkal. U can book at 8.00 am onwards.Tatkal kota are available for booking one day in advance of the journey. The additional charges is Rs.75 and ticket can be booked online

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    Tatkal tickets can be booked online or through the agent but it will be issued only when identity proof is shown. So, it is better to book through counter. The identity card number will be published on the ticket. And, same has to be shown during the journey.

    No duplicate tickets will be issued.

    Also, the booking can be done only for actual distance, not end-to-end journey of train.

    The fees varies according to the class. For sleeper class, the minimum charge is Rs. 75 and maximum Rs. 150. For AC class, minimum charge is Rs. 200 and maximum charge is Rs. 300.


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    Tatkal ticket can be booked by self or by agents both way. It can also be booked on windows of railway counter or via internet from 8 a.m. onward for the next day journey. Previously, it was two days before the journey date which has been changed recently to 1 day for common people relief and remove the agents blocking the sites.
    An additional Rs 75 to be extra paid for tatkal.
    make sure for your identity proof from now on even for normal tickets too. It has been valid and effective from 15th Feb 2012.For more details, you can check the details below mentioned website and railway now also connected to Facebook where you can join the site and can see latest updates.

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    Tatkal bookings can be done one day before the boarding date. Previously it was 2 days. The extra charge is now 75rs.
    One more advantage is the main centers will be open from 8am but the brokers are only allowed to enter after 8:30am to IRCTC site. So there is more chances of getting ticket than those of previous days.
    All this credit goes to railway, as though reservations are allowed before 90 days of boarding date, the train got filled up before 90 days that to before afternoon.
    So you can now get reservation if you manage to appear before 8:30 at the reservation counter.

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    Tatkal ticket can be booked online. For according to new rule you can book a ticket before 24 hours of the departure of the train from its origin. You need ID proof also at the time of booking.The extra charge is 10% of basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all other classes.
    Tatkal ticket can be booked on internet after 8.00 am.
    Also remember that if you are using ngpay in mobile for internet tatkal booking then on ngpay ticket booking is not available between 8.00 am to 10.00am.

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    Tatkal ticket can be booked online. The timing to book a Tatkal ticket is 8a.m. It has to be booked one day in advance to the date of tour journey.
    The rules for booking tatkal ticket is:
    1. One day in advance to the date of journey.
    2. Can be booked at 8a.m.
    3. Should submit your ID proof without fail while booking.
    4. No concession for senior citizen.
    5. No cancellation allowed.
    6. An extra amount of 75rs has to be paid besides the normal charges.
    7. The ID proof should be carried without fail while travelling and shouldbe shown on request.

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    Tatkal tickets can booked at any railway reservation counter or online thru thir party websites. But there are many things one should learn about.

    1. Tatkal tickets can be issued just 1 day before the actual date of journey
    2. Passengers need to submit the copy of the identitity copy (and to carry out the original) while booking at the reservation counter
    3. One can book tatkal tickets from 8:00 A.M. at any railway reservation counter
    4. One can book tatkal tickets online via portal from 8:00 A.M. onwards, But it will be very slow.
    5. One can book tatkal tickets online thru other third party websites such as yatra, makemytrip, travelguru, cleartrip and few other only from 9:00 A.M.
    6. For Example, Rajdhani train starts from Bangalore on Friday evening 8:00 P.M. and reaches Hyderabad on Saturday Morning 7:35 A.M. and then reaches New Delhi on Sunday Morning at 5:50 A.M.
    7. Now, If anyone wants to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad or Bangalore to NewDelhi, He has to book the tatkal tickets on Thursday monring.
    8. If anyone wants to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore, He has to book the tatal tickets on Friday Morning, but not on Thursday. (Even though train starts at Bangalore on Friday). In this case, Since passenger is boarding from a station which is in between the journey. So best thing is to book a ticket from Bangalore to Delhi on Thursday morning and to keep Boarding station as Hyderabad.
    9. For Tatkal tickets, minimum extra fare is Rs. 75 and it will be upto Rs. 300 depends on the class of ticket and distance of travel.

    Happy Journey !!

    K K

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