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    What is difference between chartered acoounting and cost accounting?

    What is the difference between cost accounting and chartered accounting? Are they covered in same course? If not, then which is the course to do cost accounting and chartered accounting? Which among them is better from career scope? And why? What is the minimum qualification required to do the course?
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    A 'Chartered Accounting' course is opened to all fields of business and commerce. The syllabus of CA course is broader than as compared to Cost Accounting course, which makes it more difficult, challenging and better than any other accounting course.
    After completing your CA course, you can start your own CA firm or join someone's to increase your practical experiences.

  • Minimum eligibility for applying for CA course is 10+2. (A student who has recently given his exams for 10+2, and awaiting for the results, can join the foundation courses which really helps them in future.

  • A Cost accounting course is limited to the study of processes like tracking, recording and analyzing costs of the respected products. Cost accounting does not follow generally accepted accounting principles. Costs are measured in units of currency by convention.

  • Minimum eligibility for Cost Accounting course too is a qualification of 10+2 at least.

  • Hope it helps you in any way. Good luck for whatever course you will select for you.

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